Why Keywords Density Is Important for SEO

On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential tool to help your web page in achieving a higher position in the Google search results. The procedure of On-page SEO remains incomplete without the correct application of keywords.

Why Keywords Density Is Important for SEO

Even the wrong usage of keywords can lead to its search penalty and erase it permanently from the search results. So, here is all you need to know about keywords and their appropriate application on the content of your website.

What Does It Mean By Keyword Density?

Keyword density means the percentage or ratio of using the target keyword on a web page or inside a particular content according to the total number of words on the page. The number of times a keyword comes up on the webpage is also called keyword frequency.

What Is The Procedure Of Calculating Keywords Frequency?

Calculating the density of the target keyword on a web page or content is quite an easy task to perform. You just need to divide the number of times the keyword has been used on the page by the total count of words.

Number Of Times The Keyword Is Used/ The Number Of Total Words On The Page = Density Of Keyword

For Example:

Suppose, the website www.example.com has published a particular content of 2000 words about summer fashion trends, and the keyword “summer fashion trends” has been used 40 times. Therefore,

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40 (Number Of Times The Keyword Is Used)/ 2000 (The Number Of Total Words On The Page) = 2% (The Density Of Keyword)

What Should Be The Density Of The Target Keywords In A Content?

There is no definite rule that defines how many times you can include the target keyword on a web page. As search engines do not provide any particular guidelines about the usage of keywords, you must gain adequate knowledge about the ideal practices of keywords.

According to the opinion of most SEO experts, 1-2% is the most suitable density of keywords. Therefore, the target keyword will be seen one or two times after every 100 words. This rate is sufficient to let the search engines know about the subject of the web page without using the keyword excessively.

What Does It Mean By Keyword Stuffing?

When the target keyword is excessively repeated in content or webpage so that the page gets a good rank on the search engine results for the target term, the method is known as keyword stuffing. But in most cases, keyword stuffing may lead to the website’s ban on the search engine. The ban may be temporary or may be permanent.

Many major search engines use algorithms to identify keyword stuffing, and then it eliminates the possibility of gaining any unfair search advantage. Keyword stuffing includes only those words which are used multiple times in a block. Make sure that your keyword density is not more than 4%

For example :

We sell stuffed toys. Our stuffed toys are completely handmade. If you are thinking of buying a stuffed toy for your kids please contact our stuffed toy executives at stuffed.toy.@.example.com

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The word stuffed you appears 5 times in this 33 words paragraph. So the keyword density is (5/33) × 100 % = 15.152 % that is more than 3 times higher than the recommended maximum keyword density should be 4%.

Why Avoid Keyword Stuffing?

You should avoid keyword stuffing while creating content. The reasons behind this are simple.

  • User’s experience: The user reading your content will not have a good experience while reading your article as you used the same words multiple times in that.
  • Creativity: When you are writing an article if you emphasize only on the keywords and you use keywords multiple times, it will just break your flow of writing. It will not be natural.
  • Rankings in search engines: whenever you use the technique of keyword stuffing it will lead to a bad experience for the user and the user will not give good reviews to you and as the search engines algorithms are smart enough to understand your trick they may terminate or eliminate your website.

How To Avoid Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is a very delicate issue. Most of the time it was done to get a high rank for the article from the search engines. But you should not do that. The following are few ways to avoid that,

  • Write for the readers: Don’t think about the keywords while writing an article. Write it to express yourself and so that the readers can have a great experience while reading that. Once you start writing freely without the pressure of putting keywords in your article it will automatically connect with the masses.
  • Use a catchy title: Always use a unique title for your article that will attract the users to click on it more than the words. It will help your article to gain popularity and also you will have a good ranking from the search engine.
  • Use other words: If you feel that you need to use the keywords excessively and it will exceed the keyword density limit, you should use the synonyms of those words. In that way, you will be able to create a good article while keeping your keyword density correct.
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What Is Keyword Clustering And Why Use It?

Keyword clustering is the process where you can find a cluster of keywords relevant to your article. A single cluster includes a core topic and multiple sub-topics that support the core topic. You can use the keyword clustering to target more than one or two keywords per page and by doing that you create an additional chance of finding your content online.

Nowadays, keyword density is not the most important factor but it is still a good indicator that you are not stuffing your content with keywords. Moving forward, the writers should focus on the quality of their content and user intent targeting keywords more than the keyword density.

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Why Keywords Density Is Important for SEO
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