How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Ecommerce Business

Instagram is the largest digital platform which any individual in the ecommerce business can use to promote their business on the go. The social media platform is the best to let the world know the uniqueness of your brand and the checkout feature on Instagram now can be used to direct your followers to your ecommerce website.

The checkout feature has really boosted the way everyone is now interacting on Instagram. Anybody with the social media business accounts can use the latest updates and checkout feature to drive the sales and revenue of their website by engaging their customers. There are many ways to use your Instagram account to do business using all the new bouquet ecommerce friendly features,

To use Instagram to boost your ecommerce website’s sales and promote your brands to the wider audience there, you need to know how to buy Instagram followers to get your desired audience and spread your brand promotions across the social media platform.

When you are willing to use social media for your business promotion, quantity and quality of your follower’s matter and very important. Once you have a maximum number of Instagram followers, it will help you get the visibility and attention that you need in order to build a strong brand for your ecommerce business.

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Various ways to use the Instagram platform to promote your Ecommerce Business

Instagram Business

Putting Personal Touch to Your Account

Most of Instagram’s users prefer to go through your live videos to interact with your business. It is always good to connect with your customers instead of just selling the products to them. You can present behind the scenes and your videos to make the customer feel part of your products which should not be like a company profile, but it should be interesting for your customers. Once you connect with your customers, it will make your brand look stronger.

Engaging with Your Customers

You can’t just sit back and look at your social media feed or do a sales pitch. The key to Instagram business strategy for businesses is engaging with your customers. It is crucial to interact directly with your customers through live videos or polls or stories or whatever you can use to contact point with your customers. You can read how to increase conversions and engagement with online video on MagPress. You can decide to host question and answer round while going live on the social media platform.

Showcasing Your Products

Your customers will appreciate it when they watch your product demonstrations before buying the product. It is important to demonstrate your product to the people. Make sure your product showcase is brighter and effective. This can be done using illustrations or unique colours in your posts. You can use a seasonal theme which will make your customer curious about your new product launch.

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Guiding Customers to your Ecommerce Website

Before you end the interaction with your customers, it is very important to guide them to another action before they indulge in the story of another product. Guiding the audience to your ecommerce website will increase your sales and revenue. You can send your customers to your ecommerce website where your products are listed and there is a product description. You need to learn how to increase traffic on your website as well. You will need to be clear about your intentions to your customers who are following you on Instagram. This will make them feel a part of your business success and story.

Using Instagram Live

This is a feature on the social medium platform that allows Instagram users to use video streaming to engage their followers and interact with them in real-time. When users broadcast their live video streams on their accounts, a ring highlights their profile picture in Instagram Stories to notify their followers that they can view the live stream. If you are a novice at filming or making videos, this Instagram Live feature is for you. This is free and easy to create. You can create an event ahead of the live session. This will create curiosity among your followers and customers.

Doing all these will help you to build relationships with your customers and boost your ecommerce sales through Instagram.

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