Top 5 eCommerce Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Ask any successful business owner or eCommerce marketing guru how much each quality lead and acquired customer count. The answer you’ll most likely get is “like gold”. And with so much competition that’s around, there’s simply no room for you to let potential sales slip away.

As a marketer, you can’t afford your eCommerce site to be slow, hard to navigate or be poorly optimized in terms of SEO. Constantly enhancing these three points should be on your agenda by default.

This is also why so many eCommerce site owners are currently building PWAs that are a major technological “hit” in online retail in 2021, by the way. This is a huge step towards headless commerce which is predicted to be the future of the online retail sphere in the next five to ten years.

Top 5 eCommerce Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

So, to help you be “armed” and prepared, on this page, we bring you our recommendations and cover 5 major marketing mess-ups that can have a crippling effect on your eCommerce marketing store’s revenues and that you surely shouldn’t make this year.

Not Having Personalized Products

Let’s start off with this eCommerce marketing mistake by mentioning how important the individual approach to each client is. Most people browsing the online store would appreciate seeing what they like as opposed to the same product selection as everyone else.

If your eCommerce store lacks personalization, you’re most likely losing money. Consider this. Based on the data provided by Outgrow:

“Personalization can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50%. It also lifts revenues by 5–15% and increases marketing spend efficiency by 10–30%.”

The least you can do here is to revise your product descriptions and the content that’s available across your website. Rethink many of your headings, CTA button texts, messages, and wording in general. Pretend that you’re addressing this or that line of text just to one client who is reading it. Avoiding this eCommerce marketing mistake can help you improve personalization for sure.

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Following that, think about enhancing your eCommerce marketing store with functionality that’ll be able to pitch such collections of products that’ll be personal. This can be a block like the one shown on the screenshot below that was taken on one of the product pages on the official Coccinelle website.

Do you see the “You May Also Like” section?

It offers those items that this specific potential customer might enjoy. It makes conclusions regarding which items to show on the basis of what was browsed or bought by this person before. When pitched accurately, items from this block of the site have a bigger chance to be added to the shopping cart.

Not Having Gift Finders

Another eCommerce marketing mistake that marketers can make is not having gift finder areas on the website. Whether you’d like to admit it or not but getting others presents is at times problematic. Thus, eCommerce stores should have their sites fitted with ready-made gift solutions.

Assemble collections that will be a good fit for different types of customers, occasions, and budgets. Present them neatly on the site in an easy-to-find place (perhaps, add a link right to the site menu). You’ll see what a relief it’ll be for many of your customers and what a boost in income it can bring, especially before the holidays.

A marvellous example of such content is shown on the screenshots from the NARS Cosmetics official website that follow. The site offers a decent “Sets & Gifts” area that’s devoted to presents that can be easily filtered to narrow down the results.

Apart from it, the “Gift Finder” feature walks users down a simple questionnaire. Based on the received answers, the system gives precise item recommendations that’ll be most suitable for the indicated recipient. A big helping hand, indeed!

Top 5 eCommerce Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Not Having Social Media Sections

Social media marketing is a big deal in present-day eCommerce marketing. Good presence online apart from the site itself is simply vital! If you’re not present on various social media channels that your audience favours and uses, you’re depriving your eCommerce store of making more sales.

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In the course of social media optimization works, you can do at least three things:

Set up Shops on social media

If you haven’t connected your eCommerce store’s catalogue to your social media accounts, do it ASAP. By linking up your products via Facebook, you can start selling online via social media like Instagram Shops, Pinterest Shops, and Facebook Shops. Do we have to explain that this will bring you a deal of good traffic to your store and increase mobile sales?

Enhance your content strategy

Creating a good eCommerce marketing content plan for all your eCommerce sites and socials becomes much easier when you properly cross-link content. Remember this, and you’ll do your eCommerce marketing site and social accounts a lot of good.

Add SM widgets with user-generated content on social media

Your eCommerce site can become much more appealing to buyers once they see your products on real people, not on models. Social media widgets and customer galleries will give you additional leverage to receive trust from new buyers, convince them to buy, and boost client retention. Here’s a neat block of such on the official Reebok website.

Top 5 eCommerce Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Not Having Promotional Coupons and Codes

Speaking of retaining your buyers, if you haven’t been using promos on your eCommerce site, shame on you.

Promos have long been one of the favored digital marketing tools. Why? Because they work. Having a coupon gives a large portion of your audience a solid reason to spend money. Let’s face it, all people like to grab a good money-saving deal.

What’s in it for you?

You can summon many of your existing customers back to your store to buy more, convince new people to buy from you, or encourage clients to buy things that they weren’t even planning on buying in the first place!

Quick advice, though, make your offers limited by time

You can get results faster. Plus, make sure your promo codes are “findable”. Place info on them somewhere on the site where it can grasp the attention of users, like on the main site banner of the homepage. Look at the example below, this is how a promo code was offered to users on the official Puma website.

Top 5 eCommerce Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Not Having Client Reviews

Last but not least, a huge eCommerce marketing marketers in eCommerce can make is not using customer testimonials to the full extent. Not taking user feedback for a spin in online retail is a big overlook.

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Potential buyers want to learn about the ups and downs of a product from those who have already ordered and received it. These opinions are much more “weighty” and persuasive than the product descriptions that you have on your site. For this reason, every separate product page must have an upstanding customer reviews area.

To provide you with an example, below is what the Product Reviews block is like on the official MAC Cosmetics website

We can see that it is headed with a summary that collects the main info from all comments. Plus, there’s data on the person who left the comment and even a chance to see uploaded pictures. It should be quite self-explanatory that as a marketer, it’s your job to motivate clients to leave their feedback on the site. This is a point to note for your email marketing enhancements.

Top 5 eCommerce Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

Final Say

Recapitulating all the eCommerce marketing mistakes that were mentioned in this post, don’t repeat the eCommerce marketing mistakes that were brought up above. By giving due attention to personalization, user-generated content, social media accounts, and customer reviews, you can already pick up your eCommerce store’s game.

Running promos via coupons and assisting clients with finding gifts are nice marketing “moves” too. Moreover, don’t forget to give needed consideration to your site’s speed and make sure that it’s easy to navigate from various devices.

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Top 5 eCommerce Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2021
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