16 Top Benefits of Web Push Notifications for Bloggers

When only sharing your ideas, perspectives, stories, knowledge online is not your goal and you wish to acquire more readers, become recognized and popular in the blogging field then certainly there is a dire need for you to start using push notifications service to distribute your content to the right audience.

After all your wholesome article and your efforts need to pay off. If your readers are getting something crispy to read to cheer their moods up, there is no harm in demanding something. It is 2021 and content marketing is the need for bloggers like never before.

This requires thorough research on all the marketing platforms that can distribute and promote your content to the right readers. As Andy Crestodina (co-founder of orbit media) says “It’s not the best content that wins. It’s the best promoted content that wins.”

For bloggers, the most important thing is the attention of their readers, which can only be grabbed by promoting your writing pieces to the right audience using the right marketing strategy.

If you have been already using emails, SMS, social media platforms to distribute your content then you will realise the power of web push notifications against all other conventional techniques when you employ them.

Benefits of Web Push Notifications

Push notifications web have a stronger capacity in comparison to other marketing techniques to garner the attraction of the audience, as they are enticing, targeting and clear-cut. Web push helps you convert your first-time visitors into subscribers and regular readers similar to email marketing and others but with a greater response rate and efficient traffic generation capacity.

Here are the top 16 benefits of leveraging web push notifications for your blogging site.

  • Push notifications are more flexible: The rule of thumb of web push notifications targeting compatible audiences brings about 98% of the opening rate which is far better than email commerce. You can utilise them to send notifications in real-time and rely on the tremendous response rate that push notifications generate.
  • The best mode of marketing for content distribution: It is very unfortunate that bloggers don’t get the gilt-edged appreciation they deserve. That is because they are not able to obtain the optimal readership for their content, to acquire this it is important to correctly strategise the marketing techniques. The web notifications addon help to send targeted notifications to users who would find the content interesting. This will help you to increase your readership and gain a deserving amount of appreciation.
  • A suitable channel of distribution of content to mobile devices: Web push notifications assist mobile device-friendly marketing. As today almost everyone has a smartphone in hand, this suitability of push notifications allow direct interaction with mobile phone users.
  • Personalised notifications are more responsive: Age, gender and geographical location are important aspects, bloggers can bifurcate their content and distribute them according to the respective categories depending on the character of their content resulting in more response from the readers. An attractive headline would help.
  • Visually appealing: Web push notifications use emoticons, images, fascinating fonts, all these factors make it appealing and hard to resist to act upon.
  • Multi-device support: With a single trigger, you can send notifications to multiple devices in one go. Web push notifications are alone capable of that amongst other marketing tools.
  • Re-engaging audience: Bloggers can successfully use web push notifications to send engaging messages, new read updates and distribute content to already existing visitors who have not visited their site in a while.
  • Traffic increase: The traffic on your website increases, when you employ push notifications for the task, you are likely to drive huge traffic, which is organic.
  • Statistics: Web push notifications allow you to analyse your subscriber/reader’s activity, interests, actions and behaviour on your site. Using this data you can create campaigns to achieve the best results.
  • Audience segmentation: Instead of creating a general message, creating messages of audiences’ interest is a good idea. Web push notifications service providers allow you to segment your audience into different categories. You can segment your users according to their geographical location, browsers, OS, Gender, age etc.
  • Increased conversion rate: There are so many visitors on your website who do not reach the final phase of your conversion funnel, for bloggers it is important to convert their visitors into regular readers and perhaps sharers. Web push notifications do the job very well for you and help in converting your subscribers into readers and subsequently increase your conversion rate by leading maximum subscribers to the end phase of your conversion funnel.
  • Easy to use: Once you start sending push notifications, you will realise most of the things are automated and just require details at the initial stages. Web push notifications instantly reach users with just one click. Bloggers should be able to use their strategies effectively parallel to time productivity.
  • Cross-platform: Web push notifications are supported by almost all technological platforms and can reach iOS, Android, Google, desktop, mobile devices, browsers etc. The potential web push notifications have in reaching maximum people is second to none.
  • Behavioural targeting: You can use behavioural targeting while creating push notifications. The main technique of doing it involves tagging. You have to assign tags to different pages of your website through REST API. When the tags receive action it gets stored in the push system under subscriber id. It can be used to send notifications to users with specific tags.
  • Real-time reach: Web push notifications get delivered to users in real-time. Although bloggers usually do not have time-sensitive information, there are many topics that have enthusiastic readers who want to read articles as soon as they get published to avoid spoilers from others. This real-time feature of push notifications is helpful for such readers and publishers.
  • Speedy subscription: Immediately after installing push notifications services, the website starts collecting a good subscription base by just clicking allow to subscribe. The opt-in rate increases speedily.
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Wrapping up

Blogging is a vast field with multiple topics available to write on like food, recipes, travel, famous people, stories, daily diary, experiences etc. and there are enormous readers for every topic. The need is to reach the correct audience in real-time.

Web push notifications help you increase your subscriber base and your readership. Whether or not you want to monetize your blogs or not, readership is extremely important. EngageAsap has been corroborating the immense amount of improvement in blogging websites through their push notifications platform.

With every feature available for new and old bloggers to constructively distribute content online to a large audience in one single go at very affordable prices and a glitch-free push notifications tool. Use EngageAsap’s platform to distribute your content and reach the audience.

Web push notifications are extremely beneficial for bloggers for increasing readership and gaining monetary benefits from it. Start sending notifications to your reader, re-engage them with your latest content and blogging websites.

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