It’s an open secrete that, there exist many , who are not the big fan of limiting their chatting experience within the limited features of official WhatsApp. They want to explore more features to break the boundaries. WhatsApp mod Apps were introduced to meet the same purpose. Now the question occurs –

What are WhatsApp mod apps?

In simple words, these are some modified versions of official WhatsApp that were developed by many third-party developers. Basically, these WhatsApp mod apps allow users to enjoy some more enriched features that are not available in the official version of WhatsApp.

Is It Safe to Use Modified Version of WhatsApp?

Well, I want to remind you of a legendary quote in this case – security is a myth! 

It’s an unfair reality that, either you use the official WhatsApp or any third-party version of this, end of the day you are using a product that is developed by someone else. So, the general suggestion regarding this should be not to sleep on it!

Best WhatsApp Mods

But in general, some words should be included here. The official WhatsApp indeed holds the end-to-end encryption feature, which assures your data security. On the other hand, in the Mod versions, this feature is not included. So this thing can act as a backdoor for hackers.

But in the real-life scenario, no incident was found where people became victims by losing their data.

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How Many Are WhatsApp Mod Versions Available?

The honest answer is – It’s uncountable! And most of these are not secured to install and use at all. Even when you decide to install these, your phone OS will prevent you from installing them on your phone.

After spending a decent amount of time on research, I found 5 WhatsApp mod safe to use on your phone. And at the same time, all of these will allow you to enjoy enriched WhatsApp features.

Stick with the following discussion to know about these in detail.

YO WhatsApp

This modified WhatsApp is almost identical to the official WhatsApp. But considering some aspects, it created its uniqueness from that. For example, this WhatsApp mod will allow you to operate three separate accounts simultaneously. It can provide you with some other enhanced features that are mentioned below.

  • Background image customization
  • Beautiful pop-up bubbles
  • A rich collection of themes and layouts
  • More than 1000 chats pinning functionality
  • Fingerprint lock
  • App icon customization
  • Blue thick hiding
  • And many more!

OG WhatsApp

Among all the WhatsApp mod, this version is my personal favourite! The only reason behind this is that the developer behind this app included anti-ban in it. On the other hand, it has a rich collection of emojis that you can use while chatting. And if you find someone irritating, you can block the person as well.

If you decide to download OG WhatsApp, you will be allowed to enjoy the following features-

  • You can make calls to unknown numbers.
  • Allows you to operate multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Background colour and font customization
  • Allows you to send bulky sized files (Up to 100 MB)
  • You can send high-quality images with their original quality
  • Longer duration video status sharing functionality (up to 5 minutes)
  • More than 100 free themes to use
  • Capable of sending 90 images at the same time
  • And many more!
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FM WhatsApp

Here the term FM hasn’t come from FM Radio! Instead, the version of this WhatsApp mod was developed by a developer named Fouad Mokdad. By taking the initial letters from each part of his name, this particular mod version was branded as FM WhatsApp.

While using this app, you can enjoy some enhanced features that are not offered by the previous two WhatsApp mods that I have mentioned a little bit earlier. I want to mention some of the features that can excite you.

  • Allows you to send messages without saving the receiver’s number
  • Capable of disabling message forwarding
  • Allows you to send large files (up to 700 MB)
  • View deleted content
  • Vast customization options
  • Hide view status
  • Message delivery notification hiding
  • And many more!

WhatsApp Plus

This version of WhatsApp is also known as WhatsApp Plus Blue. So don’t get confused when you decide to download it. It is another decent quality WhatsApp mod, that can allow you to enjoy some enhanced features with the highest security. So, let’s get introduced to its key features.

  • Exit conversation with the double-swipe gesture
  • Allows you to see the oldest message instantly
  • Do not disturb (DND) mode
  • The character limit has been increased to 255
  • Conversation hiding with PIN code
  • Allows you to freeze last seen status

GB WhatsApp

This mod version of WhatsApp is one of the most used modified WhatsApp apps available on the internet. By providing its decent service, it became the name of reliance of the millions of WhatsApp’s users. Especially the overall performance of this app proves that the developers behind this mod version were concerned about providing improved security.

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The key features of this app have been represented below.

  • Profile picture zooming functionality
  • Multilingual WhatsApp mode
  • Message scheduling feature
  • Online active notification customization
  • Allows you to operate multiple WhatsApp account
  • Payment solution
  • Theme customization
  • Allows you to build new themes using your picture and desired customization
  • Capable of sending high sized audio files (Up to 100MB)

Ending Words

I know what you are thinking after going through the whole discussion. And your thinking is Only these 5 WhatsApp mod app are safe to use?

The answer is probably not! But I’m skeptical about that. That’s why only five mod versions I have mentioned here that provide decent services undoubtedly.

So, what’s your thought on this?

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