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Meet Twinpine Mobile Advertising Network Cofounder

Twinpine is a Pan-African mobile advertising network company currently generating a lot of buzz in Nigeria’s advertising and technology circles. Twinpine mobile advertising network company is different from other mobile advertising networks because the company focuses on the tangible value for advertisers and publishers on the network. Twinpine doesn’t just serve impressions but work to deliver conversions and revenues to the advertisers.

Oduntan Odubanjo is the 28-year-old Nigerian Computer engineer, co-founder of Twinpine. The mobile advertising network company was launched less than a year ago and has already have registered lucrative accounts like MTN, Nokia, Google, Pepsi, and Autodesk, among several other local companies. Twinpine does not create the adverts for mobile phones but providing a way for those adverts to be viewed on websites via mobile phones.

Twinpine was launched as part of Terragon Group a new media firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. At the time the company’s leadership recognized the mobile device as a channel through which people primarily access entertainment, news plus other internet-based content and services. The idea that the mobile device is fast becoming the most important tool for Africans led to the creation of a platform to offer brands an effective means of reaching their customers using mobile.

Oduntan Odubanjo, Twinpine Mobile Advertising Network Co-founder Profile

Oduntan Odubanjo is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, with a First class degree in Computer Engineering. He also holds an MSc in Web Science & Big Data Analytics from University College London. Oduntan Odubanjo is a technology professional and entrepreneur with over six years of experience covering marketing, sales, and finance with leadership roles in product development, technology, and operations. He has worked at leading technology companies including MTech Communications and Google.

He co-founded Twinpine in 2011 to take advantage of the African mobile revolution and was featured on Forbes in 2012 for his work in making Twinpine mobile advertising network a success. In 2013, he also co-founded Iconway a consumer internet company focused on content and commerce opportunities in Africa. In an interview with, Oduntan Odubanjo said the journey for Twinpine so far has been very fast-paced and exciting.

Beyond trying to turn a profit, we are on a mission to propagate the message of mobile advertising. We have invested in events and initiatives that will expose and educate people on the potential of mobile marketing. One of these saw the sponsorship of the IEEE student professional awareness program last year at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. It has been an amazing journey filled with a great deal of learning, operational innovation and a sense of achievement.

“Twinpine mobile advertising network was founded to enable brands and businesses to effectively reach their target audience with their message using the mobile advertising channel. We make that by aggregating the leading (in terms of brand and traffic) mobile sites and applications and advertising on them for our clients. That way, we also help our publishers make money by doing a revenue share with them in the advertising we place.”

Oduntan Odubanjo also said he was glad to share that we have run campaigns for leading brands from the likes of MTN, Nokia, Google, Pepsi, Autodesk to fast-growing companies like Jobberman,, Vconnect, and Jana. We also work with over 20 local and international digital advertising agencies to develop mobile advertising campaigns across Africa.

On the publisher side of the space, we have leading local publishers in Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana including Guardian, Vanguard, Jobberman, Businessday, Complete Sports, Standard Media, Daily Nation, and Ghanaweb. We also work with international publishers like Opera, Eskimi, Ubersocial, Ebuddy,

Culled from Forbes Magazine | Africa’s Hottest Tech Startups: Twinpine.

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