Trending Digital Products for eCommerce Business Owners

The eCommerce industry has evolved since the beginning. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the majority of businesses has used digital products to turned their traditional offline stores into online stores. In 2020, the retail eCommerce businesses sales were $4.28 trillion and are expected to reach up to $5.4 trillion by 2022.

Many businesses have similar niches in this rising competition, making it hard for newcomers to start their eCommerce business and stand out in the market. Even if you provide the best-valued products and services, if your customer finds the same product somewhere else cheaper, they’ll choose that brand.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everything turned digital. The majority of people are relying on digital products like apps and devices to complete their tasks and daily chores. Thus, the popularity of digital products increased rapidly.

Trending Digital Products for eCommerce Business Owners

A digital product means an immaterial asset or a piece of media that does not require inventory and can be sold repeatedly online. Customers can either download or stream the files in order to access them. For example, MP3 files, PDF, Videos, and Plugins.

Digital products have numerous advantages as cost-efficiency, high-profit margins, automation, and flexibility. However, it has a few drawbacks, such as piracy, theft, and continent-wise restrictions. As a new entrepreneur, the toughest choice you need to make is to select your niche.

It is essential to choose the products that can make your eCommerce business stand out in the competition in this competitive market.


Nowadays, every educational institute has opted for online classes. Therefore, digital study materials come in handy for both students and teachers. Moreover, if you have expertise in a certain field, selling your eBooks or a digital lecture is a great opportunity to earn money.

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Nowadays, you can find educational content easily on YouTube. However, you can offer them post-completion guidance and turn your content transformative. Also, you can provide digital material with your lectures and a few free demo lectures to gain the attraction of your customers.

It is not necessary that you sell only educational content. For example, you can offer fitness, healthy living tips, Zumba workshops, dance workshops, yoga classes, cooking classes, designing classes, and many more.

Licenses and Extensions

Due to the risk of online theft and piracy, the majority of people have turned towards the licensed digital products. From music to software, licensed products are priorities. For example, the popular open-source eCommerce platform Magento offers extensions to enhance its functionality.

When you hire certified Magento developers, they usually suggest you buy extensions from the authorized eCommerce development company.

As we know, the Magento 1 is officially taken off its platform, thus, the Magento eCommerce development companies are offering Magento migration services to upgrade the existing eCommerce stores. Therefore, if you have a team of Certified Magento developers, you can offer your services to your audience.

Additionally, determine the market requirements of digital services and offer a licensed version of its software to the audience.

Membership for Digital Products

You can assemble different services on one platform and sell its membership to the audience. For instant, Flikover has assembled digital tools, such as Canva, Grammarly, etc., and offers individual and combined packages to access premium tools.

Premium services can aid in your marketing efforts and earn profits from them. Customers require to have a personal account so that they can easily access the premium services hassle-free, and in the case of video content, customers can easily stream and download it and have unlimited access.

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If you are a musician or an instrumental artist, it is extremely important to earn profit from your music. In the music industry, you can monetize your music and earn profit from selling your merchandise. For instance, you can sell your band’s t-shirts, caps, key chains, mugs, etc., and earn a hefty profit.

Additionally, you can sell ringtones and caller tunes of your music along with other merchandise. You can conduct a virtual concert and provide your music to your fans from the comfort of their homes.

Digital Art

Digital art is the latest internet sensation. Digital art has been a huge part of the latest digital marketing. From doodling to a simple sketch, the majority of brands are now relying on digital art to promote their business. Therefore, if you are fluent in designing and have a creative aspect, you can earn profit through your art.

You can contact big brands, start your own gallery or an artistic account on Instagram from scratch and reach out to your audience. Also, you can contact blog writers, outsourcing IT companies, newspaper editors and provide your services.

Consultant Services

If you are good at counselling, you can monetize your services. For example, you can offer psychological, educational, carrier counselling, etc.

If you are good at management and organization, along with the counselling services, you can help your clients manage their important tasks and help them schedule their important meetings. In simple words, you can work as a virtual assistant.

Writing Services

If you are good at forming sentences and have an excellent vocabulary, you can easily work as a freelancer content writer. Newspaper editors, IT companies, medical sectors, and almost every industry require a writer who can promote their business with creative writing.

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You can select your preferred field and approach the respective industry. Many companies hire freelance writers, editors, and proofreaders. You can easily find them on Google or on LinkedIn and send out your resumes.

This way, you can monetize your writing skills and improve your reach using digital products. In a nutshell, there are numerous digital products you can start your online business with. All you have to do is find your suitable niche audience and provide them with your services.

Even if you start on a small scale, you can use digital products to expand your business and enhance your revenue with determination. So do not wait for a perfect opportunity, utilize your skills, and take your eCommerce business to a new level.

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Trending Digital Products for eCommerce Business Owners

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