Why is Antimicrobial Coating Beneficial for Facilities

Considering the current pandemic condition, the relevance and necessity of cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection have increased manifold. The industry of antimicrobial coating is on the rise and there is all positive sign of the growth of the industry in the near future. This type of coating resists the growth of pathogens on the hard and soft surfaces thereby keeping the inmates healthy and safe.

It should be kept in mind that facilities today are extremely vulnerable to multiple high drug resisting pathogens. With a state-of-the-art antimicrobial treatment, you can keep any facility such as Hospital, Schools, Offices, and Elevators germ-free for several weeks.

As far as the use of the antimicrobial transparent coating in different facilities is concerned, it keeps an environment healthy and safe for all people using the facilities like the employees in an office, workers in a factory, patients and doctors in a hospital, and family members in a residence.

Following are 7 reasons you should adopt antimicrobial coating to kill germs and viruses

Why is Antimicrobial Coating Beneficial for Facilities

Lasting protection of the facility

Cleaning, sanitization, and disinfecting is required and indispensable, but you have to keep the facility germ-free. This is possible when you have used antimicrobial shield technology. With it in place, you can keep the facility 99.9% germ-free.

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Once applied it provides complete protection against all sorts of contagious microbes. As long as it remains active, you have not to apply much sanitizer ort disinfectant since it’s itself a long-lasting advanced form of sanitizer.

Protects a facility from the spread of contagious microbes

In an office set up, an antimicrobial or antibacterial coating is applied on counters, walls, door handles, window panes, tabletops, and many other articles that get a frequent human touch. It immediately hinders the growth of pathogens. Even if the visitors carry contagious viruses, it cannot let any stain of virus grow on the surface. For its effectivity, public facilities are often treated with an antibacterial shield.

Lasting protection with an antimicrobial shield

It has been scientifically proven that antimicrobial coatings contain special additives that help in providing ample and durable protection against microbes. The best part is, after application, it does not emit any terrible odour, creates stains on the applied areas, or degrade the surface of the materials.

For a specific period (months), this coating will remain on the surface and microbes will not get a chance to invade the environment and survive on the surfaces. The special coating causes no discolouration of the surfaces. It doesn’t even leech or affect the natural appearance. It has a lifespan that lasts more than the expectations.

Better health and reduced absenteeism

It is found that at 22-degree centigrade temperature 430 CFUs (Colony Forming Units) of microbes are formed per key of a computer keyboard. If we consider just one unit of computer in an office facility, we could comprehend how unsafe the computers are if these are not sanitized every day.

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Apart from computers, there are several other gazettes used in an office like printers, telephones, scanners, and calculators. All these and many other articles and furniture when kept sanitized with antimicrobial shield, employees do not fall seek. Facilities thoroughly sanitized with advanced techniques registers lower absenteeism.

Improved goodwill and more footfall

The antimicrobial shield can affect your revenues as well. It may sound a bit strange but true. Customers prefer to visit those shops and business facilities that maintain a healthy environment. When the visitors know that the mall they are visiting is sanitized or having germ-protection treatment, they spend hours and ask others to visit that mall. It improves goodwill and generates more revenues.

Lower investment than regular sanitization

Once applied, an antimicrobial coating for facility remains active for at least 3 months. During this period, you just need dusting and water cleaning if needed. So, to say, it’s a permanent sanitization solution at a reduced cost. If you compare the cost of sanitizing the facility every day including the cost of materials used and labour cost with the one-time cost of antimicrobial treatment like Germ Shield technology, you’ll find it more cost-effective than a sanitization process.

Promoting increased infrastructure value

Usage of antimicrobial coating for a facility can help you witness an improved quality in the infrastructure as well as the value of the product. It just not protects the furniture and particles from microbes but also adverse weather conditions, dust, dirt. As a result, it enhances life span and maintains the quality of the products.

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It is clear that the usage of antimicrobial coating for hospitals, schools, office buildings, or any other facilities add value to life as well as the building while staying within the budget. It indicates tenants and other occupants that the owner cares for them and adds a layer of security. With antimicrobial protection for facilities, we get a healthy environment to live and work happily.

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Why is Antimicrobial Coating Beneficial for Facilities
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