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Vocational skills have got to do with skills and experiences acquired toward becoming knowledgeable in a very specific trade or profession. Vocational skills are often obtained through hands-on experience on the work. These skills may also be obtained at a trade school. A vocational school or a trade school that offers technical education to arrange people for work in a trade, craft, or profession.

The major advantage of obtaining a vocational education is to assist a person to obtain employment faster because vocational workers are generally in high demand. The vocational education programs often take relatively little time to finish and are often relatively inexpensive within the larger scope of education. Since vocational schools tailor the programs to match what employers are trying to find, the rate of job placement after graduation is usually high.

Why Youths must Engage in Vocational Skills

According to a digital marketing expert, the youths have to be compelled to engage themselves in various vocational skills so as to reduce the challenge of unemployment confronting the youths. But, in solving the unemployment problems among the youths, PlusAfrica an online job provider and marketplace for

  • Students
  • Networkers
  • Artisans
  • Professionals
  • Traders (SNAPT)
  • African Small and Medium Enterprises (ASMEs)

was developed in order to help in promoting products and services for larger coverage and job seekers for them to enjoy more profits. PlusAfrica could be a link between job providers, job seekers and vocational skills service providers and potential clients. PlusAfri is a leading free online marketplace for vocational skills in Africa and eBusiness platform connecting real service providers with service users.

As a seller or vocational skills service provider, all you would like to try and do is to subscribe with your accurate details and follow the stipulated steps. Your product and service ads can reach more people and you’ll start earning money. On PlusAfrica website, you’ll be able to enjoy or sell almost anything and be rest assured of running a secure business transaction.

You will enjoy a tremendous online transaction or shopping experience with the wallet payment system. Whether you’re trying to find where to render service or enjoy service, PlusAfrica got you covered but that’s not all. you’ll be able to also enjoy digital multilevel business by referring a vocational skills service provider or seller and earn up to 20 referral bonus.

Vocational Skills and other Services rendered by PlusAfrica

Digital Initiative for Young Africans (DIYA)

Digital Initiative for Young Africans (DIYA) is a training platform where interested participants are trained to become experts in digital skills. it’s aimed toward helping Africans youths to tap into the wealth of online opportunities so as to reduce unemployment and help Africans youths to be more resourceful and self-independent.

The job contract is awarded to best-performing students with links to the international community with financial backing. PlusAfrica promotes initiative or invention discovered by students within the course of carrying out their research work. PlusAfrica believes in innovation and creativity which will be beneficial to Africans youths and therefore the world at large.

Some of the courses available are

  • How Digital Marketing Works
  • How to Start Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Setup Online TV Channels
  • Apply for PlusMoney Assisted Fund (PAF)
  • How to Make Use of Digital Currency
  • How to Open and Operate Digital Account
  • How to Create Blogs, Website and Mobile Apps
  • How to make money from Digital Multilevel Business
  • How to Use Social Media Platform for Products Marketing, and much more

The vocational skills provider than can really enjoy the PlusAfrica initiatives programme includes vocational skills experts like

  • Fashion designers
  • Carpenters
  • Barbers
  • Stylists
  • Shoe makers
  • Caterers
  • Graphics designers
  • Bricklayers
  • Photographers
  • Decorators
  • Phone repairers
  • Cooks, etc who desire to advertise their products and services towards larger coverage.

Top Products by PlusAfrica

Digital classified ads Platform (D-CAP)

Digital classified ads Platform (D-CAP) helps you advertise your products and services online with little cost. you’ll have access to the digital banking system with usage of wallet to hire your choice Professionals, Artisans and Traders (PAT) and pay them using your referral bonuses or commissions. This eliminates the normal system of using your hard-earned money to enjoy the services of PAT.

There are 2 methods of campaigns

  • Free Campaign: this provides you access to online bank and wallet transactions.
  • Paid Campaign: this provides you access to an online bank, wallet transactions, products adverts, referral bonus, job contract, multilevel income, fund transfer, digital skills, PlusMoney fund, free blog, free website, etc.

PlusMoney Assisted Fund (PAF) for Vocational Skills Provider

PlusMoney Assisted Fund (PAF) is an initiative to assist and support subscribed Students, Networkers, Vocational Skills provider (Artisans), Professionals and Traders (SNAPT) to establish a new business or improve existing ones. this can ease the burden related to getting financial backing from individuals and corporate organizations especially the Vocational Skills providers due to bottlenecks and bureaucracy of securing such fund.

With PlusMoney Assisted Fund, the beneficiary pays back using other people’s money (OPM) through referral bonuses and commissions. No interest and hidden charges. More so, you get refunded in cash or rewarded with non-cash incentives once you successfully return the Fund without any default at the stipulated period of time. for each fund you successfully return, you get higher fund reciprocally.

The total Fund which will be released for each applicant within the first phase is 1 million and 100 Thousand Naira (N1,100,000). This singular initiative has stood us out from the rest – first in the world of multilevel business funding.

How PlusMoney Assisted Fund Works

  • Sign-up for free registration (campaign)
  • A Plus Digital Account (PDA) is opened for you
  • Upgrade your account through paid campaigns
  • Apply for PlusMoney Assisted Fund (PAF)
  • Get a corporate Dedicated Account (CDA)
  • Refer 4 Subscribers who run paid campaign.
  • Your Fund is going to be deposited in your Plus Digital Account (PDA).

How to pay back period

You can refer just 20 subscribers. These 20 subscribers are going to be used to offset your Fund which provides you access to higher fund until you receive a total sum of 1 Million and 100 Thousand Naira (N1,100,000).

In a nutshell

PlusAfrica aims at creating a community of 100 million African Students, Networkers, Vocational Skills Provider (Artisans), Professionals and Traders (SNAPT) and African Small and Medium Enterprises (ASMEs) by the year 2050 doing business online.

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