MS Outlook is the most commonly used email customer in the world today, and there are reasons for it–the primary ones being an easy interface to use, sophisticated characteristics, and effectiveness. instruments, however, often experience the brunt of user frustration about concealed glitches, and this is no exception to MS Outlook. In this article, we will focus on the Outlook problem with PST files and why to import PST into Thunderbird.

A Personal Storage Table (.pst) is an open proprietary file format used to store copies of Microsoft software emails, calendar occurrences, and other products such as Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft controls the open format, providing free requirements and free irrevocable licensing of technology.

Outlook allows you to create a backup of your emails and this backup is in pst format that can be transferred from one to another. But there is some difficulty while importing pst to the system. Therefore, switching to a thunderbird can solve this difficulty as it uses .mbox files instead of .pst files. To import the pst file to a thunderbird then this article provides you with the best solution.

Thunderbird is a client (XMPP, IRC, ) for email, newsgroup, a news feed, and chat. The vanilla version was not initially a PIM, although the Mozilla Lightning extension, now installed by default, adds PIM features. Additional characteristics are often accessible through other extensions if necessary. There are some features given below:

Message management

Thunderbird can handle various accounts from emails, newsgroups, and news feeds and promotes various accounts identities. Features like fast search, saved search folders (“virtual folders”), sophisticated filtering of emails, a grouping of messages and labels assist to handle and locate emails. On Linux-based systems, system mail accounts are supported.

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Extensions and themes

Extensions enable characteristics to be added by installing XPInstall modules (known as “XPI” or “zippy” installation) through the add-ons page, which also features an update feature to update the extensions.


Security Thunderbird offers safety characteristics for and government, such as IMAP and SMTP server links to TLS / SSL. It also provides S / MIME safe email indigenous assistance (electronic signing and message authentication using certificates). With the installation of extra extensions, any of these safety characteristics can take the benefit of smartcards.

Reasons to import PST to Thunderbird

Personal Preference: Users are likely to use the various desktop-based email clients for home and office use. Then it is wise to import Outlook PST file into Thunderbird to access all messages under one email platform.

Spam: Spam filtering in Thunderbird’s case is great. This is one of the reasons why users want Thunderbird to migrate the PST file.

Multiple compatibilities: Almost all operating systems are compatible with Thunderbird. It is Windows, macOS, Linux, and UNIX compatible. For Linux and UNIX users, Thunderbird is a better alternative. Then convert PST file to Mozilla Thunderbird if you are a frequent hopper.

Security: Data security is one of the biggest concerns among users that make Thunderbird the best safety choice. Therefore, when trying to export Outlook PST to Thunderbird, users do not need to worry about their information.

Unchargeable Application: Thunderbird is cost-free. It is an email client that is open source and does not charge its users. This is another significant reason for Thunderbird importing PST.

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Steps to import PST Files into Thunderbird


To decode the.pst file, use Outlook. If possible, use Thunderbird and the rogue.pst file to install Outlook on your computer.

Select “File” > “Import and Export” to import the.pst file into Outlook once Outlook is installed.

After effectively importing the messages/contacts, open Thunderbird and select “Tools” > “Import” > “Mail within Thunderbird“.

Select Outlook as the default client.

Install Thunderbird on a different desktop. If Outlook cannot be installed on the required desktop (here referred to as “Computer 1”), install Thunderbird on a compatible Outlook machine (here referred to as “Computer 2”).

Open Computer 2 Outlook. Copy the file.pst to Computer 2. Open the Outlook then choose “File” > “Import and Export“.

Choose from the pop-up window select “Import from another program or file” and then press on “Next“. Choose “Personal Folder File (.pst)” and press “Next“.

Use the “Browse” key to navigate to the.pst file place and press “Open.” Everything in the backup file emails, contacts, etc .— will be imported into the Outlook of Computer 2.

Import the documents in the Outlook of Computer 2 into the Thunderbird of Computer 2. Then Choose “Tools” > “Import.” After this, click the “Mail” button and press “Next.” After pressing Next, click on “Outlook” and click “Next.” Click “Finish” when the import is complete.

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Close to Thunderbird. Click “Start” and navigate to “Your username\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles.default” (where a random character string is used).

Copy to a flash drive all the files and folders included and transfer the flash drive to Computer 1. Navigate to Computer 1 under “Your username\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles.default.”

Copy the Computer 2 files and folders to that folder. All the email details are now accessible on Thunderbird’s Computer 1.

You can use PST Exporter Software to find the solution fastly. It allows converting PST files into different formats. By this tool, you can easily save the PST files with all its data in Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, IMAP, Thunderbird, Zimbra, ICS & vCard. From my point of view, you should use this software for the best outcomes.


Thunderbird is one of the infinite characteristics of the famous email application. Being a free desktop-based email application, users have seen an enormous increase in importing PST to Thunderbird. To process the same thing, this article says the different approaches to seamlessly export Outlook PST to Thunderbird’s email program in an intelligent yet efficient manner.

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