Exercise in Small Apartment: 5 Best Ways to Get Started

Let’s face it, getting your daily exercise in can be quite the challenge. Going to the gym can be such a hassle. Many of us like to exercise in the comfort of our own homes. But not everyone has a large space to do our exercises. If you’re still trying to exercise but live in a small apartment.

A small apartment can be considered a single-room apartment which consists of one large room that serves as the combined living, dining, and bedroom. The apartment’s kitchen facilities may be located either in the central room or in a small separate area.

here are five ways that you can get your workout in at .

Try Bodyweight Exercises

One of the downsides of living in a small apartment is having to conserve space. Most small apartments aren’t going to have enough room for a full rack of weights in the corner or a large piece of exercise equipment.

Instead of lifting, try modifying your workouts to add in bodyweight exercises. Your body weight is an incredible tool for working out. Some bodyweight exercises may look easy, but get very challenging after a couple of reps.

Standing Exercises

Living in a small apartment means you might not have enough space to run around or even stretch out on the floor. If this is the case, try adding standing exercises to your routine.

Exercise in Small Apartment

There are tons of standing exercises that you can do instead of activities that take up a lot of room on the floor. You can even do a complete set of ab exercises while standing in the middle of your apartment.

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Get Creative with Weight Replacements

You may be able to fit a couple of hand weights in your apartment. But if you need something heavier for your workouts, look around. There are plenty of objects in your apartment that you can use as weights.

Get into the kitchen and rummage around a little bit. You can use a couple of heavy cookbooks for weighted squats. You can even use drinks you have in the fridge like gallons of milk or big juice jugs. Even if you’ve just moved into a new, small apartment you can try to find some weight alternatives with what you have.

Living in a small apartment, you may be tempted to get minimalistic, but make sure you don’t skimp out on kitchen essentials. If you’re not sure what you need for your kitchen, check out this extensive guide from The Home Blog for all of your kitchen essentials. You might find something perfect to use for extra weight on the list.

Find Workouts Online

You may be working out in your small apartment because workout classes at the gym aren’t running. Or maybe your schedule doesn’t work to always get to yoga or spin. If that is the case, there are tons of workouts online that you can do in your apartment.

You can even try searching specifically for workouts for small spaces on YouTube. There are tons of professional trainers on YouTube that create easy to follow exercise videos that you can do from home. If you need a little extra motivation for your at-home workout, following along with a video can give you that push.

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Use Your Entire Body

When you go to the gym, it’s easy to target different parts of your body throughout your workout. When you don’t have that equipment in your apartment, you may feel at a loss at how to target different areas.

The benefit of working out from home is that you can learn how to use your entire body in your workouts. Many low-impact moves use the whole body. These are great if you are the upstairs neighbour too.

It can be easy to get into exercises you love like burpees or jumping jacks. But your downstairs neighbours probably won’t appreciate those too much. Swapping those out for low-impact moves not only helps your neighbour but allows you to work on using your whole body throughout your workout.


Working out in a small apartment isn’t as hard as it sounds. You don’t need as much room or equipment as you think you do to get a great workout in.

Even if you are using your kitchen as a gym, there are so many ways to get your exercise done in a small apartment. As long as you set your mind to it and find alternatives that work for you, you can get a great workout in your small apartment.

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