Best Mobile Apps for Online Transactions and Investments

In today’s world, everything has changed to the mode of getting digitized and online. Gone are the days when people use to go to the banks and make money transactions. Only for a few things, people need to go to the banks, apart from that; everything is now available on the internet, websites and mobile sites. There are hundreds of banks available for us to save our money, make online transactions as well as investments.

Making money transfer, checking the bank balance, account details everything is now possible within a snap of the fingers. Smartphones and mobile apps go hand in hand; one can be not there without the other. It has become has an essential commodity in everyone’s life. Finance funding organizations and the banks have started to develop websites and mobile apps for people to be able to make online transactions in a better way.

There are hundreds of apps are available for almost everything we are doing in the present world. The mobile apps have swooned over almost all the industries and it has become the second for the business heads. It has helped them to make a great amount of progress in their respective endeavours, be it banking sector, trading, and marketing give any name, the mobile apps have made a strong footing for itself.

Why Mobile Banking Apps?

A bank has been of great help for us to be able to save our money, transfer money to different accounts and even investments. Why do we actually need an app for banking purpose? The main point here is that it will help us to save time, in which we can perform other tasks which are more important than going to a certain bank. Mobile apps have been designed in such a way that it easy, simple to use and less cumbersome when compared waiting in the line for our turn at the bank counters.

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Finest Online Transactions Apps to choose from

There are thousands of Apps available for mobile banking on the Play Store and App Store. It might be a difficult task for us to be able to choose the best amongst them, so we have made research on the apps which have been highly rated and recommended by the users. Here is a list of best mobile banking apps, from which we can choose.


Maintaining a budget and making the expenses is always effective and efficient. Mvelopes will help us to make a budget of the finances, which we have and accordingly we will be able to track the expenditure of the money in the form envelopes, the only difference which we have here is that we will have it in a digital mode instead of a paper one. We don’t need to carry around packs of envelope around and have the possibilities of losing it. It also helps to clear our mortgages rather soon, make savings for the future and spend wisely.


This app has all the basic functions which we would get in the bank on a regular basis. There is a set range in the app on how much we can transfer from one account to the other. It has the ability to be able to make comparisons of the finances which is available on the app.

We can even make appointments in prior if we are in need to go to the particular bank. A new video has been launched by the officials for the mortgages, which has access to having face to face interactions through the app.


Chase Mobile Apps

Chase has won the number in the charts, as it has been voted the highest-rated and highly recommended apps by the users. It has been making great efforts to provide the best services to its customers. Recently, the app has been updated with the login ID with a touch for iPhones.

We can send money to our friends who are in need, make international transfers. Almost, we can do everything in regards to the bank account, making deposits, transfers. The app has a great interface and exciting, interesting design for having a pleasant experience.

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PenFed Online Transactions App

It is considered to be one of the largest credit unions, with almost 19 billion dollars as capital. There are many features available for us to use in the app which we can use. We can deposit the checks if we are not nearby to any of the PenFed branches.

Planning on a trip, then it will help us to stay connected with the account wherever we are travelling. Make savings by having the tabs on the app safe and secure, as it will help us in a case of emergency of future expenses. In requirement of cash or near to go to a nearby branch, locate them using the app.


This financial organization has been providing influential digital services to people. We can make payments or transactions using the person-to-person transfer method. The transaction history of all the transactions we have made with the bank is available for us to go through. If we are shopping for things using this app, then we even gain the advantage of getting cashback offer as well. There are situations when we happen to lose our plastic card, we can report it using the app and it will get secured.

Bank of America Online Transactions App

A lot of things can be done using this app, check for the activity of the saving or credit account with the bank. Check for the mortgages on the account, a loan taken for the automobile and everything related to the loans are taken.

Applied for a plastic card, want to get it activated; we can do the online transactions with the help of the app itself. In need of notifications regarding the important things related to the account, we can set the alerts. Through the online transactions, we can make payments on a fixed time; we can edit or even cancel them if the payment needs to be cancelled.


On average, this particular has almost four million users in it and the numbers are increasing. We can log in to our account using the app with the fingerprint scanner. The best thing which we can do with the help of this app, we can withdraw cash from an ATM without a plastic card. All we need to do is to enter the code which has been generated for one-time use in the app.

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Final Thoughts on the Online Transactions Mobile Apps

Everything in the world in the current situation is done in electronic modes and digitized formats. Finance funding has now taken a new facet and providing services to people through online websites and mobile apps. The number of mobile apps and banking organizations is on the rise. Mobile applications have been developed by professionals for us to be able to perform our tasks in a better manner.

Everyone is living a fast-paced and wants to do things on the go, as time is precious. They want to save time, so they can give the time other important things they need to attend to. Smartphone devices have occupied the major part of one’s life, as it helps them to get things done.

Currently, all the online transactions are easily done and it has been a great assistance. We do not need to take an off from work just to be able to do transactions at the bank. Select a few options on the mobile app and the transaction, money transfer or anything related to the account is done. Want to save those precious minutes, then why wait? Start using these mobile banking apps to keep finances, safe and track the expenses.

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