Small Business Marketing Tools to Promote Your Business

There are so many small business marketing tools for small business owners to promote their business online. These business tools include everything you need for the success of your business promotion, these include, social media dashboards, project management software, Facebook Messenger chatbot builders and much more.

With all the options in these tools, it can be overwhelming to the point that a lot of the powerhouse like unicorn marketing tools for small business get lost in the list. That is why we rounded up the marketing tools for small business you actually need.

Every Small Business Marketing Tools on this list can be used in your day-to-day work life


It’s almost like MobileMonkey, but for mobile apps on iOS or Android instead of chatbots in terms of what you can do with it. Most business owners don’t realize how much goes on behind the scenes of a well functioning mobile app. When you build an app from scratch, there are hundreds of parts you will need to consider. Fortunately for you, BuildFire’s app builder takes care of all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what you care about most, your business. If you are the type who like to get your hand dirty, then try out our app builder.

Small Business Marketing

You can either start from a blank template to make an app from scratch or start with one of our templates tailored for specific purposes and use cases. Our app builder is 100% free to use until you launch your app. The best thing about it is it’s free to build an app in Buildfire by yourself, and you can also choose to hire Buildfire to do it for you.

Buildfire team of seasoned app makers will work with you directly to take your mobile app from idea to reality. They’ve help built and deployed more than 10,000 mobile apps ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local businesses.


This is a social media planning and publishing business tool that allows existing users to see their scheduled Instagram posts and publish this content directly to Instagram. ContentCal is being used by many big companies and agencies for their content and social media marketing needs helping them to take back control with its visual calendar designed for planning and auto-publishing your social media content.

If you are an agency with multiple brands, then you have the option to create several different calendars. You can then connect different networks to each calendar on ContentCal if you so wish. You could even create a separate calendar for each network just to keep things need and tidy but most users will want to see all their content in the same calendar.

You can add new posts in seconds, the new post page is as intuitive as it gets simply type your post, add an image select a date and time and you’re ready to save it to your calendar or send it straight out (once you have previewed what it looks like, of course).

Users also have the option to add comments that others in your team can view, or ignore the date and time field for now and save the post in your ‘Backlog’ (more on this later). Posts can also be added to the calendar as placeholders.

These are posts that you know will be going out on a given day but perhaps aren’t quite fully formed just yet. The post creation process really is ridiculously simple; we timed ourselves and managed to create five posts from scratch in little under four minutes (the ‘Save + Create Another’ button comes in handy here).


This is a small business marketing tool to build a complete B2B social media marketing strategy by publishing content at scale, engaging with audiences, and measuring valuable performance metrics. With this tool, users can effortlessly manage, organize, and schedule their B2B marketing content across multiple profiles, networks, and campaigns.

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Managing all your social media activities as an entrepreneur can be tedious over time, especially, but Oktopost will make that easy for a B2B enterprise, combining three separate solutions into one.

Users can get social media management, social employee advocacy, and social media promotions in one tight package. If you are looking to up your social media game for your B2B business, Oktopost has brought

Sociomantic’s global social media efforts into one place for transparency and focused planning. You can join global B2B marketing teams that use Oktopost to manage, measure, and monitor their social media activities with the most intuitive tools.


This is a video marketing tool for small business that can be used to make personalized videos easily without having to be an expert at video editing. The business tool allows users to customize your video with ease, and you can then embed it anywhere you want.

With videos you make with Vidyard, you can maximize your first impressions and endear your business more to the people. This small business marketing tool can help businesses transform communications and drive more revenue through the strategic use of online video.

If you want to go beyond video hosting and management, Vidyard will help your business to connect with more viewers through interactive and personalized video experiences, learn powerful insights on their viewing audience, turn insights into action with enterprise integrations, and prove the impact of their video programs.

Global leaders and industry pioneers such as Honeywell, McKesson, Lenovo, LinkedIn, Cision, Citibank, Marketo, MongoDB, GroupOn, Terminus and Sharp rely on Vidyard to power their video strategies and turn the viewer into customers.


The rigours of day-to-day in digital marketing work can be overwhelming over time, making it seem like you are no longer in control. Todoist can help you take that control back by doing things like give you reminders on things you tend to forget. Users can enter your tasks for the day and have a list that lets you remember what to prioritize.

But this small business marketing tool is not just like any other productivity service as it is designed mostly for business. This lets the business owner use a sleek interface for tracking your own thoughts, work tasks, errands, and so on easily.

Todoist can definitely help you to easily organize and prioritize your tasks and projects so you’ll always know exactly what to work on next. Small steps every day add up to big achievements over time. Set daily and weekly goals, and visualize your productivity trends. With 10+ apps and plugins, you’ll be able to review your upcoming tasks and jot down new ones no matter where you happen to be. Everything stays in perfect sync across all your devices.


Artificial intelligence has made digital marketing even more convenient in recent years, and BrightEdge takes advantage of it. BrightEdge lets the business owner do SEO and content marketing more effectively through its AI to power organic search performance. The business tool helps you to track and use deep data and context to better your search engine optimization. It can also help you run a high-performing website through its data intelligence.

You can then create high-quality content that satisfies customer demand through BrightEdge. Discover what customers are searching and get there before competitors. Create a content marketing strategy that targets, performs and delights. The tool will bridge the gap between digital and physical locations with intelligent content. Boost the performance of your Facebook and Twitter social campaigns.


This is a visualization platform that lets content marketers create on-brand visual content easily. Visage is a relatively new app features enable data visualization without all the finagling and hair-splitting. You just need to enter your data and choose how it can be best shown, and you can edit it there like in Canva. It also has additional features that make it great for collaboration, which makes for seamless for group work.

Small Business Marketing

Visage enables seamless ideation, design, distribution, and analytics for your visual content. One of the main values you will get out of Visage is to simply maintain brand consistency and good design across everything you create. The tool will help you out by giving you quick access to your brand’s style guide, right where you need it.

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To improve the editing experience, you can now resize multiple objects at once. You can hold shift while clicking the objects you’d like to select, or just click and drag over the group. Visage has made some new friends. To playing nicer with others, we’ve connected to hundreds of third-party apps via Zapier. Straight from your Visage account, you can now send your graphics to other platforms like WordPress, Hubspot and Buffer.


This is the fastest-growing digital marketing business tools to promote your website on a social media platform like Facebook. To really enjoy the full advantages of social media marketing, Facebook marketing is the best and the most effective digital marketing tool you can use to get most impressive levels of engagement for your brand by building a Facebook messenger chatbot. MobileMonkey is the best Facebook messenger chatbot builder you can use to build your first messenger chatbot easily, with no coding required.

As a small business website owner, you can use this small business marketing tool to build a bot to send out messages (a.k.a. chatblast), answer questions, interact with contacts, conduct surveys, and so much more. MobileMonkey can help you to jumpstart your Messenger live support and marketing campaign.

According to Neil Patel, Facebook messenger messages have a click-through rate of more than 20% when using a chat blasting, the messages also have a conversion rate of 3-5x higher than Facebook desktop ads. And according to use research, not every marketer are taking advantage of messenger marketing, even though it is the hottest opportunity in digital marketing today.


When it comes to digital marketing brand advertisement, nothing can be better used to promote your brand by using the infographics to deliver your information in a visually engaging way. Infographics are often better than text, video, and photographs alone, making them a must-have in your content marketing. With the use of Venngage, you can create amazing infographics for your content in three easy steps.

Infographics make data and processes accessible and memorable. Choose from 100+ infographic templates on Venngage and follow these steps to create your own infographics. *Get inspired and create an infographic quickly with one of our professionally designed infographic templates.

You can visualize your data and information with charts and text. Enhance your infographic by adding icons and images from our library. *Customize your infographic design by changing the fonts and colours with our infographic maker. Apply your own style to make your infographic unique.


A business owner who is looking to get serious with digital marketing, then you need this small business marketing tool with an all-in-one SEO platform you can depend on. User can get this by having all the data before they make decisions on any online business marketing plan. Serpstat has research tools with advanced analytics for you to learn about your audience.

It keeps a record of historical data over time, giving you a bird’s eye view of your performance. Users can also group keywords by tags while also gathering insights into your traffic distribution. Serpstat lets you know where you’re getting results from and what needs improving. Get a list of proven and profitable keywords that your competitors and niche leaders use to make it to the top positions in search results.

Compare your keywords to different performance indicators, such as search volume, cost-per-click, competition level or a number of search results. The combined impact of creating high-quality, relevant content and using the appropriate keywords will bump your domain and its particular pages to the top positions in search. Enrich your web content with tested keyword variations to successfully optimize your pages. Learn more

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This is a great source for free high-quality images pulled from many online sources. The images on this website have a Creative Commons Zero license, making them free for commercial use. VisulaHunt searches for best free images from many online sources and pulls them all together in one spot. Most of our photos are CC0 license (do whatever you want). Additionally, we offer all Creative Commons and Public

Small Business Marketing

Domain photos from sources like Flickr and make it possible to embed them directly from our website. Good content marketing involves having high-quality images to go with your text. Having a source of those high-quality images is necessary to deliver the best content possible. Just search the keyword or theme you’re looking for and you should find the images you need.


This is a small business marketing tool with a more flexible approach to content management, promising to make blogging and content creation a breeze. It is an API-driven content management infrastructure designed to create, manage, and distribute content to any platform or device easily. Basically, Contentful is like WordPress but has a lot more bells and whistles that make it more secure and does your content management for you.

Digital marketing companies like Spotify, Urban Outfitters, Red Bull, and so on make use of Contentful for their websites. Contentful takes on a new approach to content management. You develop great websites they deliver the content. From functionality to documentation, we have put a lot of effort into making Contentful as developer-friendly as possible. All it takes to build your first Contentful powered website are a few easy steps.

In doing these steps you will not only create and deploy a website, but you will also learn how our technology works under the hood. In the Contentful world, space is a data bucket used to store the content that will later appear inside your apps. Like a database table, content is described and stored using a data model. A key feature is that you get to define the data model yourself to fit your needs.


This is a free and easy-to-use small business marketing app that lets you manage multiple social media accounts more easily. User can curate top content in your niche easily and save time on managing all your accounts by up to 90%. It can even help you do more and reach out to more people with its great features and compatibility with many platforms.

DrumUp also lets you measure the social media engagement you’re getting through its analytics. DrumUp discovers and helps you share great content to your social media accounts so you can start meaningful conversations with your followers. DrumUp mines through tons of content across the web in real-time, and uses sophisticated algorithms to recommend fresh stories most relevant to your audience.

It does all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. A smart workflow makes it a breeze for you to quickly review, create and publish posts to your social media followers. You can add multiple accounts to your dashboard and tweak their settings to your liking. Monitor all of them in a single place to stay on top of your social media presence.

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