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Visual Content Marketing Platform: What Is It & Its Importance

People connect with visuals in a better way as compared to lengthy texts and blogs. This is why marketers have started using this concept of visual content marketing advertising.

In eCommerce sectors, visual content marketing has emerged as the main component of the marketing strategy. This rise in visual content marketing has introduced the concept of visual commerce.

What is Visual Content Marketing?

With the changing time, eCommerce platforms have upgraded their functionalities and have integrated with social media to create a buzz around their products.

Since social media is the hub of attractive visual content, this infusion of social media channels with eCommerce is termed visual commerce — the new-age visual marketing strategy.

Visual commerce is the use of compelling and engaging content that is often created by the brand’s genuine users, especially in visual form.

It is an exciting way of curating attractive and enticing images that provokes the customer to get influenced by the product and triggers them to make a purchase decision.

Visual commerce provides an exclusive online shopping experience to the customers with the option of informed purchase using products and description tags.

Many visual content marketing platforms can help the brands to create their visual commerce stores, which will lead to better user engagement and sales.

Visual Content Marketing

Visual Content Marketing Platforms

A visual content marketing platform is a tool that provides you with an opportunity to leverage visual content for achieving brand goals.

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A visual content marketing platform helps the brands collect, curate, design, manage and distribute visual content engagingly and creatively as marketing campaigns.

Especially the visual commerce platforms, they help collect and curate the content from various social media channels, enabling the users to shop directly from the posts.

Simply put, it aggregates the content and adds to it the feature of shoppability, providing users with a smooth shopping experience. Many visual commerce platforms help the brands to create a shoppable feed.

Importance of Visual Content Marketing Platforms

Here are some of the benefits that visual marketing platforms provide to the brands.

Boost brand initial impression

Our brains process visuals 6000 times better than text, which is why we remember brands with appealing images on social media more than brands on basic stand-alone sites.

With attractive visual content, brands can boost the initial influence of its presence on the customers, keeping in mind that “The first impression is the last impression.”

Brands can create a visual identity using visual commerce platforms by aggregating and engaging content and adding product tags to it.

Authentic advertising with UGC

This is the most advantageous factor in using visual marketing platforms for marketing and advertising by utilizing user-generated content from social media channels.

Users upload the content that features the branded products which they use. This content acts as social proof for the brands and attracts more customers. You can reuse this visual content and display it on websites or social media channels to increase the brand’s authenticity and reliability.

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Using visual content marketing platforms, brands can collect this influencing user-generated content and display it to build a dignified market image and drive more conversions.

Improved user engagement and interaction

Visual content is better as compared to text when it comes to influencing the user. The primary goal for any marketing campaign is to engage large scale users and have a smooth interaction with them.

These two primary factors are the guiding path for the brands to convert potential customers into real customers.

With visual conetnt marketing tools, brands can aggregate and customize the visual content according to the targeted audience to improve user engagement and interaction.

Accelerated conversion rates and sales

As we know now, visuals’ impact stays for a longer period in human minds compared to texts. With more engagement of users, this visual content has been the top priority for the brands.

To shape the customer’s decision and influence them to make a purchase, visual content (such as product images, product videos, detailed guide videos of the product, infographics) plays an important role apart from the detailed product description.

Visual commerce platforms can integrate the marketing and selling platforms by adding shoppe ability to the product images.

This way of adding description tags and price tags to the product images provides the user with a smooth purchase journey and drives more conversions for the brands with improved and magnified sales.


With the rise in the number of social media users, brands have started leveraging this platform to boost their eCommerce sales. And this is the reason why visual commerce has gained immense success.

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With many visual content marketing platforms around, it becomes easy for brands to understand the customers’ behaviour and provide a smooth shopping experience to the customers.

These visual content marketing platforms can help you build a strong marketing strategy with accelerated sales and revenue rates.

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