How to Increase Chances of Getting Jobs After Graduation

Landing in a perfect job is the dream of many students after graduation. Only a few students can get the jobs they wish for during their studies. There are several factors behind not getting a good employment opportunity after graduation.

Surely, your chances of getting jobs can increase if you employ the right techniques and move forward in the right direction. Again, many students need counselling on how to search for jobs. Thus, these are some of the problems that every graduate faces after graduation.

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Today’s article will solve all your problems and provide you with ways to increase your chances of getting jobs. It will also discuss the right direction in which you should move. So, let’s start our discussion with the following question:

How Do We Improve Students’ Chances Of Getting Jobs After Graduation?

Students can get a job after graduation if they use their skills in the right direction. No person can improve the students’ chances of getting jobs better than students themselves. Students know better and can decide what is good for them.

However, there are some things that they can do to improve their chances of getting jobs. A brief description of those things is as follows as shared by researchers of The Academic Papers UK:

Clear academic interests

There is a myth that you will have a job if you have a university degree. Instead, you have to strive hard in search of your job. Proper planning and having clearly defined career interests can increase your chances of getting jobs after graduation.

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Without having academic goals and interests, you cannot move ahead in your academic life. The goals keep you motivated all the time. This motivation forces you to improve yourself day by day. Doing something daily to achieve your goals is far better than doing nothing. Therefore, having clear academic interests and goals is necessary.

Learn the use of technology

It is the age of technology and innovation. With each passing day, technology is taking one step ahead, and students must follow this too. With improving technology, the industry demands good computational qualities and capabilities.

Everything is being shifted to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. With the larger shifts in technology, industries have become more demanding.

They demand mathematical and computational skills in fresh graduates. Therefore, students must learn the use of new technology in their field. To do so, they can enrol themselves in online courses in machine learning and AI. It can improve their chances of getting jobs.

Access career development programs

In developed countries, the institutions have career development programs for fresh graduates. The student’s career office collects the resume and relevant details of the students.

Upon collection, they send the data to relevant industrial officials and companies. Companies then select the candidates and offer them a job or paid internship. This is how career development programs work in improving the chances of getting jobs.

Fresh graduates must register with this office on their campus and submit their profiles. It is a healthy practice and can increase the chances of students’ employment.

Why is it so hard to find a job after graduation?

Undoubtedly, it is very hard to find a job straight after college or university. There are several reasons behind this. Some of the top reasons that make it hard to find a job are as follows:

  • High competition: With so many students graduating every year, the competition is very high. Companies often face much more applications than they expect.
  • Work experience: Most companies require experience from graduates. Many of you do not have experience as freshly passed out, students. It is also why students do not get chances of getting jobs.
  • Fewer Skills: Another reason is lack of skills. Today’s graduates want high paying jobs but do not want to invest in themselves. This costs them not getting a job.
  • Small Level of Networking: Networking is very important in getting the first job after graduation. With little networking, students often find it difficult to find a job.
  • Lack of follow up: After an interview, many organisations give preferences to those who follow up. Students also lose their chances of getting jobs by not following up on their applications.
  • Communication skills: Lack of communication skills also harm students’ job prospects. Effective communication is very important in writing good emails and giving impactful interviews.
  • Uncertainty with major: This is the main cause behind not getting a job. Most of the time, students degrade their majors. They keep on saying that “this major does not have scope.” This attitude restricts their learning and fades away from their chances of getting jobs.
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How can I get a job immediately after graduation?

Graduating from college or university is always an exciting time. Students attain their degrees and then dream of getting high paying jobs. Yes, they can get such a job if they follow the things mentioned below:

  • Start Early: Starting to look for jobs as early as possible is very helpful. Students must maintain a good grade point average (GPA) right from the start of their college studies. Working part-time and doing internships can also be very handy in increasing your chances of getting jobs. These things make your networking vast.
  • Strong Resume: A resume is an image of who you are and what you are capable of. It should be strong and depict you as the most deserving candidate for the job you are applying for.
  • Online Presence: For fresh graduates, online presence is mandatory. They should make accounts on different websites like Indeed, Rosee, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Keep learning: Many students waste their free time doing useless things after graduation. They see it as freedom from college and go to parties and clubs. This is not the right thing to do. Students must keep learning and developing themselves.


Your chances of getting jobs after graduation are bright if you follow the above guidelines. Online presence and a strong resume are two very important things. Therefore, by working on these essentials, surely, you will get a good job right after graduation.

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