iPad mini is a small computer, which is designed for browsing the internet, seeing videos, playing games, playing music, and to run many other apps. The unique thing about the latest iPad mini is its compatibility and portability.

Latest iPad Mini

Its screen size is quite smaller than all other Apple tablets, which makes very handy. The user can easily carry it in a small bag or pouch. Beyond its small size, it is capable of doing all the necessary tasks and gives you a full iPad experience.

The latest iPad mini is launched on 16th July 2020. It’s a fifth-generation version of iPad mini and casually known as iPad mini 5. It has a powerful A12 Bionic chip, and its screen size is 7.9 inches. The latest iPad mini comes with 2 GB to further enhance the user experience.

Its price is $399, which is quite high. Everyone can’t buy such a costly product. But, if you want to have the incredible experience of an iPad mini without burning your pocket, it would be best to buy a refurbished iPad mini.

The refurbished iPads are fully functional and cheaper than their new counterparts. You can save enough bucks by going with refurbished iPads. Also, these products are environmentally friendly, so buying refurbished products means you are contributing to the environment.

If you are planning to buy the new iPad, then you should take a look at the following unique features of the latest iPad mini

  • Pocketability

The prime reason for buying an iPad mini for most people is their handheld size. This device is just like a thin booklet. It is 7.9 inches long and 5.3 inches wide, and around 300 grams in weight. It’s easy to carry in a bag and to hold in hand. Its small size and lightweight makes it comfortable to be held for long periods. The dimensions of the latest iPad mini are almost similar to Amazon’s Kindle.

  • Low Price
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The iPad mini is inexpensive than iPad Pro and Ipad air. It is the best option for those who may want an iPad but can’t spend $599 or more. The starting price of the iPad mini is $399, which is quite less than the iPad Pro and iPad Air. The Mini model allows you to enjoy almost all the features of a computer tablet at a significantly low price.

  • Good Battery Life

The latest iPad mini comes with a 4490 mAh battery, which lasts up to 12 hours. It means you can enjoy watching movies, playing games, making notes, and browsing the internet for the whole day without worrying about battery backup

  • Great For Taking Pictures

You will get an 8-megapixel rear camera and 7 megapixels front camera with an iPad mini. Although its picture quality is not so great, it is also not terrible. It’s far more comfortable and easy to hold in hand while taking pictures rather than a big sized iPad Pro and mini.

Also, users can import photos from their camera or phone using a Lightning-to-SD adapter wire in the iPad mini. Viewing photos on the iPad mini is much better than the camera or phone screen.

  • Apple Pencil Support

With its compact design, the Apple iPad mini also supports the second generation of Apple’s pencil. This means it is great for some artwork too. Apple pencils enable you to sketch drawings and make lengthy notes on the latest iPad mini.

When buying a refurbished iPad mini, it is important to note that some of its older models may support the first-generation Apple Pencil instead of the second generation stylus.

  • Inbuilt A12 Processor
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This is the meat. Users get a powerful performance of the Bionic A12 processor along with the iPad mini. This processor is also used in iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

The Bionic A12 chipset inbuilt dual-core 2.49 GHz processor, which implies the user can edit photos, upload videos, and apps at higher speeds. Besides this, you can run up to three apps simultaneously in the iPad mini.

  • Wild Card: Headphone Jack

However, the popularity of wireless headphones has significantly increased; there are still some people who prefer to use wired headphones. With the latest iPad mini, you can connect headphones via three methods; through the built-in 3.5 mm headphone jack, through Bluetooth, and lastly, through the lighting connector.

  • Bright Display

Talking about the display quality, the iPad mini comes with a retina display. The term “retina display” means high pixel density, which allows you to see pictures in more detail.

In Final Words

Every year Apple makes some advancement in its tablets. For example, the iPad mini 5 has better camera clarity and computing speed than the 4G iPad mini. The iPad Mini is Apple’s best-selling product. Whether you buy it or not is your choice, but you cannot deny its great benefits.

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