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What are Broken Backlinks: Why They aren’t Helping You?

What are Broken Backlinks: Why They aren’t Helping You?

A broken link is simply a hyperlink that does not do what it is required to do, i.e., redirecting you to the intended page. It does not give you the information you are looking for and generally shows up as a 404 error page. This breakdown of links can happen for various reasons. It might be due to the changes you have made to your website. Typo errors in the links, deletion of old or outdated pages from your site, moving or renaming content and pages to new URLs without redirecting your old URLs, site migration to a new domain, etc all result in broken backlinks. In this article, you will get to know the negative effects of broken backlinks and how you can fix them. First, let's start with what backlinks are and their importance. Backlinks and their importance Backlinks for...