If you are running an eCommerce , it is crucial to gain as many potential customers as possible to generate profit. And for this, your eCommerce website host must deliver optimal performance with maximum uptime.
Whether you get your eCommerce business website’s desired performance or not depends on the eCommerce website hosting server.

Among the numerous different hosting servers available, Dedicated Server Bangalore can serve as the perfect hosting solution for your web business.

  • How can dedicated server hosting be the right choice for your eCommerce website in Bangalore?
  • Which eCommerce website host company can render you the best-dedicated server enabling high uptime for your website in Bangalore?

Let’s seek the answers to such questions in the following sections

What is a Dedicated Server in Bangalore?

The Bangalore dedicated server provides you with the most flexible way to host your eCommerce website. Under the dedicated server hosting, you get the whole server and all its resources that exclusively function for your eCommerce business website.

Unlike shared server hosting, it becomes your choice whether you wish to share your hosting platform with other users or not. Consequently, you get the highest efficiency and reliability with the dedicated server Bangalore.

Most importantly, it provides the highest percentage of uptime to your eCommerce business website with other many benefits. Check out the subsequent section to know what colossal role uptime plays in leading your website.

What is the Role of Uptime?

The uptime can be defined as the measure of time during which your hosting server is and staying up. Also, in other words, we can say that uptime is the period for which your eCommerce website is online or available to your users.

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It is easy to acquire the maximum uptime with the Dedicated Server Bangalore. That is because your resources are not taken away by any other users without your consent, leading to your website’s downtime.

Also, unlike other hosting servers, dedicated server hosting provides you with high scalability to deal with the shortage of resources. Moreover, your eCommerce website hosting provider gives you full access to your server. So many factors, from security to customization, can be managed effortlessly with the dedicated server in Bangalore that affects your website’s uptime.

The highest uptime network from your eCommerce website host helps in achieving the following things that are most crucial for any eCommerce website.

High web traffic volume

For the obvious reasons, better uptime leads more visitors to reach your website and stay for long. This further helps your business gain more potential customers.

Better ranking

The search engines tend to provide better SEO ranking to those websites online for the maximum time. That is because the search engines do not want to direct the users towards the unavailable websites for their respective .

Business integrity

The website is the direct reflection of your web business. So, if it delivers more downtime, unfortunately, you lose your business integrity. Furthermore, it also leaves an inferior impression on your existing customers.

Why Do You Need a Bangalore Dedicated Server Hosting?

Best eCommerce Website Host

Apart from letting you acquire the required uptime, the dedicated server Bangalore renders many advantages for hosting your eCommerce website hosting successfully. Let us brief some of them below-

High security

The dedicated server Bangalore serves the completely isolated and secure hosting environment. It ensures the data protection of your eCommerce website as well as your users’ sensitive information. Moreover, it also permits you to install various security layers against different security threats.

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Dedicated IP address

Your eCommerce website also acquires a unique IP address with the Bangalore dedicated server hosting. It also leads you to easily reach the SSL certificate for your business website.

High loading speed

The dedicated server exhibits great computational power and exclusive usage of its resources. This enables your business website to deliver a high loading speed.

Value of

The dedicated server hosting comes at an expensive cost for the major privileges it lends. However, if you acquire a dedicated server in Bangalore from the right eCommerce website hosting company, you can attain more than the expected value of your money .

When You Should Shift Your eCommerce Website on Dedicated Server Bangalore?

Although under every situation the dedicated server in Bangalore is capable of supporting your business website. However, here are some of the critical times that indicate to shift to dedicated server hosting right away –

  • The requirement to host multiple websites
  • The need to control and manage the high volume of web traffic
  • The necessity to host heavy-resource web applications
  • The high need for customization power
  • The compulsion of having full administration over your hosting server

Choose Serverwala to Buy a Cheap Dedicated Server Bangalore With 99.99% Uptime

To ease up your efforts, let us introduce you to the industry-leading eCommerce website hosting company for buying the best and cheap dedicated server in Bangalore – Serverwala. The Serverwala hosting company is the top-notch organization rendering the powerful dedicated server Bangalore at the cheapest price.

The company delivers the highest network connectivity and provides the assurance of 100% uptime with enterprise-grade hardware. Moreover, your eCommerce website will acquire the following excellent perks with the company’s dedicated server hosting service

  • Service level agreement with each dedicated hosting plan
  • Support for hardware RAID – 0, 1, 5, 10
  • Unlimited bandwidth with the fastest network
  • Private VLAN Subnets
  • Secure Networking
  • High-level security measures incorporating data encryption, DDoS protection, and SSL
  • 24/7/365 technical assistance from the highly-skilled and trained experts
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To conclude, we can state that the Serverwala cheap dedicated server Bangalore comes with less overhead and a larger yield on investment. Further, along with the 100% uptime network assurance, you will acquire the maximum flexibility, security, scalability, power, and support from the company’s dedicated server hosting.

You can right away visit Serverwala’s official website to gather more details about its leading dedicated server in Bangalore that can render you the best-dedicated server and enable a high uptime for your eCommerce website hosting.

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