How Employee Relations Increase Sales

Employee relations is a multi-disciplinary field which studies the working relationship; this is, the intricate interrelationship between workers, employers, labor/union and government. It is essential for companies to monitor and facilitate the well being of their employees.

A company can create positive or negative employee relations depending on how they handle the interaction between employees and employers. This is because employee relations has become a significant business and societal concern as evidenced by the increasing number of mergers and acquisitions, job cuts and company-wide downsizing.

The entrepreneurs whom you see on the covers of business magazines did not become successful by chance. They failed, their strategies did not work once, twice, or even thrice. However, they worked on their failures to achieve success. Besides their indomitable spirit and resilience, they did something else too. They nurtured their employees and did well in an employee relationship.

Experts from different industries have often pointed out the enormous significance of employees in a firm’s success. When you pay attention to utilising your resources and nurturing them at the same time then it reflects in a grand way. Stronger employee relations create a better brand image.

How Employee Relations Increase Sales

Brands And Their Initiatives For Improving Employee Relations

Companies that take care of their employees thrive. Plenty of positivity flows throughout the organisation, encourage and inspire people to deliver their best. Now’s let’s look at how the top 5 biggies are taking care of their employees and later we’ll elaborate on how it works in favour of the organisation.

  • Google: The company that has Sundar Pichai as its CEO, will surely attract people to work for it. Well, we give you many more reasons besides this one. Google is well-known as an organisation that takes care of its resources. When you work for Google it takes care of your wellbeing and all-round development. Besides offering an innovative working culture and experience, it offers transport facilities, leave from work for further education, expose employees to dynamic people and learn from them, allow employees to bring their pets to work, paid leave for new parents, free nutritious food, on-site medical services, travel insurance and assistance in case of emergency during personal as well as official vacations, and a few more.
  • TCS: It is one of the most prestigious brands to work for. Besides its decades of glory, it is also known for its commitment to employee welfare. When working in TCS expect great work-life balance, a supportive and positive working environment, friendly leave policy and other utilities. All these respond well to employee requirements – most said and even the unsaid ones. Thus, it creates a sense of satisfaction while working for TCS.
  • Shyam Future Tech: The IT venture of renowned Indian steel conglomerate Shyam Steel, is a great place to work for techies and others working for different profiles. It is commonly referred to as Shyam Future Tech and when working here expect commute to office in office transport, have a perfect work-life balance, scope to work for innovation, a supportive working environment, good leave policies including paid maternity and paternity leaves, employee welfare programs, company social events and a few others that ensure the care of its employees.
  • Intuit India: It is one of the most reputed tech giants who is equally revered for its employee-friendliness. The company recognises employee relations as a priority and therefore has crafted some amazing employee-friendly policies. An employee in Intuit India enjoys ample vacation and paid time-off, paid leave for new parents, flexible and work-from-home benefits and more.
  • HP: If you have admired this company for its products then it would be a delight to know how it cares for its employees. People working for HP can avail insurance benefits, support for health and insurance, financial and retirement assistance, maternity and paternity leave, assistance for adoption, reduced or flexible working hours, family medical leave, paid holidays and time-offs, professional support for improvement and excellence and a number of other benefits too.
How Employee Relations Increase Sales

Your Sales Executives Sell Products But Others Trigger Sales Too!

Organisations pay significant attention to its sales and marketing team; rightly so, it must be done. However, besides your sales executives, every employee of an organisation can sell products or services. Said this, it does not mean directly selling to customers but triggering sales or increasing it.

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So, let’s take a look at some of the important ways in which employees from non-sales team help in selling products and services.

  • Happy employees create goodwill: The word-of-mouth publicity is immensely effective in creating goodwill. A happy and content employee would voluntarily speak about the company to his acquaintance. He or she may speak about how the company supports him or her, how it encourages to deliver better and how they create valued products or services. This invokes curiosity in the listeners and creates company goodwill
  • Creates organic trust and confidence: Intended promotions are good but the goodwill of a firm and words from happy employees, about their company, influences more. A company with satisfied employees creates a great vibe that not only attracts attention but encourages people to trust. When a brand can create trust and confidence like this it doesn’t need to put an extra effort into convincing people. People like the brand and prefer to buy from it.
  • Encourage employees to voluntarily contribute to business development: It has been observed by several experts that when employees are happy and content with their organisations, they spontaneously try to increase its business. They try to add value and volume to its sales. This is phenomenal and immensely effective increasing the productivity of a firm.

Employee relations, predominantly, has been at the core of strategies for growth and development. Resources, particularly your employees, have tremendous potential in leveraging the tangible and intangible value of your firm.

Interestingly, the pandemic caused by covid19 has again emphasised the importance of employee relations in sustainable business. Whether you own an enterprise or a start-up, make sure to focus on employee relations.

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Employee relations management focuses on the identification and assessment of potential conflicts and the designing of conflict management processes; this includes

  • Identification of goals and objectives
  • Setting the terms of the collective agreement
  • Planning for the establishment of rules and structures of the working environment
  • Developing and implementing guidelines and protocols for staff performance and attitudes
  • Creating and maintaining positive working environments
  • Developing and implementing incentives for staff productivity.

This employee relations management program prepares professionals for careers in

  • Human resource management
  • Career counselling
  • Employment law
  • Organizational behaviour and leadership
  • It also develops skills and knowledge for career development and leadership in a multi-cultural workplace environment

Employee relations coaching helps people to build their confidence and poise in front of their peers, subordinates and management. It also helps them to face new challenges in their careers and build rewarding careers in both industrial and occupational arenas.

It is imperative for employers to recognize the importance of employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees not only contribute to the efficiency of an organization but also increase its profitability. In fact, according to one survey report, employee satisfaction rate was found to be proportional to the total revenue in any given industry.

Apart from profit, employee satisfaction also contributes to the recruitment and retention of qualified professionals. To increase employee engagement, employers need to have a good and healthy working environment where both employees and employers can feel safe and secure.

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How Employee Relations Increase Sales
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