The farm credit loan is a supports for rural communities and farmers in North Carolina with reliable, consistent credit and financial services, today and tomorrow. If you are a farmer living in the state of North Carolina, you know should know that farming plays a valuable role in the North Carolina economy.

With nearly 9 million residents, the state of North Carolina has farms producing a wide variety of products. North Carolina is a leader in the production of

  • Tobacco
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Turkeys

North Carolina is second in hogs and Christmas trees.

Are you considering purchasing a farm?

If so, please read on for suggestions on just how you can get finance for your proposed endeavour through farm credit .

North Carolina Farm Credit Loans Agencies

Agriculture Associations

Your local farmers probably belong to an Agriculture association. You can visit the association and see if they offer North Carolina farm credit loan plans. Some associations may act as an agent for the U.S. federal government’s Farm Service Agency [an agency that is part of the USDA] who will direct you accordingly.

Some Agriculture associations in North Carolina

farm credit loans

North Carolina Agricultural Associations: North Carolina supports a wide variety of commodities. Below is a list of commodity associations in North Carolina.

  • Carolina Farm Stewardship Association
  • Equine/Horse Associations
  • Eastern North Carolina Christmas Tree Growers Association
  • North Carolina Agritourism Networking Association
  • North Carolina Apple Growers Association Association
  • North Carolina Blueberry Council
  • North Carolina Cattlemen’s Association
  • North Carolina Christmas Tree Association
  • North Carolina Composting Council
  • North Carolina Cotton Producers Association
  • North Carolina Egg Association
  • North Carolina Fisheries Association, Inc
  • North Carolina Green Industry Council
  • North Carolina Greenhouse Vegetable Growers Association
  • North Carolina Herb Association
  • North Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association
  • North Carolina Muscadine Grape Association
  • North Carolina Peach Society
  • North Carolina Pecan Growers Association
  • North Carolina Peanut Growers Association (Virginia Carolinas Peanuts)
  • North Carolina Pine Needle Producers Association
  • North Carolina Pork Council
  • North Carolina Potato Association
  • North Carolina Poultry Federation
  • North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association
  • North Carolina Sod Producers Association
  • North Carolina Soybean Producers Association
  • North Carolina State Beekeepers Association
  • North Carolina State Grange
  • North Carolina Strawberry Association
  • North Carolina SweetPotato Commission
  • North Carolina Tomato Growers Association Association
  • North Carolina Vegetable Growers Association
  • North Carolina Wine Growers Association
  • North Carolina Watermelon Association
  • Tobacco Associates
  • Tobacco Growers Association of North Carolina
  • Turfgrass Council of North Carolina. Click to go to the websites for more details
  • North Carolina Agricultural Consultants Association (NCACA): North Carolina Agricultural Consultants Association builds, empowers and inspires independent consultants who are committed to agricultural stewardship and grower profitability.
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NCACA are a state organization that promotes and upgrades the agricultural consulting profession by:

  • Helping consultants find up-to-date information on management principles and techniques.
  • Promoting research on new state-of-the-art agricultural management production and products.
  • Assisting producers in using the most effective, economical, and environmentally sound farming practices.
  • Increasing public awareness of the role independent professional consultants has in modern agriculture.
  • Shaping long-term agricultural production and philosophies from a local to a federal level. Contact NCACA for more details
  • North Carolina Association of County Agricultural Agents: This is your professional extension organization. Together, they all make extension and agriculture stronger. Membership is a great way to be connected to your peers and to develop professionally.

The organization is geared toward extension educators and other professionals who work in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and natural resources, 4-H youth development, community development, administration, aquaculture and Sea Grant, and related disciplines.

Financial Institutions

Commercial banks, savings banks, savings and loan institutions as well as credit unions are all good places to go for your North Carolina farm credit loan. When you meet with a representative, you must bring with you comprehensive financial information.

This information should include an inventory of your farm assets, recent pay stubs, and personal and references. While you are at the financial institution you will be given suitable forms and disclosures to help you get started.

Depending on what type of lending institution you go with, they may have a separate North Carolina farm credit loans department to deal with or may be part of their small business association department.

Abrigo Agriculture Lending

You can gain efficiency and accuracy using Abrigo’s Agricultural Lending for booking farm credit loans for real estate, livestock and crops, operations, and more. With the life of loan coverage, bankers enter data only once, giving them more time to spend with borrowers.

Farm credit loans from Abrigo is integrated with the loan origination system, allowing the financial institution to book consumer, commercial, and agricultural loans on a single system, yielding more consistent and profitable lending decisions. Learn more

Farm Credit Carolina

Whether you’re looking to purchase a piece of land, buy a rural home or build your first house, Farm credit loan Carolina can help you. The company will help you navigate difficult decisions such as how much home to buy, how many acres to purchase, and how to structure your loan to save the most money.

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There are unique challenges that come with financing rural real estate that most farm credit loan officers do not understand. Farm credit Carolina specialize in these transactions and help you avoid common pitfalls.

They are more than just bankers and they provide you with more than just financing. Farm credit Carolina live a country lifestyle and they are here to serve you in every stage of your new life in the country. Get your free guide now.

Farm Credit of North Carolina

They provide land, home, and farm credit loans in North Carolina. The company is serving the needs of rural North Carolina farmers. They have been financing rural North Carolina for generations. Whether you need help getting your operation off the ground, or a boost expanding your operation, they are available to help.

The company expert loan officers can walk you through your financing options. Farm credit does more than provide reliable, consistent credit and financial services to rural communities across the North Carolina states. They support the future of rural America by providing education, events, and scholarships for young people interested in agriculture. Learn more

North Carolina Farm Loans

This company is ready to offer government secured North Carolina farm credit loans, ranch loans, farmland loans, rural housing loans, agribusiness loans and farm operating line of credit loans with the most competitive farm loan interest rates on the market starting just under 4%.

With over 8.5 million acres of farmland, the agricultural industry in North Carolina generates over $70 billion for the state’s economy. Agriculture accounts for over 17% of North Carolina’s economy and employs over 17% of the state’s population. Tobacco is one of North Carolina’s major industries.

With a value of over $500 million annually, North Carolina is one of the principal tobacco producers in the nation. In addition, North Carolina is a major cotton and soybean producer and both are important parts of the state’s agricultural industry. Very few institutions offer North Carolina farm loans which is why they are so pleased to now offer farm loans in North Carolina. Learn more

Government Agencies

The state of North Carolina has significant government services in place to assist you. Of course, the state wants their farming industry to prosper and the appropriate agencies are in place to assist you with your North Carolina farm credit loan. You can visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency website.

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The North Carolina Farm Service Agency (FSA) is an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that serves all farmers, ranchers and agricultural partners through the delivery of effective and efficient agricultural programs for all Americans. FSA serves all 100 counties utilizing 72 county offices.

All farm credit loans are processed through FSA local farm loan offices. Producers should first contact these offices for specific information or applications. You can contact your local Farm Loan Staff through the County Offices link under Related Topics on this page. Ask USDA representative now


You might also consider borrowing against your assets to create your personal North Carolina farm credit loan. If you have equity in a home, a retirement plan, a policy, or other assets these may turn out to be important funding sources for your new farm.

Check with an accountant as well as a tax attorney to come up with the plan that is most advantageous to you. North Carolina farm credit loans are available to you, especially if your credit rating is favourable. Take action today and soon you will be joining the ranks of millions of Americans who provide essential products to homes across the United State as well as internationally.

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The farm credit loan is a supports for rural communities and farmers in North Carolina with reliable, consistent credit and financial services, today and tomorrow. If you are a farmer living in the state of North Carolina, you know should know that farming plays a valuable role in the...
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