Rubik’s Cube: 11 Life Lessons You Can Learn From It

Rubik’s Cube is a 3 dimensional geometry puzzle game you can play and solve the puzzle by turning it faces. Solving a Rubik’s cube might be frustrating at the beginning, but once you get used to it, you find the whole process enjoyable.

Rubik's Cube

Speed cube is one of the greatest teachers of your life. Become a student, buy a cube online and learn a myriad of essential lessons along the way!

You learn to fix things

Solving the Rubik’s cube teaches you how to fix things. You attempt various strategies and methods in order to solve the cube. Just like how the cube can be “fixed”, so can other things in your life. You have to keep at it until it gets solved.

You need to understand a situation in order to solve it

If you don’t focus and understand how the cube works, you aren’t ever going to solve it. You need to understand its characteristics, the strategies and methods involved. Similarly, if you don’t understand the situation, then you aren’t going to be able to solve it. Attempting to do so would be akin to shooting arrows in the dark and expecting to hit the bullseye.

Chaos ultimately give way to order

When you unscramble the cube, it looks like a disaster and chaotic. You keep turning and twisting its various faces in order to match the colour. What looked like chaos once is now an object in perfect condition. Life is similar. Your problems might look chaotic to you, but once you roll up your sleeves and start working on them, they start resembling order.

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Rubik’s Cube puzzle game help you to Focus

Focusing on the task at hand lets you gain better insight and resolve the situation quickly. If you lose focus, you might end up worsening the situation. Whatever you are working on or learning- driving, office work, swimming, anything, you need to be completely focused.


“Practice puts muscles in your brain” – Samuel Snead.

You can’t solve the Rubik’s cube in one go. You have to keep practising until you are able to match the colours. Similarly, you need to practise regularly in order to polish and eventually master a skill. Nothing comes easy in life. You need to put in the effort.

Set and achieve goals

When you pick up the Rubik’s cube, your ultimate goal is to solve it. To reach the finish line, you set daily goals. Life, too, is made up of setting and achieving those goals. Once your goal is set, the process of achieving it becomes clear. It can be anything- pass an exam, get your dream job or even set up your own business. These are all goals that need proper planning and dedication in order to be achieved.

Shortcuts lead you nowhere.

To solve the Rubik’s cube, you need to follow the particular set of steps. You can’t skip one and finish solving the cube. There are no shortcuts here. Likewise, there are no shortcuts in life. If you wish to reach somewhere, you need to follow the steps. Shortcuts might look easy, but they won’t take you near your destination.

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Impossible is “I’m Possible”

Solving the cube might seem impossible at first. The task might look daunting and put off some from attempting it. Only the ones who do try their hand at it without accepting failure are the ones who actually do it. That’s how one must approach life. Give your 100%. You will realise that the task isn’t impossible. Big goals can be achieved by breaking them into smaller goals.

We all need colours in our life.

The Rubik’s cube wouldn’t look appealing without its colours. You need to match the colours in order to solve it. Life is made up of colours too, the various emotions. Without these, life would be monotonous. It’s these different emotions that make life entrancing.

Breaks are important

Keeping at the cube continuously isn’t going to solve it. You need to take breaks to rest your mind and body. We all need to step back from our daily hustle and bustle in order to recharge. Breaks are the fuel that keeps your life’s engine running smoothly. They let you get back with a refreshed mind and body.


It was one famously said that great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.It takes months and even years for some to solve the Rubik’s cube. You need to learn the strategies and methods and then practise them regularly so as to solve the cube within minutes.

Life is difficult. But you must persevere. If you are unable to solve a layer, take a break, try a different approach. Ultimately, you will accomplish what you set out to do.

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These are some of the critical lessons this amazing invention teaches us. Life is filled with challenges. Accept them. Beat them. Then move on. Happy Cubing! Happy Learning!

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