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iPhone Data Recovery Tool to Restore Encrypted Backup

This iPhone data recovery tool will help iPhone users to protect their privacy efficiently, Apple offers users the opportunity to create encrypted iPhone backup on a computer with iTunes. All the data on iPhone synced with iTunes will be encrypted with a password that the user has created.

Every time the user attempt to restore the encrypted iPhone backup, iTunes will prompt the user to input the password. It is really an easy and reliable way to protect your data. The new function of the EaseUs MobiSaver is quickly accepted and warmly welcomed by many users, especially those who usually stored many important data on the iPhone.

But on the other hand, the iPhone data recovery tool makes more difficult for users to retrieve their data from the encrypted iPhone backup when they mistakenly deleted or lost the data or even lost their iPhone.

At present, many iPhone backup extractor does not support to access the encrypted backup files, so, to extract an encrypted iPhone backup is more difficult than extract an unencrypted iPhone backup. iPhone users can try EaseUS MobiSaver to extract the encrypted backup file for the iPhone.

It can easily scan and access the iPhone backup even it is encrypted. Then, the user can get back their lost iPhone data by restoring the encrypted iPhone backup in simple steps.

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How to Use EaseUS MobiSaver iPhone Data Recovery Tool to Restore Encrypted Backup

iPhone Data Recovery Tool

Choose the recover from iTunes backup

Install EaseUS MobiSaver for Win Version or Mac Version and launch the program on your computer, you will see the data recovery primary window as follow. Select Recover from iTunes Backup to retrieve your lost data on iPhone by extracting the encrypted iTunes backup.

Soon you will find that the iPhone backup file extractor has detected and displayed the latest backup files for all the iOS devices you had created with iTunes on this computer. Just select the one for your iPhone and click Scan to continue.

Scan encrypted iPhone backup

In this step, EaseUS MobiSaver will scan your encrypted iPhone backup automatically and the whole content of the iPhone data in the encrypted backup file will be listed on the left after the scanning. User can preview all the data such as contacts, text messages, pictures, notes and calendars in the encrypted iPhone backup.

Extract encrypted iPhone backup

Choose the iPhone files you want to get back in the encrypted iTunes backup and export them to your computer by clicking on the Recover button. With EaseUS MobiSaver installing on your computer, you will find how easy it is to restore encrypted iPhone backup.

Besides, providing Recover from iOS Device, the wonderful software also works for recovering deleted or lost iPhone data by directly scanning your iPhone. That is to say, you can retrieve the deleted iPhone data by using EaseUS MobiSaver even you have no iPhone backup file. You can try it whenever you need. Source

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