5 Ways to Get Your Site Indexed by Google Fast

If you want to get your site indexed by Google and other leading search engines on the Internet, you probably wish to do foremost to have people easily find your site through the search engine.

Though getting your site indexed by Google web crawlers and adding it to Google Index may take quite some time, we are going to reveal in this article a few ways to get your site indexed by Google in the shortest terms.

Before we start, let’s try to find out what Google Indexing is and how the indexing process is handled.

5 Ways to Get Your Site Indexed by Google Fast

Google indexing is a web robot that consists of multiple computers requesting and fetching webpages all over the Internet and adding them to the Google Indexer. When Google web crawlers bring a webpage, it culls all the links appearing on it and adds them to a queue for subsequent indexing.

Google web crawlers tend to encounter almost no spam because it uses a unique inspection technology that allows checking whether the webpage to be indexed is trusted. While gathering links from every page it indexes, Google web crawlers can quickly build a list of links that cover a vast part of the Internet.

To better understand how Google Search operates, we recommend you check the video below.

How to Get Your Site Indexed by Google Web Crawlers

There are many ways to get your site indexed by Google web crawlers to expose your site to organic search traffic. Follow the tips below to provide easy accessibility to search engines.

Sitemap Creation

The first must-to-do thing to get your site indexed by Google fast is to create a sitemap of your website. The sitemap is a file where you can list all the web pages of your website to help Google web crawlers crawl and index your website more efficiently and intelligently.

You can generate a sitemap using different online tools like

  • Slickplan
  • Dynomapper
  • Writemaps
  • Mindnode
  • XML-Sitemaps
  • PowerMapper
  • Inspyder Sitemap Creator 5
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Yoast SEO
  • XML Sitemap Generator
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What is a Sitemap

A sitemap displays the structure of a website, its sections, and the links between them. It helps users navigate a website easily, plus it’s necessary for better SEO rankings. Sitemaps improve the SEO of a website by making sure you can find all the pages – this is particularly important if a site uses Adobe Flash or JavaScript menus that do not include HTML links.

Moreover, the sitemap will notify search engines whenever you update your website. There are two types of audiences a sitemap applies to the – site.

  • Visitors
  • Web spiders

And two types of sitemaps will help to get your site indexed by Google web crawlers.

  • HTML sitemap is for visitors – it helps find information on the page, and it’s usually located in the website’s footer.
  • An XML sitemap is for web crawlers – it tells them they should index parts of the site and the hierarchy and priority of the site content. The instructions for the sitemap are provided in the robots.txt file. Read: How to Submit a Sitemap to Google.

Submit Your Site to Google Search Console Tools

Once you have created your website’s sitemap, it may be a good idea to submit your website to Google Webmaster Tools to let you know your website’s structure and help get your site indexed by Google web crawlers faster.

Google Search Console treats HTTP and HTTPS as separate websites. It is recommended to add all versions of your website to the console, even if you have a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS set. In the end, you should have four websites added to Google Search Console.

  • http://example.xyz
  • https://example.xyz
  • http://www.example.xyz
  • https://www.example.xyz

Each version requires a separate verification. The next step will prompt you to complete your website ownership verification. You must upload the file to your hosting account using FTP or File Manager available in cPanel. In this guide, you will learn How to Add Your WordPress Site to Google Search Console and get your site indexed by Google fast.

Verify your Domain on Google Search Console

Verifying your domain on Google Search Console proves that you own the domain you claim to possess. Search Console needs to verify ownership because verified owners have access to sensitive Google Search data for a site and can affect a site’s presence and behaviour on Google Search and other Google properties.

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A verified owner can grant full or view access to other people. Domain verification lasts as long as Search Console can confirm the presence and validity of your verification token. Search Console periodically checks if your verification token is still present and valid (for example, by checking if your HTML verification tag is still current.

They will notify you if Google Search Console can no longer confirm your website verification. If the issue is not fixed, your permissions on that domain will expire after a certain grace period. If all verified owners lose access to a domain, all users with full view permissions will lose access to the Search Console property. Read: How to Verify your Domain.

You Need to Update Your Website Constantly on Google Search Console

It is necessary to constantly update your website with new posts and references and inform the search engines about these updates to keep the indexed information about your website fresh and up-to-date. It will help get your site indexed by Google constantly.

To let Google know about your newly created post or webpage, you can use Fetch as a Google option in Google Search Console. The Fetch as Google feature in Webmaster Tools provides web admins with the results of Google web crawlers attempting to fetch their webpages.

Google web crawlers will fetch all the external files to render the page. Those files frequently include images, CSS, JavaScript files, and others that might indirectly be embedded through the CSS or JavaScript.

You can find the Fetch as Google feature in the Crawl section of Google Webmaster Tools. After submitting a URL with “Fetch and render,” wait for it to be processed (this might take a moment for some pages). Once it’s ready, click on the response row to see the results.

Google web crawlers follow the robots.txt directives for all files it fetches, which will help get your site indexed by Google web crawlers. If the server fails to respond or returns errors, we won’t be able to use those either. You can find similar issues in the Crawl Errors section of Webmaster Tools.

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Get your site indexed by Google web crawlers to make Fetch as Google more accessible for you to use, and it will also make it possible for Google web crawlers to find and index your website contents. Some types of content—such as social media buttons, fonts, or website analytics scripts—do not contribute to the visible range or layout meaningfully and can be left disallowed from crawling.

Optimize Your Website

Website optimization is using tools, advanced strategies, and experiments to improve your site’s performance and get your site indexed by Google web crawlers to drive more traffic, increase conversions, and grow revenue.

The most critical aspect of website optimization is search engine optimization. SEO technique not only focuses on getting various pages of your website to rank high in the SERPs for specific keywords but enables prospects to find your business in the easiest possible manner.

To get your site indexed by Google web crawlers, it is necessary to simplify and speed up the process to keep your website fast, clean-coded and optimized. If you are running your website on the WordPress platform, check this tutorial on how to optimize your WordPress website.

For further reading, refer to this guide from WPBeginner for SEO plugins and tools that can also be useful to improve indexing.

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5 Ways to Get Your Site Indexed by Google Fast

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