Wikipedia is the free online encyclopedia that can be accessed by 500 million unique visitors every month and facilitates more than 250 languages. The English version of Wikipedia holds more than 5 million articles, and all of them are correspondently authored and edited by the volunteers.

If you have the question for how to create a Wikipedia page for your company, or you find an article about you or your business, ’s because someone has spent hours to create one.

How Wikipedia works

Wikipedia is a resource that has been generated. Anyone, from anywhere, can edit any article not being time-bound. This interprets that as the page gets published, the volunteer editors can make edits and can make contributions to the page.

Though there are a handful of protected and restricted pages that need special permission for participation, particularly the controversial topics. Anyone can be the Wikipedia editor to make contributions in the existing pages or to create ones.

The editors can make contributions by translating the articles and by adding materials to the Wikimedia Commons that are the free usable media files where everyone can make contributions. While creating a new page on Wikipedia requires you to create an account on Wikipedia and add an article,

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while anyone can contribute to a page and the edits are rightly attributed to the IP addresses. Moreover, along with the volunteer editors, the site also makes use of the bots to scan edits that are detected of the plagiarism and perform another repetitive task such as evaluating for the typos.

What sort of contribution is appropriate?

Wikipedia has several rules that steer the type of content published on the website. As per the policies laid by Wikipedia; The article should follow the particular guideline, and the subject needs to be notable and covered with detail. With verifiable references from the independent sources.

Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is the knowledge-sharing platform and not a personal page or business listing. Hence you are strictly discouraged from making use of the content from the other websites even if you are still closely associated with it.

If you have chosen to create an article with lesser knowledge of the standards on Wikipedia, you must keep in mind that the editors can flag and take down your content if it’s not appropriate. Hence to make it easier anything contributed on Wikipedia must be unique, and summarized description of the subject since Wiki itself has no specific rules.

However, it operates under what is called the five practices

  • Wikipedia is the global information sharing platform
  • Wikipedia is written from the neutral and impartial point
  • The content is free, and anyone can make use of it, edit and distribute
  • Wikipedia editors must treat each other with respect
  • Wikipedia has no strict rules and only the policies and the guidelines
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How to create a Wikipedia page or make changes in the already existing

You can’t make edits or create a Wikipedia page on your own for your business since that would give rise to the conflicts of interest. But you are permitted and even encouraged to have yourself registered yourself on the repository articles seeking for the professional creators.

While you can’t write your own Wikipedia article, you can prepare the bibliography and the images to make it easier for others. Some added tips come in handy for having an excellent Wiki page about your company.

Reach to as many places as possible online

Before be counted as notable, you or your business needs to be covered in several reliable, independent, and secondary sources. Wikipedia carries its content and credibility from the external editorial means and hence, to have enough information available for the entire page for you, and your work there should be a heap of credible contents about your detailed coverage in other reliable sources.

Make use of the red-links in your favour

If there are already existing articles on the website that cites your work, another good tip is to go into these pages and red-link your brand to notify that your biography is not presented on the Wiki website. This practice will assist the editors to evaluate if you need a separate sheet or a biography is required in already existing pages.

What to do if you want to make changes in the Wikipedia page

If there is already a page related to you; however, the content is not in your favour. Still, you should give a second thought before editing the content. Instead of dealing with the articles all by yourself, you can start a discussion on the talk page of the article.

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