6 Google Opinion Rewards App Best Tips to Earn Money

The Google opinion rewards is a rewards-based program developed by Google and launched as a survey mobile app for Android and iOS developed. The Google opinion rewards app allows users to answer surveys and earn Google rewards. On an Android device, users earn Google Play credits which can be redeemed by buying paid apps from Google Play Store.

On iOS, users are paid via PayPal. Users in the available countries who are over 18 years old are all eligible. With Google rewards, users will take surveys that are run by market researchers. The survey frequency may vary, and users don’t have to answer every survey they receive.

Below are some common questions regarding receiving and withdrawing the Google opinions rewards payments via PayPal

Google Opinion Rewards App

Users will receive between $0.10 and $1.00 per survey they are able to complete. The amount to be received can vary and this depends on the number of questions in the survey and the amount of time it takes to answer the survey.

Answering the Google opinions rewards questions in a certain way is not required to receive a payment and is in fact discouraged. The more honestly a user can answer questions, the more valuable their opinion is, and therefore, the user may receive more surveys.

For some surveys, such as the initial setup questions or when determining if a user has the right fit for a panel, the user will not receive a payment. These Google rewards surveys are used to improve the Google product, opt users into a panel for which they may receive surveys in the future, and measure the quality of the respondent panel. Answering the surveys truthfully is the best way to ensure a user can continue receiving paid surveys.

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How you can get additional surveys to earn additional money

At this time the only way a user can answer a survey is when Google notifies the user that there is one available survey to answer. When the user receives a notification, they will be allotted 24 hours to answer the survey. You need to note that answering surveys honestly and with correct information is the best way to ensure you will continually receive surveys from the Google opinions rewards app.

Each time $2.00 of payments is accrued in a user’s Google opinion rewards app account, Google opinion rewards team will send a payment to the user’s Google opinion rewards email address via PayPal. If the user Google opinion rewards email address is the same one used with PayPal, the users will automatically receive the payments in their PayPal account.

If a user’s Google opinion rewards email address is not the same one used with the PayPal account, the user must accept the initial payment within 30 days by associating the Google opinion rewards email to the PayPal account. Once the user accepted the initial payment and the funds are transferred to their account, future transfers will be automatic (though, the user will continue to receive notification emails).

Users should verify that Google opinion rewards payments are available in their PayPal account. Please see PayPal’s site for how to manage your money, including how to spend or withdraw to your bank account.

If a user does not accrue $2.00 balance in their Google opinion rewards account, they will not receive any payments and the balance will expire one year from the last survey the user took. If the user plan to discontinue using the Google opinion rewards app, we recommend the use wait until the accrue $2.00 balance and then discontinue usage after the threshold has been met.

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You can download the Google opinion rewards app from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store to start earning rewards in helping Google to improve its products and services. You can complete short surveys while on a queue or waiting for the subway train.

You will get rewarded with Google Play or PayPal credit for each one of the surveys you complete. The surveys topics include everything from opinion polls, to hotel reviews, to merchant satisfaction surveys. Google will notify you when a survey is waiting.

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