Top 12 Virtual Learning Platforms for Kids and Teachers

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, almost the entire world has become dependent on technology. From ordering groceries online, working from home to children relying on the virtual learning platforms technology to continue teaching. Many institutes complete their graduate programs in the months of May and June and this year, with the ongoing pandemic, many students are graduating online.

Kids and teachers are relying heavily upon virtual platforms and apps that will help them in their academia. In this article, we’ll be talking about 12 virtual learning platforms which we think will benefit teachers as well as students everywhere.

Virtual learning platforms

Virtual learning platforms are digital platforms which are used by students and teachers to interact with each other, share notes, and study using the online tools provided by a software. Virtual learning platforms perform as digital classrooms to create a holistic learning environment.

Top 12 Virtual Learning Platforms for Kids and Teachers

One advantage of e-learning is that students have more time to focus on themselves and can take up internships or work whilst studying to earn some extra money without a job. According to us, these are the top 12 best online platforms that are out there which make learning easier, friendlier and something that makes work and education less complicated.

3P Learning

Education should be made fun for students, teachers and families. The way they achieve this is by helping fellow learners, educators who want to work towards improving their students’ achievements and knowledge. They’re the global leaders in the online learning space with programs covering literacy, spelling (Spellodrome), Mathematics (Mathletics) and reading skills (Reading Eggs).

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These virtual learning platforms are designed by educators, educational technologists and are familiar with more than a dozen international curricula. 3P Learning hosts a variety of flagship called the World Education Games. These games consist of World Science Day, World Literacy Day and World Maths Day.


Bloomz is a Mobile, web app that connects school administrators, teachers with students and their parents in a private, easy to use and secure environment. Bloomz creates an environment where parents feel more connected to their child’s world.

Educators can host parent-teacher conferences, can schedule classroom volunteers and can communicate directly with parents and share pictures of students when they have those beautiful learning moments.


Edmodo is a cloud-based management application where teachers can collaborate and connect with students and their primary caregivers. With Edmodo virtual learning platform, teachers can distribute homework and assignments, create academic groups, track the progress of their students and schedule online tests. Here students can also conduct polls, ask questions and interact with each other.


Hāpara will give administrators and teachers high visibility into the digital learning space. Hāpara is a management suite that will enable teachers and administrators and provides students with a personalized, visible digital learning environment that’s safe to use.

The virtual learning platform gives students and teachers unprecedented visibility and access into a learner’s work across Google Workspace for Education. The main objective of Hāpara analytics is to provide objective data about digital adoption by allowing school administrators to evaluate, see and learn about collaborations, engagement and. Device usage.


Previously known as Loop, Ziplet was founded in 2016 and their main aim is for teachers to get the most from their students by providing them with the adequate tools required. With over 10,000 institutions globally, the ziplet virtual learning platform is a useful platform where students can talk to their teacher privately and express any questions, doubts or feedback which they may have.

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Genially is a website that students and teachers can use to make presentations including infographics and interactive images. The virtual learning platform main aim is to allow anyone to create animated, interactive and stunning content.

Google Classroom

Grade assignments and simplify the learning process with Google Classrooms. The main purpose of Google Classrooms virtual learning platform is to streamline the process of sharing files between students and teachers.


Make learning fun with this virtual learning platform. Teachers can now engage their students with their distance learning features, they can play in class and their game reports can be later assessed by teachers to see their learning progress. Kahoots are user-generated multiple-choice quizzes that can be accessed via the Kahoot app or a web browser.

Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams you can connect in professional learning communities, build collaborative classrooms and connect with your colleagues. With Microsoft Teams you can also store files, make calls through the platform, conduct individual or group chats.


Parlay is a global community of educators and is a discussion-based learning tool that wants to redefine class discussions for the 21st Century. On Parlay, you can ask their team to create a custom discussion specifically for your classroom or create your own topics.


Seesaw is an eLearning platform that wants to keep teachers, students and their parents in the loop by keeping them engaged. On the Seesaw virtual learning platform, you can record, draw, create collages, etc to make learning a better experience.


Slack is a communication-based platform that offers chat rooms that can be organised by topic, direct messaging and private groups. Slack teams allow groups, teams or communities to join a classroom/workspace by an invitation link sent by the team admin or owner.

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In Conclusion

eLearning is a new trend in the education sector. With eLearning, teachers and learners can be creative, resourceful and innovative in learning activities. Although it takes some time to get used to, eLearning is cheaper, convenient and is an educational tool that cannot be ignored.

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Top 12 Virtual Learning Platforms for Kids and Teachers

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