eCommerce is seeing unprecedented growth than ever before. Research confirms this, as well. Latest studies project global eCommerce sales to touch a new high by 2021. The growth rate is anticipated at 265% growth rate, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion in 2021. So, everyone is willing to hop onto the bandwagon, and you would not want to be left behind. How do you start? You must have heard about the different WooCommerce plugins available with WordPress.

The WooCommerce plugin is an open-source eCommerce solution built on WordPress. A study shows that the current 2019 market share for WooCommerce is 22% of the top 1 million sites using eCommerce technologies. Whether you are planning to take your retail store online or designing an online outlet, you can get started at the drop of a hat through:

  • Attractive product and checkout pages that entices a call-to-action;
  • Secure payments over multiple options;
  • Configurable shipping options allowing free shipping over a threshold;
  • Seamless integration with analytics and social media;
  • KPI based dashboards, and more.

It should be clear by now that it is necessary to have the optimum presence for your eCommerce store online. While digital marketing activities help you bring visitors to your website, the website itself should be enticing enough to weave a story that pushes the visitor up the customer lifecycle and converts into a customer. It’s time to start searching for a WooCommerce development company or hire WooCommerce developers.

What makes WooCommerce popular

WooCommerce Development Company

It comes for free

eCommerce websites seem to be very expensive. Not for WooCommerce websites. Being an open-source plugin, WooCommerce comes for free. You only need to visit the WordPress website and download the plugin. You pay for the developers and bear the recurring website maintenance costs.

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Exhaustive features

WooCommerce provides comprehensive features out-of-the-box. You can create product pages all organized according to your wishes. The product pages should be distinctly different and should stand apart from your competition. You can customize the whole lot – be it the product pages, the cart, or the sign out pages. It allows you to create a seamless workflow across the buying cycle – all online.

Being friendly

All buying decisions need to happen online and require your website to be SEO ready. WooCommerce ensures your e-commerce website is mobile friendly and loads fast. You can request your developers to optimize the site with a proper hierarchy and URL structure. The website should be SEO friendly with on-site optimization, including specific keyword targeting, quality web pages, unique content.

Security is a key

Given the nature of the industry, your customers must believe that your website offers the best security features. Rest assured with WooCommerce. It ensures secure transactions, and it is updated periodically.

Analytics Made Easy!

Analytics is known to be complicated. WooCommerce helps to keep analytics simple. Analytics comes inbuilt with WooCommerce and helps to keep it all very simple. You can have dashboards with arranged graphs. WooCommerce easily integrates with products like Analytics and Kissmetrics.

How to choose your WooCommerce developer

Now comes the most challenging activity of all! How do you hire WooCommerce a developer? What are the KPIs to zero down on your preferred developer? Most of you may not be having the necessary expertise to decide on your own. Here are some of the parameters that could help you.

  • Number of years in operation
  • Client list
  • Client Testimonials
  • Understanding of SEO
  • Websites created
  • The selection process for WooCommerce themes
  • Percentage of themes customised
  • Pricing models
  • Annual maintenance charges
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Payment terms

  • Deployment models – Onsite or Offsite
  • Subcontracting – Do they subcontract some part of the work
  • Backup and restoration processes

To conclude, you need to focus on quality, deployment timelines, development, and maintenance costs. Often you may not get all these from a single vendor. You need to find the optimal quality and prices and select your vendor intelligently.

Best WooCommerce companies in the UK

It is now time to take you through some of the best WooCommerce in the UK.

Rave Digital

They are one of the top WooCommerce solution providers in the UK. They have a dedicated team of developers who work only on WooCommerce and have developed 120+ modules. They operate across 10+ industries; viz. art, healthcare, publishing, construction, and have more than 350 million visitors to websites developed by them. Their developers have expertise in creating well-liked WooCommerce solutions by delivering already 20+ sites across the globe.

Pragmatic Web

They are a Brighton-based web agency and are recognized as Woo themes Gold Woo Experts by WooCommerce. They provide customized solutions by integrating online sales features to the websites. They are skilled in codifying complicated order management systems. They have worked on multiple functions in eCommerce websites like multi-currency and international system, highly regulated system, bulk, and trade orders.

Hall Internet

This agency is based out of Maine and provides web development services in WordPress and WooCommerce, web analytics apart from being champions in digital marketing. They are expert in delivering customize WooCommerce solution and made more than 120 websites till now. Using multiple extensions, Hallme offers customized store to the client.

HappyKite Limited

Founded in 2011, HappyKite is an e-commerce agency building mainly on WordPress with WooCommerce. They are skilled in developing websites that are responsive irrespective of the device in use. They have experience in creating complex product hierarchies, pricing structures, and websites supporting multiple languages.

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Going online is an excellent option as you can reach out to a broader range of customers, woo them across the buying process, and retain them as satisfied customers. Keeping this in mind, you need an economical solution that allows you to enjoy the benefits of going online. This blog addresses your significant concerns about why to choose

The eCommerce software benefits and help identify some of the leading WooCommerce development companies. Before you hire WooCommerce developers, it requires quite homework and developer should consider the above essential features to make your website all the rage.

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eCommerce is seeing unprecedented growth than ever before. Research confirms this, as well. Latest studies project global eCommerce sales to touch a new high by 2021. The growth rate is anticipated at 265% growth rate, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion in 2021. So, everyone is willing...
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