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Best SEO Optimization Software for 100% Website Search Traffic

SEO TextOptimizer is an SEO optimization software you can use to improve the quality of your website content from a search engine perspective to increase your site search traffic. The SEO software is the perfect solution for content marketers since it is designed in such a way to do exactly what it says “optimize your text.

The SEO optimization software is ideal because a user no longer needs “publish and pray.” You now have a better understanding of how your content will fair before you post it. SEO TextOptimizer is a valuable website optimization tool to analyze your written content and informs you of its SEO potential.

Use of search engine intent tables, TextOptimizer tells you how well your text will rank in search results. It will give you constructive feedback allowing you to publish well-researched and optimized content that ranks well. The SEO software focuses on the content of the text.

The big difference from all the other tools that focus on technical optimization is that SEO optimization software is the first tool that lets you measure the quality of your writing from a search engine perspective.

SEO Optimization Software

The website optimization software will analyse the content of your website and evaluates to which extent a search engine considers your text to be rich and targeted. You can see the Search Engine Affinity result in a scale of 0-100%.

The great news is that you do not have to be an SEO expert to use this SEO tool. TextOptimizer can help you write awesome articles by showing you the topics to develop or to eliminate so that search bots will consider your text to be targeted.

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TextOptimizer SEO Optimization Software Features

The SEO optimization software uses Google’s search result pages to scrutinize your core keyword. The SEO optimization tool will extract search snippets from your core search query and analyzes semantics to find other related terms and concepts from those snippets.

TextOptimizer will provide the list of terms it found and directs your optimization process pushing you to add those related terms and analyzing your new text again to give you an idea of how far you progressed optimizing your content. The tool will also let you see which types of audience are likely to find your content useful which may be quite eye-opening:

The benefits of using the software

The software suggests terms, topics, and questions you might not think of on your own. This results will allow you to write better content not only for SEO but for your reader.

Once you download TextOptimizer, you do not have to be an SEO expert to use the SEO software, you will start to be writing awesome articles since it will show you the topics to develop or to eliminate so that search bots will consider your text to be targeted.

Moreover, for each topic, the software gives a list of words for developing the topic. By following the recommendations of TextOptimizer, anyone can improve her text to make it rich and targeted.

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