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Why Restaurant Business need a Professional Accountant

The restaurant business community is facing some significant challenges this summer and we need your help to keep restaurant businesses operating smoothly and profitably. If you are a restaurant owner, your business will thrive and make money when you keep up with the most recent developments in the industry as well as your customer’s needs.

Like all other businesses, restaurants also require accounting services. Small restaurant owners find it difficult to spare time to record daily transactions. They need to hire professional accountants for regular bookkeeping and accounting tasks.

However, restaurant accounting is somewhat different from regular accounting. Although accounting terms and methods are the same but it uses specific ratios according to the business niche. For example, you might be interested in evaluating your food to expense ratio. Or you might want to know your per-seat cost. Analyzing these ratios will help you to make better revenue strategies.

Restaurant Business

Similarly, small restaurant owners are too busy to make financial reports and manage bank reconciliations. They try to manage everything themselves. But accounting requires professional knowledge and expertise.

Only experienced accountants will be able to provide profitable accounting advice to small restaurant owners. In case, you are looking for a bank loan, you should consult an expert accountant to manage your accounts.

Hiring a permanent accountant for your restaurant business looks like an additional expense. To reduce your expenses, it is feasible to hire an accounting firm. Most accounting firms provide affordable restaurant accounting services. Hiring an online accounting firm will help you to focus on your restaurant operations smoothly.

What are the benefits of hiring an accounting firm for your restaurant business?

Hiring an in-house accountant is expensive. Hiring an online accounting firm will provide you with the following services,

  • Managing Your Cash Flows
  • Inventory Management
  • Preparing Profit and Loss Statement
  • Tax Services

Managing Your Cash Flows

  • Lots of transactions take place in the restaurant business

The cost of new products, bills, supplies and arrangements are incurred. Every day there is a new expense incurred, a new cost to be settled and an additional tip given. All these monetary transactions need to be recorded and updated accurately in your books.

This requires daily bookkeeping services. Dedicated bookkeepers are required to maintain records of each transaction. This is a full-time job in a restaurant business. To make it easy, online bookkeeping software can be used.

Online bookkeeping will save you time and stress. But online bookkeeping software is costly. It also requires bookkeeping expertise to operate it successfully. Therefore, hiring an accounting firm to manage all cash flows will help you a lot.

Restaurant Business

Your accounting firm will provide you with the best online or desktop bookkeeping services. Your dedicated bookkeeper will keep track of your inventory costs and update you on it.

Inventory Management

  • You can not store food in a restaurant business

Food is a perishable item. Therefore, you need to purchase it appropriately. Buying too many food items at a time and storing it for later use is not a wise idea. This will increase your costs and food might rot soon. To avoid this waste, it is recommended to monitor your inventory weekly.

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Accounting firms are skilled in providing restaurant accounting services. They are familiar with your inventory management system. They know how much inventory should be purchased at a time to reduce additional costs. Hiring experienced accountants will assist you in decision making for your business.

Preparing Profit and Loss Statement

  • Preparing income statements is part of the job for an accountant

Your accounting firm will be responsible for preparing your financial statements and most importantly profit and loss statements. A profit and loss statement will allow you to identify the total expenses incurred in a month and total revenue generated after deducting other expenses.

Usually, income statements are prepared monthly but in the restaurant business, you should prepare them on weekly basis. Preparing income statements on weekly basis will help you identify your profit situation.

Restaurant Business

You can track your costs and find ways to reduce other bills. This also considers your inventory costs. Thus, hiring an accountant to prepare them on weekly basis will give you a better idea of your finances. This will help you to make the right cost-effective decisions for your business.

Tax Services

Every person needs to pay taxes. Small business owners need to pay both personal and corporate taxes on time. Tax situations are continuously changing with time. It is quite difficult to be updated with the new tax laws.

Thus, hiring a tax expert to manage your personal and corporate taxes will help you save time for yourself. Your tax expert will not only prepare and your taxes but will inform you of your tax situation. He will be responsible for preparing your tax plans and utilizing tax benefits.

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So, consulting an accounting firm for your accounting and taxation needs will benefit you greatly. It will help you in your restaurant business growth and you will not worry about legal consequences.

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