Difference Between Web Designer and Web Developer

The role of a web designer is to create the layout and visual interface of the website. Their goal is to create a user-friendly interface, with designing the right to retain the visitor longer on the website. The designer needs to keep in mind that the user can visit from the device so the designing should be done accordingly.

Web designers need to be updated with the latest trends and designs to perform best practices. The best designer keeps in a mind the colour palette, fonts, brand imagery and such.

Types of web designer

  • User Experience

The web designer ensures that the website is organized in a way that helps engage visitors on-page and get positive feedback from them. Their main goal is to be human-centric and help the organization reach their target audience.

  • User Interface

Even they play an important role. Along with user experience, they help give platforms for interaction. Specifically, they help increase the usability of the website and optimization of the website.

  • Visual

As the name says they suggest, work with the website’s layout and elements. It combines the work of both UI and UX. The role of a visual designer is based on that the website is aesthetic and pleasing as well.

Web Designer and Web Developer

Web designers also use photography resources and image optimization and tools. Web designers often use WordPress and website builders. You can easily learn Graphic Design Course in Vadodara, Pune or any City for building your career in Web Designing.

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Skill sets web designer needs

The skills a web designer need to be successful and expert in the field are;

  • HTML and CSS
  • A responsive and attractive website
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Branding, colour theory and typography
  • Design tools and software

There are many other non-technical skills such as strong communication, management. They have other team members too so being able to collaborate with them is important too

Web Developer

The role of web developer

The main job of a web developer is to create and develop the main structure of a website, the developer uses technical coding and advanced languages. They turn ideas into real, live and functioning websites.

The web developer constructs the website, which includes coding and configuring the database. They even do post services after launching the website, like testing and debugging, maintaining and fixing the server.

A web designer is the constructor of a website. The web developer takes blueprints and designs from the designer and creates websites.

Types of a web developer

The type of web developer depending on the type of development work :

Front end

They use Java, HTML, CSS and other languages for WordPress. They closely work with web designers and implements the ideas into design

Back end

Back end developers use advanced programming languages to develop on servers and web hosting

Full stack

Full-stack developers know everything about the front end and back end. They know exactly how this both works well together

Skill sets web developer needs

The skill a web developer needs to perform front end, back end and full stacks are :

  • Coding and programming language
  • Javascript framework
  • Testing and debugging
  • Back ends and databases
  • Content management system
  • Search engine optimization.
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Along with technical skills the developer needs non-technical skills such as problem-solving, analytical. They need an amazing talent for communication and collaboration as they’ll have direct contact with clients and other team members.

Web Designer and Web Developer

A quick recap of things stated above

  • Web designers work on appearance and visibility whereas developer works on structure and functions
  • Web designers understand the Idea and concepts and create visuals and UI UXelements of websites whereas web developers think about the financial and technicality of those Ideas and program and code the rest.
  • Web Developers need a good knowledge of technicality and programming codes and elements whereas a web designer having less knowledge of such can work as their main focus is on creativity and visual elements of the website.
  • There are different types of web developers such as front end, back end and full stack here as web designers are mainly of three types Visual UI and UX.
  • Web developers use different frameworks to develop websites, they use various tools and programs, web designers use designing and editing software to design the websites.

They both play a vital role in building and creating websites, they both are dependent on each other to work smoothly. The basic yet main difference is web developer focuses on technical aspects whereas web designer works on the visual and usability of the website.

How to Choose the Right Path for You

With everything taking a virtual place, the need for web designs and developers is increasing. The first and the most crucial part is deciding if you want to work as a developer or designer.

The first question you need to ask yourself is are you interested in designing or coding?

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Doing thorough research about the jobs is important and a quick search on the internet can help you out, theses days jobs for both developers and designers are available in both freelancing and agency form

Thinking about your pay is also important as both jobs need high skills. The pay will be dependent on your skill, place of work, type of work and many such factors. The more skilled and talented you are, the more pay you’ll receive.

With your current skills in mind, you should choose what job you need, you can even start learning the skill required of the specific job you want, doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional with the right knowledge and skillset you can excel in both the fields.

Though they sound like they both have different roles and responsibilities, designers work on the front end and create the idea for the organization in visual aspects which then the developer code into a fully functioning website. Both the courses have specialized skill sets. IF codes and technical parts intrigue you go for web developers whereas if colours, strokes and ensign is your thing web design is for you.

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