Are Cybersecurity and Computer Security the Same?

People often confuse themselves and mix the concepts of cybersecurity and computer security. However, there are vast differences between cybersecurity and computer security. It’s a misconception that both concepts are similar, but computer security focuses on protecting the computer system through antivirus programs.

On the other hand, cybersecurity is something different. In this day of age, rarely an hour goes by when a person is not accessing the internet or isn’t connected to an internet device. Networks that connect devices to the internet are unsecured.

Major Differences Between Cybersecurity And Computer Security

There lies a vast difference between the two, and we will discuss them in detail. Following are the major differences between cybersecurity and computer security:


The principal objective of cybersecurity is to shield electronic information from any unauthorized access to the internet. This unapproved access is a digital assault and is any ill-conceived admittance to a person’s or an organization’s data.

Further, any harm caused to the respectability of the data is likewise a type of digital assault. Major security providers offer SIEM as a service to protect their critical assets.

Are Cybersecurity and Computer Security the Same?

In contrast, the fundamental objective of computer security is to guarantee the smooth progression of primary cycles. It permits workers to take care of their responsibilities by keeping up with data classification, safeguarding the information, and giving admittance to approved clients.

It utilizes programming and equipment advancements to safeguard the frameworks against a few dangers and keeps them from entering or increasing on it.

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Examples of the two

There are various kinds of cybersecurity. Given beneath is a short depiction of the four most significant sorts:

  • Basic Framework Security

Basic framework security principally manages getting the existing frameworks, for example, water refinement frameworks, power networks, traffic signals, shopping towers, and so on, from cyber threats.

  • Cloud Security

This kind of network safety comprises safeguarding and observing information put away in the cloud.

  • Information Misfortune Counteraction

Information misfortune counteraction involves making cycles and strategies for forestalling and recuperating data loss if there should be an occurrence of a cybersecurity breach.

  • End-Client Education

This type of network safety principally includes illuminating the end clients about prescribed procedures to be followed for safeguarding themselves against digital assaults.

Computer security likewise has various sorts. Below are the most common types:

  • Firewalls

These go about as a boundary between the inner and outer organizations. They are represented by a bunch of decisions that permit or deny traffic.

  • Email Security

It controls the messages sent and blocks any approaching assault, subsequently forestalling loss of information through messages.

  • Against Malware And Hostile To Infection Software

This product examines the framework for malware and tracks the records to recognize any inconsistencies. Whenever found, it eliminates the malware and fixes the harm.

  • Access Control

These arrangements with the degree of access conceded to each client and framework of the organization.

Significant Responsibilities

The key obligations of cybersecurity engineers are creating, looking at, and assessing procedures to safeguard organizations, frameworks, and server farms from digital assaults. Individuals with inside and out information about network safety dangers and advancements that can assist with relieving those dangers are considered suitable for this job.

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On the other hand, the vital obligations of computer security experts incorporate preparation, planning, executing, and investigating an association’s organization security framework. Such experts should be complex and have the ability in data security, data science, and organization.


Cybersecurity safeguards electronic data sent across a public organization, for example, the web and the secret organization. Compared to that, computer security protects information communicated exclusively in a secret organization. These are major differences between cybersecurity and computer security.


External threats that arise outside the firewall of an association go under the extent of cybersecurity. Such dangers normally enter the framework by breaking the outside guards of an organization’s IT foundation. Through cybersecurity, users can also avail of SOC as a service that most cybersecurity providers offer.

Are Cybersecurity and Computer Security the Same?

Be that as it may, computer security manages inward dangers. It normally alludes to the gamble of somebody inside the association attempting to get to frameworks without approval. The main reason why cybersecurity and computer security have vastly different approaches.

Sort of Attack

Common attacks in cybersecurity include:

Social Engineering

Attackers use this strategy to mentally fool individuals into uncovering individual and delicate data, for example, credit and check card subtleties and ledger subtleties, and offer them to others on the dark web.

Advanced Persistent Threat

The assailant accesses delicate data and holes it in the public area, impacting individuals against an association or individual.

Common types of computer security

DDOS Attack

In this type of assault, a genuine client is denied admittance to the framework asset by flooding the server with excessive traffic.

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In such an assault, the aggressor notices your web-based exercises by checking your messages, search history, downloads, and so forth.

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Are Cybersecurity and Computer Security the Same?

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