Copying something that belongs to someone else is a negative act by all means. This is the key reason why we are taught in our childhood days about cheating. Writing a new blog is about getting the reader’s attention and providing relevant information. Companies do engage customers and get their attention by publishing unique content at regular intervals.

When customers view unique content provided by their favourite brand, the urge to know more develops inside them and they visit the website of the company. Use of plagiarism software is now mandatory for SEO writers to maintain the uniqueness of their content.

The best results and maximum attention from an SEO blog can only be attained if the information is unique content, fresh and has not been used in any other blog. These days, use the internet for almost everything.

Even if a person is not very regular in terms of blog reading, he would be able to gauge easily whether the provided information is fresh or not. If you have written a blog that contains already written information, it would be hard to get the needed level of attention.

Some of the many reasons why Unique Content should be written in blogs are mentioned below

Unique Content

Unique Content Means More Attention

Consider that you are reading a blog and have just started going through the first few lines. If you figure out that you have gone through the written information before, what would be your first move? Most of us would click the “close tab” button and move ahead. Why would someone spend time going through the information that he is already aware of?

  • The core principle of a successful blog is of unique quality information. Do not include content areas which people already know about. How can you determine whether you are providing exclusive information or not? The answer to this question is very simple. It all depends on the research you carry out. Before you start working on a blog, go through what other people have written on similar domains.
  • For instance, consider that you are writing a blog on the top dining options in a particular locality. Before you start the writing process, go through the details that have been covered by other writers. This would give you an idea of the topic sections that have been already covered. Along with that, you would know how to plan your research. Making a proper research plan is important and it makes the blog very fruitful. It gives you directions so that you do not waste time on exploring unwanted areas.
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  • The only way to get proper reader’s attention is by providing unique content. Readers are convinced about going through a blog only when they feel that they are going through details which they have not viewed before. Thus, proper research work is needed before writing a blog. Most brand owners go through what the competitors have written on a certain topic before getting a blog post published. To get more views of your blog, publishing unique information is definitely the key.

Redundant Information Leaves a Negative Impression

It is very hard to win back a customer after a negative impression has been created in his mind. This is exactly what happens when he reads a blog filled with copied content.

  • When readers view a blog that contains already read information, they reach the conclusion that the company is not creative enough. This also leads to the perception that the products of the company may are not unique as well. It is quite hard to eliminate negative impressions from the customer’s mind. Publishing redundant information can surely prove to be harmful to the image of the brand.
  • Apart from creating an overall negative impression, copied content has various other negative aspects. For instance, people do not read a copied blog with interest as it does not offer anything unique and fresh to them. As it does not add to their knowledge, they do not spend time reading it. Fresh information is what the readers look for. They like to read something that adds to their knowledge. Thus, if you are looking to get a quality audience for your blog, uniqueness is what you need to focus on.

Search Engine Penalties can be Killing

Google is easily the most powerful search engine used by the highest number of online visitors. The search engine has a name and very high standards which websites are expected to meet. However, if websites do not meet the standards set by Google, severe penalties are applied and in worst cases, the website is even removed from the list of search results.

  • Submitting copied content on your blog can be a reputation killer for your website. Search engines count it as a big policy violation. If you have submitted copied content, it simply means that you have used work that has been done by someone else without giving due credit. This is an unprofessional act by all means and search engines do not tolerate this in any manner.
  • Scratch written unique content is absolutely essential even if you want your website to be indexed on a search engine. This is something that most website owners ignore. They design an interactive interface but do not pay enough attention to content originality. You need to remember that Google has set very high standards for ranking websites. Even if there is a slight problem with the content originality, severe penalties are applied.
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  • According to Google and other search engines, websites should add to the knowledge the reader already has. If a website fails to do so, it does not deserve a good rank in any manner. Readability is an important factor and you need to work on the interest of the reader. If the reader finds the content engaging, he would spend time on your website. On the other hand, if he feels that the content has nothing new to offer, he would navigate away and view other websites.

Plagiarism is an Offensive Act

Apart from the negatives of copied content mentioned above, there is one key negative aspect of copying content. Plagiarism is a negative activity and using content that has been scratch developed by someone else is counted as a negative act.

  • When you talk about submitting copied content, it is counted as an offensive act. People who create content put in immense hard work to prepare the piece of writing including planning research, visiting countless websites, differentiating between legitimate and illegitimate sources and performing other tasks as well. When you are using content that has been prepared from the start by someone else, the effort of the reader has to be acknowledged in a proper manner.
  • It is obvious that when we are preparing content for our own website, we would use the internet, survey different sources, extract content from the ones suitable and then compile the needed points. However, using content is not the same as copying it. If you are using written material actually written by someone else, you need to rephrase the content in a proper manner to avoid plagiarism. In simple terms, plagiarism is copying content from an online or offline source and using it without rephrasing. This is what content developers have to avoid.
  • Due credit has to be given to the actual author of the content. For instance, in your content, provide a link to the actual source. In a nutshell, you need to make sure that the written content is legitimate by all means.
  • Every website has a reputation and plagiarism is something that can tarnish it forever. Thus, website owners need to remember this aspect at all times. If the content on the website is plagiarized in any manner, the reputation of the website would be spoilt forever.
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One of the key reasons why website owners prefer one website over the other is content quality. Websites that have fresh original content on display at all times have the traffic coming in always.

  • Content is counted as the backbone of a website. If your website does not have unique content for the reader, it would not climb the rank ladder in any manner. As a result, people would not give priority to it.
  • When people go through a quality blog, information uniqueness is one of the many things that they expect. Readers do not want to go through the information that they are already aware of.
  • Submitting content is about quality research even if it is related to your products. If you want potential buyers, simply listing down the features of your products is not enough and this is what you need to understand. Readers look at the provision of unique information. They want to go through the content that is unique and related to the topic.
  • Unique content can boost the reputation of your website by an unbelievable margin and attract immense traffic. This is because well-researched information captures the attention of the reader. When he is willing to read what you have written, he would be convinced about buying what you are offering.

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Copying something that belongs to someone else is a negative act by all means. This is the key reason why we are taught in our childhood days about cheating. Writing a new blog is about getting the reader’s attention and providing relevant information. Companies do engage customers and get...
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