What To Read on Kindle While Stuck At Airport?

The Kindle devices are small hand-held electronic devices for reading books online which have been developed by online book retailers on Amazon. You can use your WiFi connection to download eBooks to your Kindle.

I was travelling from Dubai International airport, on Cathy Pacific Flight to Tokyo Japan via transit in Hong Kong Airport. I saw the mesmerizing sunrise, from the glasses of the Hong Kong airport. There were a few hours; I had to spend to catch the next flight.

Read on Kindle

I was pretty awake. I thought of doing something interesting. I just turned on my Kindle device. I read some interesting titles, which I am sharing with all of you.

The Stars Are Fire Written By Anita Shreve

The main character of this Story is Grace Holland; she is living with her husband, Gene, and two small children. The drought is prominent. Grace prays for rain. But the fire spreads in her neighborhood. Her husband Gene becomes part of the firefighting force.

Unfortunately, Grace’s home is burnt. Her husband is missing. She is devastated by the incident. She leaves with her children and her friend Rosie and their kids to sail on a boat. All of them get off on the other side of the coast.

Grace settles down in a new place, starts loving a musician called Aiden. She also gets a job in a clinic. Life moves on with other challenges to unfold. Overall, it’s a story of a woman, who struggles for her survival in the male dominating society. The author has kept me engaged through the initial pages on Kindle, with some suspense and twists along the way.

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Yes Please Written By Amy Poehler

It is a memoir with the twist of comedy. She shares about her funny incidents as a child and a grownup professional actress. She goes on to say that worked in many shows as well like e.g. Saturday Night Live.

The important lessons, taught in her book are:

  • To try new things and become brave to face the outcomes of it.
  • Always take feedback from people around us
  • Being well mannered
  • Taking care of family
  • Be focused on achieving, something big and ignore those who say the opposite
  • Job is part of life. It shouldn’t define happiness or sadness.

Me without You Written By Kelly Rimmer

I started this book and went on, reading till the last page. The story is well crafted; the hero and heroine are called Callum, who is 40 years of individual, well experienced, who accidentally falls in love with Lilah. She is stubborn and wants to practices her own will.

Lilah is hiding a secret from Callum but, on the other hand, he is busy romancing with her. Their lives go through several twists and turns. Lilah becomes sick, with apparently no symptoms; however, her bond with Callum remains intact.

There are lots of factors, which come into the play, fate; they both are not a perfect match, love, hope, etc. Overall, everything is linked and phrased perfectly. All of the ingredients of sad romance novels are seen in it. Every scene, dialogue, and writing style is well synchronized.

I was deeply involved in the storyline. It took me to another world, I even forgot about my surroundings. I wasn’t distracted by the people’s shoe movements. I want to recommend and want to read it over and over again.

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The New Me Written By Halle Butler

The plot of this book is about an American Woman called Millie; she is bored with her freelance job. She also has mental issues, when she comes back from home; she watches TV and goes into her imaginary world. She has to pay lots of bills,

Her life just revolves around this routine; it paints the picture of a typical American lifestyle. Fortunately, she finds a full-time job. She gets more pay, many of her financial solved. It also sheds light on buying behaviour, the way choices are made, to live a better life.

Conclusion on reading on Kindle

Although my time was well spent, reading these books on Kindle. The bottom line about the struggles of women, which gave me, an impression that success never, comes easy. I often didn’t give any thought that the books which we read in a couple of hours and finished, takes lots of effort, time and pain to put on the paper. As readers, we cherish, become enlightened, and even motivated to become successful persons one fine day.

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