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Best Email Marketing Software with 24/7 Supports

This all-in-one email marketing software can help you to establish direct contact with your clients and easily manage all the contacts from a central location that you can choose from a host of different email design templates to design personalized email campaigns or newsletters.

These can be tailored, for example, to target groups, customer status or season. And you design each email and adjust it in no time. You can use the email marketing software to create email marketing campaigns using total design freedom in addition to responsive web design, allowing your emails to be optimally displayed on every end device.

Email Marketing Software

You will have the possibility of reaching your target group on their preferred device no matter where they are located. If necessary, you can set up marketing automation, which will send out emails that you have created in advance.

Whether a personalized email newsletter or a campaign for the entire customer base, the time-saving aspect of email automation is one of the obvious benefits of the intelligent, reliable email tool including a personalized address for each contact.

With this software, your email marketing is will be 40 times more likely to win a new customer and 6 times more likely to get a click-through than a social media post.

Why do you need Email Marketing for your Business

If you are running your business online or offline, advertising always played an important element in sales. You can use email marketing directly as a communication channel because this is one of the most efficient methods of interacting with your potential customers in a targeted and personal way.

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By using a powerful email marketing software to create your mailing service, you can easily target a specific audience and reach many customers in one go. You can activate your existing customers via email marketing by simply reminding them of you and your offers.

For example, you can share news about your goods, services and trends or inform your potential customers about special promotions. This way, prospective customers will also become familiar with your offer or with the respective news that you are promoting with the current email campaign.

In contrast to banner advertising, personalized emails are an accepted form of marketing: a newsletter is sent out to an email list with the customer’s consent and only read if the content sparks interest. This means that all your email campaigns must be customized and both visually and contextually appealing so that they attract attention and do not end up unread or deleted.

3 Simple Steps Use the Email Marketing Software

Manage Your Contacts

The 1&1 IONOS email Marketing software will help to import any existing contacts and put a registration form on your website so users can sign up for your emails. The software advanced functions include choosing to email only a segment of your audience, like people who live in a specific location.

Create and send emails

You can choose one of the stunning templates, then simply drag and drop content in our editor. Once your emails are ready to send, you can get them to your customers quickly and with the confidence that the solution is designed to keep your emails out of the spam folder.

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Automating your Marketing Campaign

You can use the software to schedule email dispatch when certain conditions are met. For example, welcome emails can be sent automatically, or with a scheduled delay. Automation takes a lot of the pressure away so you can focus on forging and maintaining customer relationships.

How to use the Best Email Marketing Software to design a successful newsletter

You can start with a snappy subject and content that will arouse your customer’s curiosity and prompt them to read further. Used the newsletter to address your target group directly and make sure to use the right tone. Consider carefully whether your text should sound more formal or if a relaxed approach is more appropriate.

Always bear in mind the age of your target group. Writing short, concise sentences and put yourself in your readers’ shoes. What kind of newsletter would you personally like to see in your mailbox? Practical tips, helpful information or news on discounts or special offers are more valuable than flat advertising slogans.

Offer your customers a newsletter with added value either with interesting information about your products or individualized offers. Always harness the power of appealing images.

Make sure your text has a clear layout and space it out with paragraphs and subheadings so that the eyes can focus on the important information easily. In this respect, good newsletter content is similar to good website content.

You can use email marketing software to effectively address both new and existing customers. However, be careful not to contact your target audience too often. Limit it to when you have relevant news to share. The right level also depends largely on your business model. However, a daily newsletter is not recommended in any case.

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