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6 Best Must-Have SEO Tools to Watch Out In 2020

Significantly, if you are looking for the top-notch SEO tools for WordPress Developers, you must consider WordPress SEO based plugins, tools and resources that can play a useful tool whilst developing efficient SEO strategies for your website. Furthermore, WordPress Developers and Bloggers tend to face complications whilst choosing SEO tools and resources. You should select […]

30 Simple Blogging Tips to Solve Local SEO Crisis

Great blogging doesn’t need to be a burdensome endeavour. In fact, it only becomes a burden to your pocket if you choose to outsource other bloggers. However, although outsourcing the creation of content for blogs would be beneficial when the workload is already too much for you These Blogging tips would always be best to […]

6 Free WordPress Themes for Freelance Blogger

A freelance blogger is someone who works on a self-employed basis and writes for more than one client and are paid per writing assignment or per batch of assignments. You can create decide to create your blog to grow your brand and show your writing skills. Since WordPress is the of all the content management […]

9 Google Ads Campaign free SEO Basics eBooks

Google Ads is a well-known advertising program that can help users to make lots of money. Using Google Ads is not that easy as many people might be thinking. But you do not have to bother yourself that much because we have selected great Google Ads campaign eBooks that will teach you what to do […]

How to Use Google my Business Website builder for your business listing

Google my Business Website is the newest website builder product for local business owner by Google to easily and affordably create their business websites. This SEO tool is a great initiative, as there are many small businesses that do not have a website. What most people do when exploring a Google listing is to go […]

Incredible List of 20 Best Legit Online Part Time Jobs for 2020

We have put together this incredible list of legit online part time jobs that you can make money at home and on-the-go. Just because you are working from home does not mean you can sit around in your bunny slippers, it is a job and you still have to perform. Some of these jobs will […]

AI for Multi-language Websites and Content Creation

In our previous article, we introduced the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and we discussed if this new trend and technology could affect negatively or positively human work. Nowadays machines, algorithms and automation are common words in our daily life as well as Artificial Intelligence that seems to be the real new trend, especially in […]

eCommerce Platforms: Which to choose? the 4 best compared

If you have decided to take the path of eCommerce by creating eCommerce platforms, there are some important aspects you need to think about with your trusted web professional: • Creating eCommerce sites does not only mean developing it and making it available online. It also and above all means to manage it on a […]

How to Upload and Embed PDF File within your Posts

If you are reading this article today, that means you have been wondering how you can embed or upload any PDF file into your content without doing any coding. I have written something about what I discovered on the internet when I was also curious about how to go about this in the past. There […]

How to Create a PayPal Payment Gateway Website

The PayPal adaptive for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin to create WooCommerce payment functionality for your website. The WordPress plugin will ease your transactions by enabling PayPal adaptive payment gateway. PayPal payment gateway is adaptive for WooCommerce plugin will add a lot of payment functionalities to your website. It segments a transaction to multiple recipients […]

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Gateway Affiliate System

The CoinPayments cryptocurrency exchange gateway affiliate system has been designed based on popular demand for a cryptocurrency affiliate network programme. Through the programme, you just need to share your referral link and start earning commission on any merchant who signs up through your link. You will receive a percentage of the merchant CoinPayments transaction fees […]

WordPress Responsive Theme with Minified Mobile Mode

Soltare is a clean and easy to customize a responsive WordPress theme with a minified mobile mode perfect for any niche blogs such as business, personal, social media and marketing. The WordPress responsive theme feature will give your website a stunning look on any device ranging from a widescreen monitor to a mobile phone. The […]

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