WhatsApp marketing is a very new, but growing and active form of marketing for small businesses. Not only can it be a valuable tool for reaching a massive audience, but the simplicity of using a phone app to reach an audience far and wide is also appealing.

However, WhatsApp business marketing is not for everyone. It is for those business owners who have a great deal of experience with the platform and are using it as a way to promote their business. For those business owners who are new to the world of mobile marketing, they are sure to be confused about their own type of marketing and advertising.

In other words, they will be in a holding pattern while learning what to do and what not to do. And when they finally do take action, they may find themselves in a very sticky situation because they are operating outside of their realm of knowledge. The good news is that with a little training, this type of marketing is quite simple and easy to learn.

What’s more, the benefits are unlimited using WhatsApp marketing

The first step towards making the WhatsApp marketing work for you is to get into the mindset of certain individuals. Make sure you understand what these people look for and how you can leverage this. Once you’ve developed this perspective, then you can start to put it to use.

After all, if you can’t see the person through your mobile device, how can you reach them? You might also want to understand how mobile devices are used in general and how they can be used for marketing. Some people use their mobile device to surf the web or take pictures, while others might use it to watch videos.

Now that you’ve got some kind of idea of how WhatsApp marketing works through mobile devices, it’s time to move on to marketing through them. This means that you will want to develop a strategy for how you can optimize your messages, locations, and keywords.

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There are three elements to a successful WhatsApp marketing campaign

  • Messages
  • Locations
  • Keywords Optimize

Using all the 3 marketing campaign successfully, you’ll definitely see results in a short while. You can also think of your social media marketing efforts as an organic search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

It’s essential that you use keyword-optimized content. When you choose a specific topic to write about, make sure that you tailor the content to meet the needs of your audience. Make sure the content has a purpose.

Make sure you build your mobile devices so that you can interact with your consumers, too. A messaging platform is still just that, it’s a communication device. How can you expect customers to respond to a product or service if they don’t actually buy it?

You can get more out of your devices by allowing your customers to send and receive messages and files without having to download anything. This is often referred to as “instant messaging”. Do you use this type of messaging in your devices today?

If you’re one of those small businesses that have a few million customers, you may be able to provide all possible content to all customers. However, that’s probably not going to make a big difference in your overall revenue.

It is important that you realize that simple apps like WhatsApp are much easier to use than e-mail, SMS, social networking, etc. This means that your customers can reach your business more effectively using mobile devices and applications.

Some WhatsApp Marketing Tools and Software you can start using to promote your WhatsApp Business

Lead Myntra

This is a web-based WhatsApp marketing tool that integrates with WhatsApp messaging app and helps business owners in generating potential leads for their business. As WhatsApp has a higher engagement rate, users of Lead Myntra get to connect with their clients over text messages, videos, audio clips and PDF files as well.

WhatsApp Marketing Tools

Business owners can launch targeted campaigns, offer product-related support and answer queries in real-time. the intuitive reports offered by the WhatsApp marketing tool allows business owners to analyze their business growth across multiple parameters and take adequate actions at regular intervals.

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Users can also get to view the engagement rate of a specific campaign and make changes within it. Lead Myntra offers a wide variety of services, enabling its users to create unique marketing content for their clients. Continue reading.


This another WhatsApp marketing tool that offers always-on support and allow you to be where your customers are without moving a step. Many customers want to connect with businesses on a familiar platform that is fast and reliable.

Using a WhatsApp Business API like Infobip for your business messaging will open the door for better communication leading to better customer engagement, increased trust, and long-term customer relationships.

You can use ths WhatsApp marketing software to send real-time alerts and notifications while offering always-on support through a chatbot or live agent. Business owners that are using Infobip can easily communicate with their customers in 2 ways

Customer care

Respond to customer-initiated conversations over WhatsApp for free within 24 hours of the first message being sent. Enable your contact center agents to:

  • Provide quick, conversational support
  • Get instant feedback
  • Resolve issues in one-on-one conversations

Sending notifications

Business owners can this WhatsApp marketing tool to collect opt-ins from your customers to deliver templated messages over WhatsApp. Once your customers are opted-in, you can send alerts and notifications in real-time. You can use media message templates to create rich notifications that include downloadable documents, images, videos, or location sharing, so you can:

  • Share package delivery locations
  • Send e-receipts
  • Share e-tickets for events
  • Onboard customers with educational videos
  • Share downloadable boarding passes
  • Send real-time financial transaction alerts

Full Advantages of Infobip WhatsApp Marketing Software

Chatbots and Automated Flow: Infobip’s web-based interface makes building flows easy. The company will help users build and introduce a chatbot to their customers over WhatsApp so they can answer FAQs faster, offload work from their customer support team, and deliver a seamless customer experience.

Contact Center As A Service: Earlier this year, Infobip introduced Conversations as their contact centre platform to help business owner’s agents make the most of their communication with customers, WhatsApp Business is one of the 4 core messaging channels Infobip have available during their early access phase.

Omnichannel API Solutions: Using WhatsApp through Infobip’s API lets users introduce their services over their customers’ preferred channel with ease by adding it to their existing systems such as CRM, ERP, and other customer support tools.

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Easy Integration: The WhatsApp marketing platform connects directly to WhatsApp, meaning all technical updates are implemented in real-time. Infobip will handle the installing, upgrading, and managing of the WhatsApp infrastructure, so you can focus on your core business.

Local Onboarding Support: You will receive 24/7 support in your region from a dedicated account manager and engineer. The platform will guide you through the onboarding process and help you implement messaging templates and use cases.

Flexible Pricing: Infobip understands that as your business grows, your messaging will too. That’s why the platform’s WhatsApp Business payment options are flexible. Choose a package that best suits your business needs directly from your phone every 3 months.

You can contact an expert that will help you to deliver a better customer experience with WhatsApp Business API in communicating over the world’s most used chat app with Infobip as your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider.


This is one of the best rated WhatsApp marketing tools that help business owners to send unlimited bulk messages to their current and potential clients. This intuitively designed tool offers several features for effective marketing.

Since there is no character limit to sending text messages, pitching your ideas to potential and loyal customers becomes straightforward through WappBlaster. You can send unlimited messages to your potential customers from bulk sender wappblaster.

A video or picture is worth than a thousand words. Enrich your bulk messages attaching a photo, video. Wappblaster is best bulk marketing software in the world, marketing through unlimited character text, Image with caption and video with a caption.

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