Top 5 New York eLearning App Development Companies

The 21st century has been a home for innovative technologies. It has impacted worldwide businesses and companies, and the education sector has also transformed immensely.

Well, this dynamic shift is due to the advancement of smartphones and mobile apps. Nowadays, the entire world seems to run on apps. eLearning apps provide effective and convenient solutions for students, educators, and various educational institutes.

According to Statista, EdTech mobile apps are the third most downloaded eLearning apps on mobile phones.

eLearning App Development Companies

So, it is the best time for startups, entrepreneurs, and business owners to leverage the EdTech app development opportunities and transform it from a traditional instructive framework to a creative one.

There are many eLearning app development companies in New York, and choosing the right one could be challenging.

This blog will discuss New York’s top 5 eLearning app developers to help you search for a dedicated tech partner.

Crucial Aspects To Consider Before Hiring EdTech App Development Company

Understand Your Business Requirements

The foremost thing you must do is to analyze your enterprise’s needs and then search for CVs. If you want your eLearning app with basic functionalities, you can opt for a middle-level developer with 2 to 3 years of experience.

But if you want to stay ahead of the competition and provide innovative features to users, you must opt for developers building interactive eLearning apps.

Pick the Development Model

Depending on your budget, project size, and business, you have the liberty to choose various development models. Some options you can select are building your in-house team, hiring a freelancer, or outsourcing a dedicated app development company.

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See Industry Experience

Checking the relevant industry experience of the developer is essential for your company. Developers with extensive experience on similar projects will build your eLearning app with the latest features.

List of New York’s Top 5 EdTech App Development Services Providers


Founded in 2007, SparxIT is a renowned web and mobile app development firm in New York. The company provides different digital solutions with an outstanding blend of innovation, technology, and expertise.

It has built various eLearning apps like

  • mLearning
  • Personalized learning apps
  • Corporate training
  • Educator’s app, etc.

The company also provides Edtech app development services for EdTech Portal, Learning Experience Platform (LXP), Learning Management System (LMS), and BYOC.

The organization delivers its services to Fortune 500 companies, small-scale industries, and big brands to improve their business operations from ideation to execution. It has 250+ expert developers that provide digital transformative services utilizing contemporary technologies.

SparxIT also presents end-to-end web and mobile applications development with the latest technologies, including-

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Blockchain
  • Machine Learning
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Big Data

It also offers app development solutions to industries such as

  • Real estate
  • eCommerce
  • Health and Wellness
  • Entertainment
  • FinTech
  • Travel, etc.

The firm’s clients comprise popular brands such as

  • HP
  • Motorola
  • Huawei
  • Intel
  • Coca-Cola, and more.

SEM Nexus

Established in 2017, SEM Nexus is a mobile app development and marketing agency having headquarters in New York. The firm has released a diverse range of mobile applications since its incorporation. The company builds wireframes, develops prototypes, and designs the UI/UX of the apps.

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The firm has created mobile apps for startups, SMEs, and big organizations. It helps enterprises through all stages of development, from discovery, testing, designing, and releasing the app to various stores and maintenance.

One of the critical benefits of an EdTech developer is that you get an array of eLearning solutions to study and acquire knowledge.

The enterprise offers numerous services, such as.

  • Wearable & smart device development
  • iOS App development
  • Android app development
  • Prototyping & concept development
  • Mobile strategy

The company has delivered mobile app solutions to diverse industries like healthcare, finance, IT, etc. The firm has built engaging apps like

  • Vizbook Productivity App
  • My Fave Places
  • Lux Lighting Systems, etc.


Varfaj is another famous mobile app development firm incorporated in 2018. They build mobile apps and eCommerce experiences for startups, SMEs, and world-renowned brands. The company specializes in taking concepts from UX conceptualization via UI design for the agile development process and post-launch maintenance.

They have experienced professionals that provide different services, such as.

  • Mobile app development
  • Web development
  • Blockchain development
  • eCommerce development

It has a team of 40+ skilled developers who works with enterprises to define its vision, mission design, and objectives. The company’s clientele includes

  • Lyrical Lemonade
  • The Guardian
  • Mark Cuban Companies, etc.

Rapptr Labs

Incorporated in 2018, Rapptr Labs is a web and mobile app development agency that develops educational apps for startups, SMEs, and big organizations. They help enhance your online learning experience by creating a mobile app strategy and UX design.

The company has a proficient team of developers to build your strategic eLearning app. The enterprise also provides an engagement procedure supported by all factors of the agile development process. The firm has developed interactive apps for brands like

  • Lucid
  • OPSIQ, etc.
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Andersen Inc.

Founded in 2007, Andersen Inc. is a mobile app development firm headquartered in New York. The firm has 3300+ developers, QA engineers, business analysts, and other software development professionals who deliver excellent mobile and web app solutions.

It operates across diverse industries, including

  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Financial services, etc.

They have assisted globally-known firms, providing intricate projects. Additionally, the firm has expertise in various fields, such as.

  • Mobile development
  • Design and research
  • Product management

The company’s well-known clients are GlobePayroll, Siemens, Ryanair, etc.

Wrapping Up

Creating an eLearning app that delivers significance to your users is tricky as you have to go through many development stages.

Therefore, you must first select the development model you wish to target and then comprehensively analyze your company’s mission and goals. You can take the help of an EdTech development company to get exceptional app development solutions.

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Tom Hardy

About Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is a Sr. Software Developer with 10+ years of experience as a software developer at SparxIT, an IT company that provides cutting-edge Blockchain development services. He loves to read about the latest technologies. In his free time, he often writes blogs and journals for an EdTech development company to share his expertise and knowledge.

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