Office 365 Migration Services – Complete Guide

Moving from an on-premises environment to the cloud can drastically increase your branding due to features including enterprise-level email servers. But once getting a subscription to , much end-user need to migrate to Office 365 from the Live Exchange server, profiles, Office 365.

Office 365 migration provides data and information transformation capabilities. There are few manual methods and a professional Office 365 migration tool to migrate from an existing on-premises environment to Office 365. We will go through both available ways with precise Office 365 migration steps.

Office 365 Migration Services

You can migrate mailboxes from Exchange Server or any other email platform to Office 365. Your users can then import their email, calendar, contacts, and other mailbox data into the Office 365 mailboxes created for them. Best fit for your needs.

Once you have decided to choose the Office 365 migration method, you need to consider some of the essential factors mentioned below:

Essential factors to migrate to Office 365

  • How many objects are required to migrate?
  • Number of data to be migrated
  • Your existing email clients and Exchange server versions.
  • The duration of the migration process.
  • The expenses affected

Once you are clear with the fundamental factors and Office 365 migration steps, you can migrate by choosing one of the following migration methods:

Migration methods to Office 365

Office 365 supports many ways to migrate email and all attributes from your existing email environment to Office 365. As learning about how to migrate to Office 365, there are some manual ways to migrate mailboxes. This guide will also go through a professional Office 365 migration tool, which makes such migration tasks smoothly.

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Now we will go through all the Office 365 migration steps.

Cutover Migration

Move everything to Office 365 at once. If you want to move your entire email organization to cloud-based services and manage user accounts in Office 365, you can use Cutover Migration. Your on-premises mailboxes, email, and distribution groups also can be migrated. This method is for users who handle Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, or Exchange 2013 with less than 2000 mailboxes.

Staged Migration

A staged migration for only Exchange Server 2003 and 2007 users. If you plan to eventually migrate all mailboxes to Office 365 from your organization, use a staged migration.

With this migration technique, mailboxes move in batches over time. If you have mailboxes in Office 365, you can send and receive emails from on-premises users’ accounts and vice versa. It requires on-premises synchronization and technical information for the migration.

Hybrid Migration

You can implement hybrid deployment to migrate to Office 365. It is facilitated with an approach to ensure on-premises mailboxes migration to on-site.

It helps to migrate Exchange to Office 365 and vice versa. Use an integrated On-premises Exchange and cloud environment. It has features to synchronize and manage user accounts for both types of environments. You can commit it for users of Exchange 2010, 2013, and 2016.

IMAP Migration

This migration is for Exchange 2000 and above versions. You can also move other third-party emails with it. You can go to the Exchange admin centre or use the Exchange PowerShell command to migrate to Office 365.

With IMAP migration, you can move the contents of users’ mailboxes from IMAP server mailboxes to Office 365. You can use it to migrate to other hosted email clients like Gmail and all. You can only use it for importing email messages as IMAP migration cannot migrate anything else.

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Important notifications for manual methods

You can use any of the above migration methods. But, be informed that each of these migrations has advantages and drawbacks such as:

  • The administrator must have strong knowledge about migrating mailboxes.
  • Migration may take unpredictable time to complete.
  • You can lose data even in minor errors.
  • Sometimes, the items need to filter in processing, so there is no such option.

There are a lot of complications in manual methods. So, if you are looking to migrate mailboxes smoothly and safely, it is recommended to use a professional Office 365 migration tool. Shoviv is a well-known name for providing leading solutions for email data management. Hence, Shoviv also provides a reliable tool to migrate to Office 365. Let’s learn about this tool.

Shoviv Office 365 Migration tool

Shoviv Office 365 Migration Tool is a master solution that allows various sources like EDB files, Live Exchange mailboxes, Outlook profiles mailboxes, and Office 365 mailboxes to migrate to Office 365. It appears a simple user interface(GUI). You will get evolved features in this tool, such as:

Office 365 Migration Services

Highlights of this tool

  • It allows any number of mailboxes of any size to migrate to Office 365.
  • This tool instantly migrates Exchange public folder and archive mailboxes to the target.
  • You can preview the items of source mailboxes to make sure before saving to the target.
  • You can migrate Source mailboxes to Outlook PST, and PST files are easy to import into Office 365.

More advanced features

  • Export/backup with Incremental feature: It is an excellent feature. You must check on the incremental option to apply it. For some reason, if the process gets interrupted, at that time, you do not need to restart the process from the beginning because the tool will resume the interrupted process. It also prevents duplicity for the same target.
  • Item Filters: The filter option comes in handy. You can include/exclude items by Message Class and Item Date criteria.
  • Search: You can search the desired items from source mailboxes that you want to process by Message class, Date, Subject, Cc, Bcc, Attachment date, etc.
  • Email translation: The email translation feature comes in handy if you need to change the target email address.
  • Folder mapping: It supports migrating data literally from one folder to another.
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Wrapping up

This guide has given you a complete experience with the right way to migrate to Office 365. If you want to perform Office 365 migration steps smoothly and accurately, the mentioned Office 365 migration tool is the best solution.

You can try its demo version to evaluate the functionality. It also allows you to process the first fifty items per folder. And then, you can easily upgrade the demo version to the full version. Note: You can check out another post on Office 365 backup solution.

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