A bad bite is when the upper and lower teeth and jaw don’t align properly. Its term is malocclusion, and can affect your overall and oral health. A misaligned bite can be a result of crooked, crowded, or protruding teeth. Malocclusion can make it difficult to clean the teeth properly, which can lead to problems like tooth decay.

It could also lead to abnormal tooth enamel wear or jaw problems. Eventually, these issues can affect your overall health in addition to your oral health. In short, a bad bite needs immediate malocclusion treatment. In this article, we will look at 4 major problems you can face due to a bad bite or malocclusion.

Impact of Bad Bite on Your Oral Health

A bad bite can be a cosmetic issue for many as they may feel conscious of their smile. Apart from the cosmetic aspect, malocclusion can lead to an array of oral health problems. It can lead to improper chewing and difficulties in cleaning.

Oral Health Problems

Here are four oral health issues caused due to malocclusion.

Tooth Decay

It is easy for food to get stuck between the misaligned teeth. Moreover, it may be hard to brush them out if they are in hard-to-reach places. For example, if two teeth are protruding, it may be hard to clean the teeth that are obstructed by them. If you are unable to clean teeth properly, there will be an increased risk of tooth decay. You may suffer from cavities or plaque.

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Tooth decay is one of the most common problems caused by a bad bite. However, it need not be a cause of worry when detected. If there is an increase in tooth decay, you will have to follow a better oral hygiene routine. It will take care of the tooth decay caused by malocclusion.

Gum Disease

Malocclusion makes it difficult to remove plaque through brushing or flossing, especially when it forms in hard-to-reach places. Plaque build-up eventually leads to gum disease which can begin as redness in gums or bleeding while brushing or flossing. You may also suffer from bad breath if you are unable to brush properly due to gum bleeding.

If you don’t treat the gum inflammation, it can worsen and lead to soft tissue damage, receding gums, bone loss, formation of pockets between gums and teeth, and eventually tooth loss. If your gum disease is a result of malocclusion, you need to address it immediately.

Strain on the Jaw

Temporomandibular jaw syndrome (TMJ) is a common issue caused by misaligned teeth. When the bite is bad and the upper and lower jaw don’t align, it will put excessive pressure on the temporomandibular joint. This will end up causing headaches, grinding of the teeth, and facial pains. Once the malocclusion is treated, it will reduce pressure on the temporomandibular joint and eliminate these symptoms.

Speech Problems

A misaligned bite can be one of the primary reasons for speech difficulties or mispronunciation of certain words. Some people may even develop a lisp. This happens because teeth play an important role in how sound is produced. If they are not aligned properly, it may affect the way your voice sounds.

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The severity of malocclusion is related to the severity of speech difficulties. The sooner you get the misaligned teeth fixed, the better.

In Conclusion

If you are facing any of the above-mentioned issues, make an appointment with your orthodontist. You need to identify the root cause of the oral health issue and if it is caused by malocclusion, start your treatment quickly. This will help you prevent further oral health problems and overall health complications.

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