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Drive Web Traffic to Your Online Store for Free

Whether you just kicked off your web store or managing an already established one without paying attention to the search engine optimization technique, your online store may not serve its purpose if it is not visible to people who can be your customers.

Thus, if your online store is not on the search engine radar, it doesn’t matter, how elegant the stores is in terms of aesthetics and design, it will not be under the search engine.

Customer’s initial interaction with your online store can occur at any stage during the sales funnel. Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) enables your online store website to acquire more web traffic, ramp up the customer base and improve conversions rate with a more targeted SEO campaign.

FME Extensions, a leading eCommerce web and Magento Development Company in Dubai, is constantly advocating businesses, emerging startups, and brands to consider the unlimited possibilities that search engine optimization incorporation can unlock at times when online consumerism is so rampant today more than ever before.

Your Online Store

Many investigative studies reveal the enormous importance of SEO for eCommerce businesses. One of which is Click-through-Rate (CTR) found that around 80% of visitors often click on the top five results of search engine page when they are looking for a product or service online. Hence, your online store presence must fall somewhere in the top five positions.

Now how will it happen?

It won’t happen overnight though. Thus SEO is often defined as an ongoing process; however, if carried out with due diligence and proper strategy, your online store can begin to reap the enduring benefits.

Get into the customer’s mind

In the SEO landscape, getting into the customer’s mind refers to the process of identifying the customer’s intent. The first thing on top of the checklist for SEO professionals during crafting is a result-oriented strategy.

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The term intent refers to the customer’s intentions when they come to search for anything of desire. People often come to land on the search engine for various purposes and that’s why the search intent is further categorized as below.

  • Informational Search Intent: People with information intents are often looking for some information. It may include reading news, blogs or perhaps gathering up information about the weather forecast. Such queries often begin with phrases like “how to”, “what is”, “where-is”, “why do” that lead to answering some questions.
  • Navigational Search Intent: With navigational search intent, the user often wants to find a particular website by its brand name, such as Twitter instead of Most popular brands get web traffic from navigational searches or what we call the site’s direct traffic.
  • Transactional Search Intent: With transactional intent, the users desire to complete an action, such as conversion and successful lead. However, it isn’t limited to making a purchase but could also include an email subscription, form submission, or just visiting the online store for the sake of knowing about the products, deals, new arrivals, and off-sales. This helps online stores to make emails listing the visitors that can be used for remarketing and promotional purposes later on.
  • Commercial Search Intent: Visitors with commercial search intent are the ones that are likely to buy something. The users often use terms like “cheap” discount, “affordable” in queries looking for something to buy.

Conducting Keywords Research

Another equally important as finding the search intent, keywords research is another foundational block of a successful SEO Strategy. It allows you to find the words and phrases people use when they search for something to buy online.

A successful SEO campaign involved separate keyword research for each page of the online store. You must not intertwine the homepage keywords with the services and products pages.

Once you have a list of keywords relevant to your businesses, then it comes the time of technical search engine optimization. Here, your in-house or outsourced SEO team incorporates the keyword with adequate search volume into the site Tiles, Meta, and products descriptions that improve the site’s visibility. Keywords are further classified into two major types that are;

  • Short Tail Keywords
  • Long-Tail Keywords
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Short tail keywords or short generic phrases the user use in their queries. For instance, “SEO Service”. While long-tail keywords are more focused and are included for more targeted campaigns. Such as “online t-shirt sellers in XYZ city” or “online t-shirts sellers for kids in XYZ City”.

Google My Business (GMB)

What happens when you Google something and it appears in the search result with Map, the store website and direction because it’s listed there? As part of the local SEO campaign, listing your store on Google My Business is one major factor that drives in customers and helps boost the local visibility of the store.

The good thing is, it charges you no penny to list your store on GMB. While listing your online store, you are required to submit your store name, physical address, phone number, and description. Once approved, you must then create a local listing on your country web directories and business listing websites.

For customer awareness and making your brand voice heard, you must publish guest posts on authority websites. Guest posting helps bring your store website under the search engine nose and push it up to the top position.

Site Optimization for Mobile and Responsiveness

Your online store may be looking fine on a desktop computer but rather not on a smartphone or tablet and iPad. That’s where you might be losing a lot of customers as more than 75% of search today originates from smart gadgets.

With the constant internet penetration and sophisticated mobile phones, users often search and even shop online via mobile phones. It is therefore imperative that your store website must function well across all devices. Design overlaps of the site on smart gadgets are lethal when it comes to selling commodities online.

Optimize Website Loading Speed

Website loading speed is another major ranking factor that search engines crave. If your store website’s loading speed is lethargic and takes longer to be visible, users immediately abandon the site and bounce to another search result.

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You might wonder what makes website speed lethargic are often the media files that are not of the required formats and resolution and weigh down the site. For eCommerce businesses, which usually include uploading a lot of media files, such as product images.

All the images must be duly optimized and up to the mark to make sure they don’t add extra weight to the site. Furthermore, having a lot of third-party plugins installed can also lead to slowing down the loading speed.

Maintain Constant Social Media Presence

Multiple tricks are used to keep your audience engaged and up to date. This includes a consistent presence on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and other frequently visited social platforms.

It helps build a community that grows with time as you keep on engaging them with creative content and daily biases. Make your online store/brand voice heard through such social outlets that usually drive more users to online businesses.

Summing Up

Making a successful online store requires the incorporation of an actionable search engine optimization strategy. To lure in more customers, your website must appear on the top search engine result page (SERP) to get more clicks.

It all starts with properly figuring out the customers’ search intent, the research of money keywords, listing the store on Google My Business, creating local citations. Optimization for mobile phones and maintaining social media presence help attract more customers to your store.

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