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How Google My Business helps Brand Identity

Having a verified card on Google My Business is essential to increase the visibility of companies. Here are the main indications to fill it in and increase your Brand Identity Properly managing your online presence is the first step that a brand must take to achieve success. There are many ways to achieve this, but to make Google recognize you quickly there is a road that everyone should take:

Google My Business , the service offered by Big G, free of charge, which allows companies to manage their online presence and climb the position on the search engines .Inside you can create a business card and insert all the main information to attract customers. That’s why Google My Business proves fundamental to strengthen its Brand Identity .

Brand Identity and Google My Business, the importance of having a verified card

As we have already mentioned within Google My Business it is possible to record all the company information, simply put fill in your own form . In order to be effective, however, this form must be verified , i.e. the information inside it must be ascertained by both the company owner and Google. Here you can find a useful link to learn how to verify your business.

Verified cards have “double the possibility of being considered reliable by users”; these are words from Google itself, therefore certainly relevant. Despite these words, unfortunately today not everyone proceeds to verify their account on Google My Business, thus losing most of the possible customers.

Google My Business

Supply and demand, why Google My Business is important

In recent years, it is now known, the approach to finding users has radically changed. We went from dry keyword to more or less complex sentences. Those who turn to Google today try to satisfy ever more specific and detailed needs, inserting more words or even completed sentences into their searches. For this reason, having an optimized Google My Business card is essential to strengthening your Brand Identity.

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Inside you can find geographical references of Google Maps, including indications on times or concerning the peculiarities of the activity. All this facilitates Google in showing the user the most complete page in terms of information. As can be seen from these details, Google My Business was created with one goal: to ensure that supply and demand can meet online, in the fastest and most relevant way possible.

How to use Google My Business to improve your Brand Identity

As always, Google does things big and also Google My Business benefits from the skills of Big G programmers. Thanks to its structure, this tool helps companies to easily activate their profile and appear on search engines as soon as possible. But what are the main features of this platform to improve your Brand Identity?

Let’s see them in detail

First step: fill in the company form well, which means inserting all fields such as times, contacts, address, company size, description, contact information and any other specific information.

Taking care of photos: as we know, in this era dominated by the image, a photograph is decisive in order to increase one’s Brand Identity. Within Google My Business it is advisable to choose photos of your business that inspire trust and allow the customer to find your company interesting.

Take care of feedback: customers can leave comments and reviews of your company, make sure they are positive. Keeping feedback between 4 and 5 is a quality symptom for Google.

Create posts: another sensational weapon at your disposal is the possibility to share posts on your company profile. What post is it? They can be brief information for customers, such as a brief summary of the company’s history and, why not, inviting offers or the launch of new products. The customer will appreciate the fact that he is dealing with a company that knows how to manage the online world in a timely manner.

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Question and Answer: through Google My Business you can interact directly with users thanks to the Question and Answer functions. Not only that, but the owner of the card can also make sure that the most relevant questions accompanied by the appropriate answers can appear first on the page. Another decisive element to strengthen Brand Identity.

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