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Top 5 Features of YouTube Videos Review

Many of us use YouTube to watch videos on smartphones. There are many channels in Youtube from which users can watch music, web series and movies for free. The passion for Youtube videos and its popularity can be gauged from the fact that nowadays children and old people use this video streaming app indiscriminately.

Today we are going to tell you some secret related to Youtube videos, from which you can play videos of Youtube smartly in your smartphone.

Forward videos with double tap on YouTube

If you are watching a video on YouTube on your mobile phone and you want to forward it (forward the video), then you can do it very easily by double-tapping on your screen. You can also use double tap to rewind (back) the same video.

Explain that the video starts playing 10 seconds back when double tapped on the left side of the screen and 10 seconds forward when double tapped on the right. With this feature, you can reach the point of the video from where you want to watch the YouTube videos in a very smart way.

YouTube Videos

Speed up and slow down YouTube videos

Sometimes Youtube’s video speed needs to be fast or slow. Suppose you are watching a highlight of a mage, then you can increase the speed of the video and end the highlight of the match quickly. On the other hand, if you are watching a scene of an action movie or a dance video, then you can slow down the speed of the video and see slow-motion one by one.

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For this great feature, you have to click on the three-dot icon which appears on the left side of the screen while the video is playing. After this, you have to click on Playback Speed and from here you can play Youtube videos on fast or slow motion.

How to activate dark themes on YouTube

Not everyone likes YouTube’s bright interface. Especially when you watch videos on YouTube at night. So you can activate Darkmood on Youtube. To activate the dark mood on YouTube in Android smartphones, you will have to go to the settings by clicking on the profile picture shown on the top left side of YouTube.

After this, click here in General Settings. After this, Dark Mode has to be activated. If you are surfing Youtube on your desktop, then you have to activate the dark theme by going to the settings by clicking above your profile photo on the top left. Also read: Full form of Human Resources

Here’s how to watch a video preview on YouTube

If you are accustomed to watching videos on Youtube often then the videos get repeated many times. In such a situation, you can already see some glimpse of the video by turning on the preview. To view the preview of the Youtube video on the desktop, you need to place the mouse button on the thumbnail of the Youtube video for a while. This will show the preview of the video. And you will also know more about the video.

Watch YouTube related videos like this mobile

Next Video button appears on the right side while watching Youtube videos on the desktop. Next video also appears on mobile. At the same time, when you watch YouTube videos on full screen on your mobile, the option of the next video is not visible. If you drag from bottom to top while the video is playing, you will see the next sagged video and you will be able to jump into the next video without coming out of the full-screen mode.

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