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Best Tips To Manage Google Shopping Ads Campaigns

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Google Shopping ads are an innovative campaign format in which enables you to your goods online through Google and drive traffic directly to your e-commerce site. Over the last 18+ months, there have been significant improvements to both the consumer and merchant experience across this program.

There is no longer a need to pay the high cost of PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns as Google Shopping ads. This means that you can instantly begin driving traffic and building an audience to sell your products/services directly from your site.

Shopping ads are very similar to banner ads in the way that they display your product image just like on a banner ad. However, with Shopping ads, you don’t need to maintain a web page to host your product information.

Best Tips To Manage Google Shopping Ads Campaigns 1Best Tips To Manage Google Shopping Ads Campaigns 1

The merchant’s website is the only place where you can display your product images and the amount of space used will be the same as with banner ads. Your merchant account will be required to enable the Google Shopping ads on your website however once set up, the Google Shopping ads will appear on every page/section in order to drive traffic directly to your site.

Google Shopping ads were first introduced as part of Google’s Ads campaign called PPC Australia. The program has since become very popular with retailers all around the world including those offering a wide range of products.

How Google Shopping Ads Campaigns Works

You can simplify your Ads campaign to maximize our conversion value, and expand the Ads reach with a smart shopping campaign. With the smart shopping campaign, your existing product feed and assets will be combined with the Google’s machine learning to show a variety of ads across networks.

The Google shopping campaign systems will pull from your product feed and test different combinations of the image and text you provided and show the most relevant ads across the Google networks, including

In Europe, the Google smart shopping campaigns can be used with any Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) you work with. The Ads will show on general search results pages and on any other surfaces the CSS has opted in to.

In helping you to get the best value from each ad, Google will automates ad placement and bidding for maximum conversion value at your given budget. Users can create up to 100 enabled or paused smart shopping campaigns in their Google Ads account.

In order to maximize performance, Google recommends that users should consolidate their smart shopping Ads campaigns and only create separate campaigns when necessary due to requirements (e.g. different ROAS goals for different parts of your product inventory).

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Google Shopping ads are designed for retailers in any industry including

  • Electronics
  • Food and grocery
  • Giftware
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Health/fitness
  • Home & garden
  • Smartphones, etc.

Through Google Shopping campaigns, you can target potential customers looking for exactly what you offer by displaying an image of your product on your Google site. You can learn more about the Google Ads campaign general requirements in the getting started list for campaign creation.

One of the key advantages of using Google Shopping ads is that it enables you to create ads more precisely targeting your audience. You can create custom ads according to the interests, preferences and browsing habits of your audience.

Google also allows you to use several different types of graphics and images depending on your requirements. You can choose between having text-based ads or image-based ads. Text-based ads are not only limited to offering consumers information but they are also useful in tracking customer behaviour and improving customer relationships.

Text-based ads allow advertisers to focus directly on the benefits of their products

With this kind of campaign, you can display the benefits of your product to draw attention to it. Google Shopping ads can be set to run automatically or you can set them to run manually. If you choose to automate your campaign, Google allows you to set a maximum CPC (cost per click) and a minimum CPC.

You can integrate your Google campaign with your existing campaign through the use of Google’s inbuilt intelligent content network, which is called Google Smart Ads. With this new feature, you will be able to test your ads in real-time to measure performance and take advantage of the best campaign options.

With this service, you can also measure your ROI (return on ). The Google Smart Ads functionality is enabled by default in all Google Ads campaigns when you sign up for a free account.

There are a number of additional features that are available when you make use of Google Shopping campaign settings

These features enable you to fine-tune your ads for maximum results from your campaign. Ads advertisers can now control the title, description and image of their ads. They can also control the keywords that will appear in the ads.

And they can change their bidding strategy by changing the currency pair that they want the ads to represent. You can even see your total clicks in the Shopping tab on your Google interface. One of the most important ways to get the most out of Google Shopping ads is to set up your Google account to use the automatic direct feed.

This means that your Google campaign will automatically send targeted ads to your web pages. You will still need to manually bid on keywords and create the ad text, but once these tasks are complete you can let the Google Shopping ads do the rest.

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