Author: Brad Smith

Brad Smith is a technology expert at TurnOnVPN, a non-profit promoting a safe and free internet for all. He writes about his dream for a free internet and unravels the horror behind big techs.
Why Cyber Attacks in the Healthcare Sector On the Rise?

Why Cyber Attacks in the Healthcare Sector On the Rise?

The growing incorporation of technology in healthcare is improving the performance of providers and, in turn, the health of individuals. Innovative technological solutions allow health practitioners to store and retrieve information relating to patients’ health records easily. Technology also improves the communication of up-to-date patient information in a legible format that anyone can use. Health information technology improves practice efficiencies leading to better clinical outcomes. But as the reliance on health information technology increases, organizations in healthcare are becoming increasingly susceptible to cyberattacks. The frequency of cyberattacks in healthcare has been rising since 2010, and healthcare is now one of the most targeted sectors. Cybercrime Grows...