Instagram ads are the best platform to promote your website and if you are able to use it correctly and rightly. In a recent survey on Facebook, more than 50% of users on the social media platform are buying any brand once they see it on Instagram.

More than 80% or the survey respondents claimed to have discovered new products or brands through Instagram. The social media users are more engaging than people using other social media platform. If you want to promote your businesses and services to the right people, you need to drive many conversions through Instagram.

Now, let’s start taking the Instagram Ads one by one for analysing

Use of High-Quality Image

You already know that Instagram is an image social media platform. Your ads need to stand out with good image presentation among all the images and videos in the Instagram feeds. The images must be able to catch the people’s attention and stop them from scrolling. Users might not even notice your ads, even if it is about something they would be interested in.

This does not mean your ads should look obviously like an ad because you do not want to just want to sell your products and turn off potential customers. Avoid catalogue-like images but, you can use visuals that look like they were posted by a user’s friend or by the influencers they are following.

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Combining your Instagram Ads with Compelling Captions

Pictures or videos without any context may be difficult for your target audience to comprehend. You need to increase the impact of your ads by combining the images with compelling captions that will entice your audience to take action. At the same time, don’t go on and on about how great your brand is.


Always keep your captions short and to the point since you can only write up to 300 texts. This can be a bit challenging, especially when you are trying to make it compelling. The best way to solve the problem is by mentioning the main points of interests in 1-2 sentences. And then follow it up with a call-to-action that briefly mentions how your product addresses those pain points.

Testing Different Visual and Formats Placements

The best thing about Instagram ads is that there is no fixed rule on what can work best for different brands. An ad format or placement that delivers impressive results for a brand may not be ideal for another brand. It is very crucial to test your ads as much as possible if you want to get the best returns. This is very important for digital marketing website as they typically cater to a diverse audience with varying characteristics, behaviours, and interests. You can also test Stories ads if you have run a lot of Instagram feed ads.

Analysing and Optimizing your Ads

Just like you are searching for marketing ads, you need to analyze the results of your Instagram ads campaigns as well. This is a great way to learn what is working and what is not, what you need to change, and how to further optimize your ads for better results. A video delivers a much higher engagement rate than photo ads. So you will want to create more video ads for your future campaigns since you know that that’s the format your audience likes.

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The Instagram Ads Manager will show you the metrics that measure how Instagram users are engaging with ads within the platform. But to get the complete idea of how your brand ads are influencing user’s actions even outside Instagram, you will need to measure your referral traffic using UTM tracking parameters.

Featuring Relevant Influencers in your Ads

The influencers have massive reach and have the unique ability to influence user’s decisions. About 31% of purchasers in an Olapic survey have purchased something after seeing an influencer’s post about it. Individuals look up to these influencers as experts in their fields, yet they are still considered credible and trustworthy because they are relatable to everyday consumers. You need to strengthen the impact of your Instagram ads campaigns by featuring relevant influencers.

You can repurpose your influencer-generated content from a previous influencer marketing campaign. Or you can invest in an entirely new set of ad creatives with influencers in the spotlight. Some influencers have a massive following of 3.5 million on Instagram. Like the German-born, Toni Mahfud, an artist and fine art photographer, is making himself relevant to the brand’s target audience.

You can use the to find relevant Instagram influencers. The digital platform will help you to find highly relevant influencers within selected niches and categories. It will also show you stats, such as reach, average engagement rate, and previous brand partners to help you analyze their relevance for your campaign.

These 5 tips discussed in this article is an excellent way for to help them in executing powerful Instagram ads campaigns that will deliver results. High-quality images and compelling captions are a necessity, but to get an accurate idea of what will work best on your targeted audience, you have to make sure you run tests and analyze your results.

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