Using Wikipedia to get more Website Traffic and Visibility

Some small businesses are thinking of using Wikipedia to improve their profitability but the truth is, a Wikipedia page can make your business look more credible and famous. This increases your visibility and can attract more website traffic to your site because your page may appear in the top results of the search engines.

Some people argue that only major players have a Wikipedia presence but that doesn’t discourage you still, it’s not difficult to create a Wikipedia page with wiki page maker in just a few steps.

Create an account and familiarize yourself

First, you will need to create a Wikipedia account to create and edit articles. There is a Getting Started Guide that explains the whole process. Start with making small changes to other items to get your hands on.

Although Wikipedia prefers non-organizational people to write an article about it, it’s not strictly forbidden. Learn about the terms of use and guidelines to avoid being banned for writing promotional content for your site to gain more website traffic.

Make an initial draft of the page

When writing a page for your business, it’s important to limit yourself to the facts without barefaced promotion. Begin by explaining what your business does and where it is located. Talk a little about the story and list some achievements or famous specialities. Briefly explain any technical terms that amateur people may have trouble understanding.

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Finally, add some links from other Wikipedia articles if your company has been mentioned earlier in the appropriate places, use the right keywords to place the links.

Website Traffic

Extend it with quotes for more Website Traffic

Of course, you will need to add citations at the end of your page to be accepted and credible. Get inspired by a typical Wikipedia article to get a clear idea of what kind of quotes to include. Use as little content as possible from your own company. Instead, use unbiased sources such as professional articles to add facts and statistics. Half a dozen quotes should be sufficient.

Submit the article for approval

Once you have an article that holds up, it’s time to submit it for approval. Go to the help section for creating a Wikipedia article and create your article. If your company has a similar or very similar name to another article subject, you will need to add a term in additions to remove the indistinctness.

If this is the first time you publish on Wikipedia, it may take weeks to be accepted. If you have already modified articles and gained credibility, the waiting time will be considerably shorter.

Keep track of the changes in your Website Traffic over time

Once your article is approved and available online, you will need to monitor it and ensure its quality and relevance. This is unlikely, but it is possible that a competitor tries to modify it to discredit you. Over time, you will need to update your article to fine-tune and inform the community of any modifications that may have occurred since the original release date.

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Participate and stay active with your Wikipedia account

Gaining attention from the consumer is not always related to your website or social media networks. The online world has changed the means of our living and communicating with society. Ensure that you stay active and online as well as take part in the discussions.

Keep track of the people you have considered interesting and whose contributions are enough worthy that can be shared throughout the globe and help you to attract more website traffic.

Showcase your expertise and the speciality about your business or brand. The better you make your presentation lively and accessible the bigger the audience will come to know you. Become a resource and a thought-leader for your target audiences. Always stay in connection with the people irrespective of their interest in your brand.

Getting the most Website Traffic out of Wikipedia

Although it can be a tiring process, the benefits of uploading a Wikipedia article for your business outweighs its disadvantages. You can also take help from an experienced editor who will help you improve your article. In addition, it is important to understand that Wikipedia cannot be used to promote your business.

In a nutshell

Getting attention from online consumers and understanding the needs for consistency, drive and good prestige. The digital business practices are expanding every other day and to show up your presence, ensure that you keep up with the guidelines and stay in dyed in the wool towards your goals.

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