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Kotlin Vs Flutter: Who Rules Cross-Platform App Market?

Kotlin and Flutter, both the terms are emerging these days in the world of cross-platform application development. When someone thinks to start a cross-platform application development journey, the biggest question is which among the two should be chosen to start with as in who is going to rule the cross-platform application market in the near future. Both of them have their pros and cons.

In this article, we will have a look into Kotlin vs Flutter comparison that will help you decide the same but before moving forward let’s have a look into the brief understanding of both.

Flutter – Google Owned open-source UI Software Development Kit

Flutter is an open-source mobile software development kit that can be used to build ios and android applications using a single code base. Flutter was introduced by Google in 2015 and since then it has gained so much popularity till date in the world of cross-platform app development. There are some specific reasons behind flutter gained so much popularity which is as under :

Kotlin Vs Flutter

Use of Dart Language

One of the most important reasons for Flutter being used today is ‘The Dart Language’, released by Google itself. The syntax of Dart is clean and incredibly powerful to facilitate and encourage strong application architecture and design. Using Dart, both the frontend and backend can be handled in a single codebase.

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Easy to Learn

Another important reason for Flutter getting popularity is it’s easy to learn methodology. If you love coding and want an efficient code compiler to run your app, Flutter is the answer. Excellent documentation and a large number of high-quality examples are available for reference to help those people who want to start with flutter.


Another important reason for Flutter being popular is it has a huge community worldwide because of which developers can get live help online in case it gets stuck at any point. This community enables developers to learn more and more about flutter and enhance their knowledge.


Some Integrated Development Environments are available for coding with Flutter like Android Studio, Visual Code IntelliJ, etc. Developers do not need to switch IDE to start with flutter.

Single Code for Multiple Platforms

With Flutter, there is no need to create two separate applications for ios and android. Flutter allows developers to build only one code base to run the application on different platforms. On top of that, the way it handles the UI part to meet iOS and Android standards is a no match. It would be very hard to identify if the app is built in native technologies like Swift/ Kotlin or the one built with Flutter.

Less Testing

As mentioned in the above point, single code for multiple platforms means less testing and so, no extra cost. In short, the time for the testing will be reduced. However, if an app has some extra-ordinary features then you might need to test for both platforms.

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Kotlin – The Latest Android Version

Kotlin is a statically typed, open-source programming language that supports both object-oriented and functional programming. The concepts and syntax of kotlin are similar to other programming languages including Java, C#, Scala, etc. Kotlin is managed by Kotlin foundation, a group created by Jetbrains and Google.

Pros of Kotlin

  • Kotlin is much more reliable and a mature programming language as compared to other emerging programming languages such as flutter.
  • Kotlin is fast to write. If it takes 50 lines in java. It takes only 1-2 lines in Kotlin because of which it is very much liked by developers. There are many fewer errors and bugs as well.
  • Kotlin helps in building a clean API.
  • Kotlin is completely Java – Interoperable so it is very easy for Android application developers to switch from java to kotlin.
  • The code is easier to understand when someone else reads and again, errors are less likely to occur due to precise coding.
  • Kotlin community supports the developer is a pro-manner to get their queries resolved in a short time. Because of this, Kotlin has become android developers’ top choice.


Both Kotlin and Flutter are reliable, gaining equal popularity, giving a tough competition to each other. So it is advisable to have a look into cross-platform application requirements and priorities before choosing between the two. However, if you choose flutter to develop your application and you need to hire a flutter developer to get your app developed the way you want to.

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