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Grand Theft Auto V delayed due to PlayStation 5

Is the release date of Grand Theft Auto V still being held back because the PlayStation is not releasing its next-generation consoles? Rockstar Games recently revealed that the game will be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at the same time. Now, people are speculating that Rockstar Games wants to wait until the PlayStation 5 system is released before launching the game.

Does this mean that the PlayStation 5 will release before the Rockstar Games releases of the Grand Theft Auto V? Or does it mean that Rockstar Games is holding the PlayStation 5 release date just for the sake of having it available when the PlayStation 4 comes out?

The current delay of the Grand Theft Auto V release date is raising some concerns among gamers. Several sites on the internet have reported that several people have been trying to get a hold of Rockstar Games to find out the real reason behind the delay of the release date.

Grand Theft Auto V

One site even reported that a couple of people have been turned away because they have already bought a copy of the Grand Theft Auto V. So, is there an ulterior motive for the delay of the Grand Theft Auto V release date? You may be wondering why a new console like the PlayStation 5 would be delayed when a new system like the Xbox 360 has already been released.

There are two reasons that Grand Theft Auto V is delayed

  • The first reason is that Rockstar Games wants to make sure that the PlayStation 5 can hold up with the hard-driving, street brawling gameplay of the Grand Theft Auto series.
  • The second reason is that the game engine was not designed to support the PS4 and Xbox 360. With the PS3 and Xbox 360 released, a lot of the graphical assets were not designed to run on these new systems.
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The original graphics engine was designed for the original PlayStation in 2020. The Grand Theft Auto series had already been developed before the two new console systems came out. Now that the PlayStation 5 is already available, Rockstar Games will have a more advanced and more detailed version of the Grand Theft Auto V game. When the PlayStation 5 is released, it will be a more advanced version of the PS3 version of the game.

Another possible reason for the delay of the Grand Theft Auto V release date is because of the Code reseller site that is selling a copy of the game. The GameStop is the exclusive supplier of the Grand Theft Auto V game. It seems that this is the main reason why the game is delayed. GameStop has already announced that it will sell all copies of the game that are still in development.

However, the owners of the Grand Theft Auto V codes are selling their codes to the public instead of GameStop

They have stated that they will give away free gifts like the Sony PSP or the Microsoft Xbox 360 to people who have purchased a code. While they will not give out physical items, they will give out gift cards for a variety of things.

One of the gifts that they have mentioned is a Nintendo Wii or a Sony PSP but this particular gift card is only available to a limited number of people. The purpose of the giveaway is to find out whether the gift card is worth the money that the purchaser will spend on it.

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The copies of the game will be sold at a high price since these people will have to pay a premium price for them. The developers are still hoping that the PlayStation 5 will be released at the same time as the Xbox 360 and that the Grand Theft Auto V will launch at the same time. This would mean that the consoles would be launching on the same day, December the 9th.

If the game will be delayed, there will be fewer fansites that have access to the games since people will wait until the end of the year before buying the game. One of the reasons for the delay is that the games will have to be optimized for the new systems. both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 4.

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