How Podcast can help You To Make Money when Unemployed

A podcast is a pre-recorded audio file that anyone can subscribe to and download to their tablet or Smartphone. The podcast can be listened to it as per their convenience. Though podcasts are available free of cost but most people who make podcast want to make some money out of it. Starting a podcast is an important decision if you are unemployed and searching for a job.

Though, it needs a small investment for getting proper equipment. Since you are out of a job currently it might sound difficult for you to get a loan. On top of that if you have a low credit score then it will be really difficult to get the funding. But there is nothing to worry about your financing need. There are many lenders who provide loans for bad credit with no guarantor for unemployed with no fees. So you can avail loans from such lenders and start podcasting.

How You Can Make Money From Podcasting?

Sell Each Episode: Give more emphasis on the content’s quality and interest of your audiences. Market each episode and sell it to on different platforms like iTunes, Android, etc and get paid for it.

Sell It on SoundCloud: SoundCloud allows people to access your content on many platforms so it will be a better idea to sell your podcast on it. It is also very user-friendly like YouTube. In order to get paid for your content, you have to join their premium service which allows an independent artist to post their content.


Earn Through Ads: You can make money through advertisements. You can accept ads from anyone who wishes to advertise their service through your podcast. And be prepared to give them the information about your audiences and make one rate card. Before going into any agreement research what other podcasters are charging. The longer you stay in the business and the greater the number of listeners you have, the more money you can make.

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Get a Sponsor: Approach a business owner to check if they would be interested to sponsor your podcast. In order to get the sponsorship, you might have to make your content according to their products. Sometime you might have to take an interview with a person from that business.

Affiliate Marketing: You can join affiliate marketing programs of big companies like Amazon, Wall Mart, etc and sell the product related to the topic of your podcast on a commission basis. If you are able to sell expensive items, this can become an important source of income. You can even sell your own product and services by partnering with other podcasters and share the revenue.

Keep Releasing New Podcast

Consistency is the key to any marketing strategy. You have to keep releasing new content on a regular basis to be afloat in the market. This will help you in keeping your followers intact and may increase your followers count as well. You can make use of social media to share your podcast to make it popular. But at the same time, it should not look like that it is a marketing channel. You have to maintain the balance.

A podcast is a growing technology that offers on-demand and targeted content based on the interest of audiences. It is absolutely free for listeners. They can listen to it anytime and allows you to connect with your audience better than any other medium. If used wisely it can help a person to earn enough money and gain popularity as well. It is a powerful business opportunity with very less investment. Once it is established you can promote any brand on it and generate leads.

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