Both React js and Angular are great at web-based building applications. Many projects are built with React.js while others are constructed with Angular. The sizes of the projects built with React js and those constructed with Angular are nearly the same.

A good Angular is one that has been actively contributing to the global Angular ecosystem supported by Google. Most of the developers has been implementing several legacy platform redeveloping using the latest frontend Angular interface.

React Js vs Angular

With an AOT (Ahead of time) compiler much more secure than JIT (Just in time), Angular is sure-shot a great choice for your frontend development. Hire Angular developers to develop your websites and apps.

Companies utilizing React js are

Organizations depending on Angular are

  • Gmail
  • Upwork
  • PayPal
  • Forbes
  • Crunchbase

Both React js and Angular are suited for making large and extensible platforms. These front-end development options can handle massive requests per moment.

Current Statistics Based On Popularity

React js has an increased number of Node Package Manager (NPM) downloads on GitHub. It bypasses Angular with this number. The difference between the downloads is huge. Last year, a survey was conducted among Stackoverflow’s users. It demonstrated that react.js is 10% more popular than angular.

Check out the popularity stats for React js and Angular

  • React js has 10,245,189 weekly downloads
  • Angular.js has only 638,437 downloads when compared

This is according to NPM reports. React.js is newer in the field of development. Still, it has achieved 163000 stars and 32.7 Fork on GitHub. Angular.js has only around 59.5k stars and 1.578000 contributors.

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React js has become one of the most loveable and demanding Js frameworks within a very short amount of time. It can be said that it will continue to hold its rank in the future.

  • Do these statistics mean that something is awfully wrong with angular?
  • Or does react.js offer better solutions than angular?

developers prefer React.js quite a lot. However, this does not mean that Angular.js is not used at all. Great libraries are provided by Angular.js along with robust template building solutions. The solutions expedite the process of development. These are the reasons why Angular.js has still held its position in the frameworks.

Comparison Of The Learning Curves Between React js And Angular.js

React.js is used with the only aim aligned to simplify the complex app development process. A wide choice of libraries is provided so that developers don’t need to spend a lot of time learning the programming language again. It can be concluded that Angular.js has a steeper learning curve.

This is because Angular.js is a complicated and verbose framework. Multiple options are offered to solve a single problem. Repetitive actions are required for its intricate component management. It is recommended for the react.js app developers to dive straight into the development process.

React.js is based on the Javascript programming language. What makes the entire app development process more accessible to new as well as expert developers are the simple design, use of JSX, highly detailed documentation and library. However, due to frequent updates, React js requires everyday learning.

By Whom Is Angular Chosen?

Angular fits well with enterprise solutions and the corporate sector. Experienced front-end developers share this. A better choice for early-stage start-ups and comparatively smaller companies is react.js. huge businesses do not change their priorities very often.

React Js vs Angular

Their strategic goals are known to their CTOs (chief technology officers) far earlier. Dedicated angular programmers can deeply analyse your requirements and suggest the best solutions. We can say that in projects where reliability is required above everything else, angular is a far better option.

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Companies such as Microsoft Office, Deutsche Bank and Samsung are utilizing angular. React.js calls itself a JS library. To set a project structure, React js makes it a developer’s responsibility. Relevant services can be found for HTTP routing and so on.

The ideology of react is to be agile. It wants to provide developers with absolute freedom. It minimizes the size of the project from the very start. This is how they can involve the libraries they need later on.

Comparison Based On App Size And Performance of Angular.js And React.js

App size and performance are two really important factors. They directly impact the quality of the app by imposing an impact on the app loading time and response time. Customer satisfaction is highly impacted by the choice of framework for web app development.

React.js has this amazing virtual Dom feature. It is efficient because it can handle frequent UI updates of the app. It also makes sure the app processes data with speed. The performance-related issues during UI rendering are also eliminated by react.js.

Angular.js is well known for one thing. It has low performance when we deal with complex and robust applications. For heavy enterprise applications, angular.js is the best choice of framework. On the other hand, reazact.js is great for lightweight applications.

The framework size of angular.js and react.js is usually between 500 KB and 100 KB respectively. Hence, react.js is the preferred option for many app development companies.

Comparison of Community Support Between Angular.js And React.js

We can understand that react.js is undeniably supported by an active community with huge numbers. This is because react.js has been introduced and maintained by Facebook. If you choose to hire angular developers from India, then the engineers will be able to cope with the regular updates more efficiently.

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They will be able to do this without breaking the application. Angular.js is actively supported by Google. This keeps its ecosystem growing and expanding to the next level.

Who Wins?

It is undeniable to say that both angular.js and react js are huge in the field of web app development. Therefore, declaring one of them the winner is bound to sound unfair. This is because Angular.js is an MVC framework with nice features and react.js is a complete open-source Javascript library.


Both angular.js and react js are high-performing Javascript frameworks. They provide great support for web app development. Our simple aim is to help you select the best suitable support for web app development with this comparison. Every business has its own development needs. Therefore, there is no standalone framework that suits all the various business needs.

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